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When are you going to get rid of facebook so that people can comment on your articles?

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From Hawkeye:

I would really like to post something about it somewhere to get some feedback from others, but where? Now they say on the card that they are not-for-profit and non-partisan. I suspect differently.

To Hawkeye: Right on. My feedback agrees with yours. Herrera Beutler is just a tea-party shill. The lies that the repubs come up with "not-for-profit" and "non-partisan" are just totally laughable.

Of course they are "not-for-profit" the Koch spending machine is funding them. "Non-partisan" I'd like to see and read the fine print on anything that claims to be "non-partisan" and in the same paragraph tells us that Herrera Beutler is "SAVING" Medicare by voting to kill it.

What a bucket of pig slop. She's going to have to try some other line.

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Thomas Sowell is a right wing idealogue who spouts whatever line the republicans are at the moment spouting.

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Letter: Doubt cast on BPA cooperation

Great Letter!

Now if only we can really get our elected officials to listen. The elections are over and the politicians have gone silent,

So tens of thousands of Clark and Cowlitz residents trying to protect their homes, health and environment are a vocal minority with myopic interests? What is it that you and the silent majority suggest?

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Letter: Election can't come soon enough

It would behoove the Columbian to print an apology front and center for their lack of oversight and publishing a letter with such a racial slur. The Columbian generally edits letters that are published, so how did this get through?

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Letter: Safety is key in BPA power line issue

Hargen, you maybe onto something here - BPA (bisphenol A. It is used in plastic bottles like those used for bottled water. The National Toxicology Program and the National Institutes of Environmental Health have concluded that there is some concern.

Although a panel convened by the National Toxicology Program downplayed the possible danger of a compound called bisphenol A (BPA) found in plastics used to make Nalgene bottles as well as baby bottles, other scientists disagree.

An independent panel of scientists concluded that BPA, which is now found in the blood of most Americans, may play a role in "prostate and breast cancer, uro-genital abnormalities in male babies, a decline in semen quality in men, early onset of puberty in girls, metabolic disorders including insulin-resistant (type 2) diabetes and obesity, and neurobehavioral problems such as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder."

Like EMF there are disagreements, but like EMF those against BPA are gaining steam.

After decades, the tobacco companies still have their heads in the sand.

Bottom line - err on the side of caution.

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Letter: Where in the state is Jaime?

All I hear from the republicans is abortion abortion abortion. Where are all those jobs? Wasn't Boner supposed to deliver on the jobs business?

But Jaime says "no medicare" and let the millionaires live tax-free here in the land of opportunity (for them).

Between the No Jobs, no medicare, and no abortion - just where does our esteemed new leader (?) stand.

She stands with the rest of the republicans. On the side of the banks and oil. Forget about the people whom she is supposed to represent. What a laugh.

I surely hope all you people who voted for this piece are happy. What do you think your kids will do for health insurance when they get a bit older? Because they won't get a "bit" older, no, they will have no health insurance so that will insure that they will NOT get a bit older.

Thanks, republicans.

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Letter: Clearing the air on power lines

There is nothing mystical or magical about any route, gray or otherwise, being discussed in this forum. Sarcasm cannot cut through the "NIMBY" syndrome, which is what is actually behind the "use the ROW and easements already in existence" crowd.

The object of the whole "gray route" is to suggest that there are alternatives to placing the 150 foot towers, carrying the 500KV electrical lines to California.

Most of us do not enjoy the thoughts of a)being irradiated by the 500KV lines, or b) being poisoned by herbicides. Therefore, the suggestion that BPA "go east" to very much less populated areas, is in the best interests of all of us. That statement includes many, if not all, citizens who would be impacted by using the already-in-existence easements and ROWs.

Why do these people insist that these easements be used? Could it be that most of them don't live near or under the proposed lines? That's what most of the rest of us are reading, between the lines of their statements. Most of which by the way have proven to be totally fact-less.

Are they actually afraid the BPA will want to string those lines and build these monstrous towers over their houses and on their properties? And do they realize that they will never be able to sell their own properties if these lines come into existence? That's NIMBY, all the way.

Sure seems that way to a lot of other folks.

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Letter: Complaints are Cantwell's own doing

Mr Matson lives in an alternate reality.
Shame on the Columbian for publishing such drivel.

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Letter: Keep project on older routes

Seem like Mrs Brantley has a very short and selective memory. Below comments she submitted to BPA on behalf of the organization professes to represent. Her reference to Mark Korseness again shows he will tell his audience whatever they want to hear.

Name: CHERYL KAY BRANTLEY Organization: A BETTER WAY FOR BPA State: WA Attachments: NONE Comment:
Subject: I-5 Reinforcement Project To whom it may concern: My name is Cheryl Brantley and I am concerned about undisclosed meetings being held via your members in the near future. From what I understand, one of the items on your agenda on January 12, 2010, will be addressing the I-5 Reinforcement Project to define a work plan and take final action. Being on Segment 26 of this project and working closely with neighbors affected by this project, I have complied a significant number of foes against these 500 kV lines being placed in our area. I have attended several meetings of which Mark Korsness has verbally assured my community that the BPA will take into consideration an additional route for segment 29, moving the proposed 29 segment for these 500 kV lines 1/2 mile to 1 mile to the east onto mostly unpopulated lands. In doing this, there will be minimal impact to our community. Selecting segment 29 and moving these lines a short distance to the east is the only sensible solution. Destroying a community with these lines is simply not an option. I demand no final action be taken by your committee with regards to this project until all promises made by the BPA to my community are satisfied. Thank you, Cheryl Brantley Segment 26 I-5 Reinforcement Project [address] [phone]

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