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Open forum, April 14-20

$17 million in overpayments including $1.45 million in overpayments to David Evans & Associates for the now-defunct Columbia River Crossing Project, eh...

I remember some people including local/state/national officials and news reporters poo poo'ing a certain forensic auditor's work...claiming everything wrong about what she had discovered...and she was spot on from the beginning. So how did you fix YOUR crow - boiled, baked, barbecued or fried???

Those in charge of approving and dispensing with the funds for a failed crossing project should be held accountable and those elected officials who failed to acknowledge the corruption should be kicked out of office immediately. Where else are they spending taxpayer $$$ foolishly??? hehe...just about everywhere...


Also...those elected officials who are even thinking of another pet project should be held under the microscope and should be scrutinized for every penny spent on any current OR future megaprojects (including an east side bridge) and budget limits should not be breached as they obviously were with DE & A. Someone should reimburse the taxpayers.

We can't afford to let this one go.

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Open forum, April 14-20

Well, I decided to check out the forum at the miniscule capacity I now have thanks to the new limits set forth by the publisher of this site...much of the same old, same discussion, politics and rehashing the political party bashing...

Not much for me to react upon...but one particular post caught my attention and I just wanted to do a shout out with a hearty THANK YOU to nails and your comment on April 15, 2014 at 4:29 p.m., providing the Neil Young "Old Man" video. Yes, I like the Neil Young song...always have (liked it better in its original state although it accompanies an important message this time that affects us all), and it's the message Neil presents at Farm Aid AFTER the song which I believe everyone needs to take seriously.

If you haven't listened to the message after the song, please take the time to do so.

Again nailingit...THANK YOU!!!

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Open forum, April 7-13

Just a quick check in here to the folks of the forum and the rest of people of Columbianland. No, not planning to stick around to respond to everyone, but I felt it was important enough to share this comment with as many people as possible, hoping that the C still has a following.

In the past several weeks, I've been searching for ultra-dwarf fruit trees at the local big box stores with garden centers to add to my miniscule pocket orchard and guess what I found...???

Maybe a half dozen fruit trees in semi-dwarf and standard. Last year, all the stores had plenty of fruit trees in all sizes...not so this year.

Even at the local garden stores, I've been told nurseries from California were forced out of business due to the well as some in the PNW who just couldn't keep up with the rising costs and regulations.

This greatly concerns me because of the fact that 1/2 of Central California's produce has been wiped out due to the extreme drought conditions as well as crops and beef/pork/poultry farms have drastically cut back the number of animal and bird production across the Midwest and down to Texas...and now, organic/free-range chicken eggs are harder to find at the local grocery stores.

People, I urge you now...more so than support your local farmer...become a locavore or teach yourself to grow your own (even in pots on a balcony in a condo). Prices will be driven even higher than we've seen in recent weeks.

And no, I am not trying to be an alarmist by throwing out a conspiratory note. Read up on the facts on your trusted website. Educate yourself. Sometimes it's not just about politics at the local or national level. It's about survival and I suggest you all make an effort this year to ensure your family has food on the dinner plate. If you have extra vegetable starts, pass them onto a neighbor who might not have any and would like some.

I wish the best for all. Remember to be kind to each other. Take care, everyone.

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Open forum, Jan 13-19

Hawk...I should've bet on what you were going to say. You are far too predictable. It's obvious you haven't done anything to improve livability in our county. You're more of the sit and complain bunch. Soooo typical.

Mielke is my buddy??? That's news to me. Did you forget...I have stated time and time again...I trust NO politician, bubba....NO politician.

Manthou, I do not speak for others. I speak for myself. I refuse to pay more than what I do for internet services and the cost of maintenance and upkeep of my computer system. I am highly critical of the Columbian because I expect more than what they produce. As of yet, they have not met my expectations. Till the time comes that they take the leap and tell the whole story rather than just what they want the people to see, they won't get a penny out of me and I certainly won't pay to ruffle a few feathers on the forum with tidbits of news and information which as of late...usually ends up as an article within a few hours or days on the C. And if you've noticed...prior to the new pay plan the C has provided, my writes were already fewer than they were in the past. Think about why that is, manthou...THEN get back to me.

And Manthou(in reference to your 7:42 am comment regarding environmentalists and sharing a bit of news involving the CRC)...according to Willamette Week, 1000 Friends of Oregon and the Oregon League of Conservation Voters have come out of the dark and are now speaking up against Governor Kitzhaber's pet project, the Columbia River Crossing.

Have a wonderful rest of the week/month/year...etcetera, etcetera.

