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As with the myriad of other questionable and/or outright unconstitutional funding schemes being lauded by the LEFT...the Frankenstein's Monster CRC Project begs only one significant answer...who pays? All of you who deem this project to be the greatest thing since sliced bread...PONY UP THE DOUGH!
As for me....I'll be glad to paint a few lanes on existing streets...and buy a fraction of the cost.

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Do your guidelines include deleting comments from citizens you disagree with? If that is not the case show me where the comment I posted on the subject of the Chamber of Commerce withdrawing support from the light-rail tax disappeared to...
Mike Murray, Vancouver Resident, FORMER Columbian Subscriber

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Evergreen gets budget-cutting advice from panel

This is a simpler problem than you may think.
Ask district employees one question: Do you work with a student or students on a regular basis? **YES/NO**.
If **NO**, what do you do to support teachers and students every day?
If it is clear that no **clear connection** can be made between daily work/responsibilities then **fire** that person.
In so doing you will save the district a large sum and place resources where they belong, **in the classroom**.
Apply this to all school districts, including Vancouver #37.

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Injured robbery suspect appears in court

What a cosmopolitan culture we live in....

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Skyview teacher Botnen makes first court appearance

A caveat to all who want to work with young people:
1. Remember who you are and who you serve and why.
2. Always keep in mind the end. Start with the end in mind.
3. Also and forever keep in mind the ratio which drives our business:
10,000 "atta boys" will be wiped out by one “oops.”

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Shooting suspect appears in adult court

This cold-blooded wannabe killer attends public school with the rest of our kids. Any questions about why the schools albeit the entire culture is in melt-down?

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Vancouver arrest made in Portland-area gang shooting

This is organized crime. Crossing state lines to commit felonies is an easy thing to interpret. As long as the entire "justice system" remains unable or unwilling to deal with these assaults against our system we will be passive victims watching the decline and loss of our culture.
Does anyone seriously believe that warehousing these characters will solve anything?

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‘Dr. Bob’ Bedrossian dies at 86

Dear Dr. Bedrossian,
You are the kind of man that a kid looks up to. You were the man who checked my eyes when I was five and needed glasses. If everybody was the man you have always been, our world would be a better place. God bless you Doc....and thank you.

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Court documents shed light on drug, theft allegations against Bittner

I for one will be watching the entire process unfold. Once the local and state level criminal cases are adjudicated, it will be interesting to watch the Federal Prosecutors for how they handle various felony charges.
In the civil actions which should follow, I hope the citizens victimized by these characters stick it to them.
Since the attorneys hired to defend Mr. Bittner don't work for free, this entire series of actions should represent a full-employment opportunity for local pleaders.
Stay tuned.

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Wrong-way crash victims file $6M tort claim

Where is the responsibility of the institution that served the alcohol?

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