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Portland authorities find body in submerged car

Marine Drive has made me nervous for as far back as I can remember. Why are there no guardrails on this two lane road?!

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Evergreen school employees receive non-renewal notices

The number of teaching positions to be eliminated is thought to be around 130 in Evergreen. With luck, one year contracts, teachers taking leave, retirees, and people leaving the profession will take care of most if not all of these. I'm crossing my fingers for all those stressed out RIF'd teachers!

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Four teens involved in Salmon Creek rollover wreck

Regardless of the story specifics, one fact sticks out: ALL were wearing seatbelts and ALL made it out alive. Seatbelts aren't a guarantee, but they up your odds of survival dramatically. Thank God they had the sense to buckle up!

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Smoke spurs brief evacuation at Shahala Middle School

A cooking mishap and a little smoke is news? I guess we should be glad that there was nothing more important in the county to report.

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Teenage Jack in the Box workers find themselves jobless

A young man working at a fast food joint now, so that he can pay for college and not work for a fast food joint later.. Kudos to him and to all kids (and adults) doing the same! Hopefully this will be only a minor road block.

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Man killed while exiting truck on state Highway 14 in Vancouver

Terribly sad. Condolences to the friends and family of all involved.

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KATU: Should Vancouver be renamed 'The Couv'?

Terrible idea. Vancouver, Washington is the FIRST Vancouver. Why should we let ourselves be bullied? Are we that weak? Do we not have pride in what we are and our own unique history? Stick with Vancouver. Fort Vancouver, The Couve... I don't hear the Portlands talking about changing their name!

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Man accused of rape apparently kills self outside courthouse

Dave, you beat me... Didn't see your post or Craig's. That said, I agree.

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Man accused of rape apparently kills self outside courthouse

Suicide is still possible DeeLittle. I'm not a forensics person, but logically thinking, if he was right handed and sitting in the driver's seat, the bullet could have entered the head from the right side and exited out the left continuing through the driver's side window. If the man was left handed then I think we have a better argument for murder (not that we can necessarily rule anything out).

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Closure confusion frosts parents

Never in the last twenty-one years of being in the Evergreen SD have I seen a "schools are open" announcement. In this age of multiple tv, radio, and internet sites that provide school closure information, there shouldn't be any questions. This article is ridiculous or perhaps more accurately the community is. Someone said "nanny state" and I have to agree. Let's think for ourselves, and quit complaining because we have to wait for the tickertape at the bottom of the screen to get to the letter after D and before F.

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