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Open forum, Jan 13-19

Lou, I agree with the post by kn_dalai on January 15th @ 5:06 pm. You've all but drained your welcome mat to over half of the county's readers on political hit stories on Senator Benton and Commissioners Madore and Mielke as well as this "pay as you read" how 'bout something fresh; something which actually has evidence to back up the writers' statements rather than hearsay??? When are we going to see the REAL news about our mayor rather than the failing sell job we've been reading??? And what about the THIRD county commissioner??? You know, the one who sits with the little gavel at the meetings, controlling the crowd and silences the other two when it deems appropriate for his political preference??? Whatshizname, now??? Oh yeah...Stuart Little. Wait, that's a little rat in the movies. Oh well...when the shoe fits??? Time to bring your flock back before recognition of Clark County's news source is no longer there.

"All Waters ever does is complain on his blog (since he got the boot from the "C") ."
Hawkman — January 13, 2014 at 9:05 p.m.

Sits on a blog, complainin', eh...

So hawk, what have YOU been doing here on the C??? Seems to me, you've been booted a few times as well, bubba. And what have you done actively to make Clark County a better place??? I believe Mr. Waters has volunteered his time, multiple help other veterans. Is that what you consider doing nothing???

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Open forum, Jan 13-19

We are, Hawkman????? Funny, in all the meetings I've attended...I've never even met him. No need to kill the messenger. At least he has the bawls to stand up and shout bring the real facts to the table. That's more than I can say for SOME people here in Clark County.

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Open forum, Jan 13-19

nailingit — January 13, 2014 at 9:44 a.m.

Good mornin', nails!!! Glad you asked the question you did. All you need to do is keep abreast of the REAL news, not the news on a reel with the little spin to it!!! Things are a cookin'...and it ain't in my kitchen, lol.

Stay tuned, my friend.

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Open forum, Jan 13-19

Happy new week to everyone.

Nails, roger, tim and of course, kn_dalai as well as anybody else reading along the discussion AND writes regarding C-Tran, TriMet and the failed CRC crossing ideals of our corrupted leadership...

(yes, I'm being harsh on purpose when it comes to who's in charge)

After reviewing an interesting video presented by Mister Jim Karlock on Lew Waters' wordpress blog, it is obvious the contract signed by the majority on the C-Tran Board should be nullified. The corruption is deeper than the Earth's core yet people still blindly support everything these people are doing. Just how can anybody sit back and watch this BULL HOCKEY continue???

As long as this transit agency of ours continues to destroy the identity of Clark County's transit infrastructure with their corrupted backroom dealings and lame decisions, I will not only invest my bus fare towards either taxi service or new walking shoes rather than putting another penny towards mass transit, I will also vote NO on any funding requests by C-Tran.

It is unfathomable, the idiocy of it all. It's no wonder our county/city infrastructure is failing. People, wake up and smell the coffee. What you're smelling now is certainly NOT arabica beans!!!

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Open forum, Dec 30-Jan 5

Happy New Years to all.

Norm, good to see you joining in on the forum this New Year's Day!!!

Roger, I think the party revelers were all north of Five Corners. I heard boomers going off till 3 am. When I first saw Sabata about a month ago, I was thinking the very same...that it was a remake...or a last-ditch effort on the producers part to keep the theme of the G, the B and the U going in Sabata.

JohnCasey...well thought comment @7:31 am...and I agree. I've heard of others having the same issues as you regarding the number of times allowed to enter the C's website with full access. These times...they are a changin' and sometimes change bites. I only hope the C can continue. I noticed they have far more selection of articles than before the new change...more community-oriented articles. Now...if they can only return to the center of the scales to keep their writing more fair and balanced and refrain from an obvious political hit against someone they oppose. (my opinion of course)

Hawk...they can do all they want to keep those of us who refuse to pay away, but you know the old saying - where there's a will, there's a way!!! Glad you've found your way, even if we don't always agree.

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Open forum, Dec 23-29

Nails...I haven't had much time to post lately with the holidays and assisting in the laborious task of a friend's estate, along with the new guidelines of the C. You won't see my posts as often as you once did (much to some peoples' relief, lol), but as I'd said before...I'll still stick my nose in the forum once in awhile and maybe post a couple of times. It's hard to break away from the crazy but eclectic camaraderie of the forum misfits (meant in a nice manner). I'd miss all of ya, even if we are just a bunch of words on a computer screen...8)))

Regarding your choice for Reagan...his declining health condition in his later years could have had a lot to do with his decision-making, possibly urged on by those who were really in power??? I mean no disrespect to the Reagan family, just wondering about those who were REALLY in charge and how they manipulated his mental function for their benefit in order to obtain what they set out to achieve (ooh...conspiracy theory in the making???)...and yes, it is a general statement focusing on Reagan's presidential years. I'm his acting career - even though his sidekick was a cutie, I don't think Bonzo helped his election much since our government was already been run by a bunch of apes anyways. And Nails...I won't hold it against ya...8P

Roger...glad I could help.

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