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Open forum, Aug 18-24

Roger, you say "could possibly." That tells me you also have a bit of an uneasy feeling about the situation. Also, there are quite a few looters...even a shooter or two in the crowds as well as people throwing molotov cocktails. Seems to me a town such as the size of Ferguson wouldn't be able to contain such a jail roster. They would most definitely have to cite and release OR ship to another location.

And yes, the National Guard is there per President Obama and Governor Nixon. What's next for the little town of Ferguson?

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Open forum, Aug 18-24

Finally luv, nails, JJ and now Hawk...

Remember the fact that FEMA is now part of the Department of Homeland Security and works closely with the Department of Defense in times of crisis. The ARMY National Guard was called in to curb the violence IN Ferguson...a small mom and pop town of only 21,000+ citizens.

Do you still think it's all a conspiracy theory on my part, yet???

Hawkman...I'm still waiting.

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Open forum, Aug 18-24

Insult??? That's the best you can do, Hawk??? Just a single sentence insult with no basis and all too OBVIOUS that it is filled with ignorance on your part?

Prove to the world that my comments @8:51 and @3:31 to be false, Hawkman. Go ahead. Provide ANY Facts to counter my claims. I DARE YA!

I'm waiting..........

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Open forum, Aug 18-24

BTW Luv, nails and JJ...are you aware the US Government referred to the "shelters" for ANYONE of Japanese descent as...get this...

Relocation Centers

Yep, that's right!

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Open forum, Aug 18-24

Conspiracy theories??? Okay luv, nails and JJ...what do YOU call the facilities holding the undocumented people that have in recent days, crossed the southernmost border of the USA, into our nation?

Our military bases...quite secure facilities in fact...have been housing the children and their families till the government knew what to do with them. You are aware of that, right???

Oh wait a second. It's all a conspiracy on my part, right? But wait! It gets even better. Guess who's been running these facilities, peeps...

If you said "HHS and FEMA" then you might have just won the $2 prize of the day!!!

And it even gets better yet. Now they have temporary PRIVATE facilities housing these people. Private you say...

Private to whom? They call these facilities "Shelters." Interesting, eh!!! I'm pretty sure that's what they were called during WW-II, also. You think they aren't being watched by government presence??? You think they aren't locked down??? Please don't tell me you think they aren't locked down to keep the captured border crossers in check.

So now, getting back to Ferguson, a predominantly black town, population of just over 21,000...we're talking about the people who are looting, ransacking and shooting off firearms in crowds. The numbers of crime-related incidents in Ferguson are growing, peeps. When the s... hits the fan in Ferguson (and it hasn't yet), just where do you think they'll house all those they arrested? It's a blasted town of just over 21,000...kind of a 1 horse town. The president returned to the White House, breaking away from his family vacation partly because of the situation in Ferguson. Did you see him do that with the Occupy protests in Seattle??? Oakland??? Denver??? Portland??? The National Guard was called in. What do you think will happen next, people???

Please...please just for once, put down the KoolAid, take off those rose-colored blinders and see the situation for what it really is. It's NO DAMNED CONSPIRACY! The facts are there. SOME choose to ignore them. Others see this situation in Ferguson for what it is.

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Open forum, Aug 18-24

Always best to reserve judgment on the Ferguson incident till all the facts are out. Too much "he said, she said" going around. Now, this entire situation is bringing out the worst of the people who are looking for freebies through looting. I'm still trying to figure out why these "protesters" would resort to destruction and looting of private property. It makes no sense.

When I heard Obama broke his vacation and headed back to the White House, an ill feeling filled my "gut." Not a good scenario unfolding. I'm hoping the National Guard won't be ordered to remove scores of people (even those NOT looting) to locked facilities sometimes referred to as FEMA camps because of this. I only hope for a peaceful solution.

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Open forum, Aug 11-17

H-man, first off, it's called sparking a discussion. Secondly, the time was merely an intended typo so you go back and look for my "COMMENT," not "QUESTION." It obviously worked.

Obviously, you haven't a clue as to how to share in civil discussion with someone who doesn't share your views. I keep trying, though...hoping....but alas, some people NEVER change.

Ego booster? Sir I have no egotistical tendencies. That my dear sir...I leave in your hands since yours is obviously well developed.

Wow... even trying to tell me HOW to go about sharing in a discussion. Yeah, like THAT'S going to work.

Yeah, quite a developed ego you have, sir. Some day it will bite you right where it counts! Maybe that's all you have in ya, eh???

Watch out for that KARMA train, Hawk. It's a doozie!

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Open forum, Aug 11-17

roger β€” August 17, 2014 at 5:01 p.m.

I guess they've got to "Keep Orygun Weird!!!" It still bothers me regarding the agreement between C-Tran and TriMet regarding eminent domain. That leaves the door open for TriMet...not good!

You know roger, I really have nothing against light rail. In fact, in the right cities, it can be quite effective. I just don't see the cost effectiveness or the compatibility with Clark County traffic flow. I wouldn't doubt it if the reasoning behind BPA's expansion of power lines is mainly to increase the available power for consumption by light rail systems.

BTW, have you seen the new eyesores around SW 3rd/4th and Lincoln in Downtown Portland where the new trolley is going in??? Absolutely disgusting. Ruins the skyline. TriMet has obvious issues these days and compounding it by ruining the looks of a city doesn't help their image.

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Open forum, Aug 11-17

Hawkman β€” August 17, 2014 at 5:26 p.m

Actually Hawk, you make it the business of everyone when you fuel the flames. Raggin'??? No...just sayin'...and I did respond to Kn Aug 15th @12:12pm asking them and everyone else to show a little maturity...but I guess you didn't see that one which probably means you didn't see my comment to you there, either. Is it so difficult to show maturity in discussion rather than playing mindless mind games in a needless display of emotion-based words which have absolutely nothing to do with what is going on in Clark County and beyond??? How many times over the years have people ragged on me about the very same thing, Hawk??? Is this a site where everyone must cater to only a few and allow them to make things miserable for everyone else?

AND I see you didn't even respond to my comment to you at 4:29 p.m about Madore. Was it because you agreed or just failed to take the time to read it??? If it's because you absolutely refuse to reply to my responses unless it feeds the trolling instinct in you, that's your choice. No biggie to me. Just keep on being you, Hawkman. After all...that's what keeps the forum afloat. Numbers...only numbers. Lou made that quite apparent with his snide remark and disappearing with no response to any of the people who comment.

Life happens.

Now...back to the REAL discussions at hand.

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Open forum, Aug 11-17

Hawkman β€” August 17, 2014 at 1:54 p.m.

Typical of you to make such a statement to Kn, Hawk. Why feed into it? Why not just move on???


Regarding Madore...he's beating a dead horse with this worthless crossing idea of his. Rockwood won't want the traffic nightmares added to their already overwhelming loo rail nightmare. Oregon has already screwed up East Poorland beyond repair..

Well...on second thought...we are talking about Oregon as well as Washington when it comes to this crossing pipe dream. Yeah, maybe Orygun will accept the idea.

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