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Open forum, April 13-19

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Open forum, April 13-19

Soooo, peoples...I was just reading up on Governor Inslee's second drought declaration which includes the watershed in our region. Looks like there's a possibility we could be looking at water restrictions in our not too distant future even though currently, our county is not listed as being a drought-stricken area. Thank HEAVENS I've been increasing xeriscaping in my yard with more plants requiring little water but can stand up to our rainy well as diligently working on reducing the impact of drought on my lawn of reduced size by thatching, aerating, using organic fertilizer and top dressing with compost which contains nothing other than kitchen waste. This will reduce the number of times I will have to even think of watering my lawn this next summer and I recommend the same for others who are considering trying to save that green space (at least for awhile). I've also composted my gardens and will be putting a good layer of mulch around plants which need moisture to thrive. I have some plants set up for wick watering which reduces the need to water daily...heck, even weekly...and am looking for more ways to provide the necessary moisture to plants with less evaporation.

BTW, to those of you on well water and may have issues with a steady flow, there are applications available to those who will need deeper wells. Our current snowpack in the South Washington Cascades is well below normal and stream flow for local waters isn't where it should be.

I certainly hope you are looking for ways to conserve on your water needs. Here's some excellent information regarding water conservation:

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Open forum, April 13-19

jacjak — April 16, 2015 at 10:07 a.m.

Classic!!! And so true!!! Thanks for the smiles, JJ!

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Open forum, April 13-19

If I were to vote today, based on the color scheme of my perennial garden...

I'll just say...I've got a lot of blue flowers.

Good thing I take time to check out each presidential hopeful and their history and ethics.

Happy day to all! I've got a garden that needs my undivided attention. It's almost time to put the tomatoes in!

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Open forum, April 13-19

I did a very dangerous thing just now...I began thinking about politics.

In Greece, the names of those who sought election for the past few generations were either Karamanlis or Papandreou....and what did it get Greece??? Debt up to the yin yang and the people of Greece beyond struggling to make ends meet still today.

So now...there's a distinct possibility we could be facing a Clinton versus Bush election...again.

Bad karma???

Like the Columbian poll asked...

Isn't there anyone not named Bush or Clinton who could run this country? Might I add..." this country right?"

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Open forum, April 13-19

roger — April 14, 2015 at 12:33 p.m.

I saw it as such as well, roger. My point was of her mentioning the lady's approximate perimeter of where she lived and what she awaited in the mail...when it came on time if at all. I felt it was a poor choice of judgment by the writer.

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Open forum, April 13-19

Regarding the article "North Image neighborhood is promised its own mail carrier"....

WHAT THE...????

Ms. Fischer, I understand that your intent was to alert the P.O. regarding problematic service to the area but in doing so, you have just set up the perfect scenario for victimizing that entire neighborhood by thieves who don't care who or where they hit.

Poor judgment.

Maybe the C can pay for community watch services for that neighborhood for the next month or two.

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Open forum, April 6-12

jacjak — April 9, 2015 at 11:55 p.m.

How do I say this...

Well, all I can say JJ is that your comment was well worth the time to read...the depth of your compassion for JFK brought back so many memories of my childhood during the Kennedy era, albeit a short era...and the loss our family felt when he was assassinated. I was quite young when it happened but I remember my parents watching the funeral procession and the sadness I felt when John Jr. saluted his daddy.

In 1960, the US was hit by a recession according, to historic accounts. My parents back then, struggled with us four kids...struggled to keep a meal on the table and keep bills paid. His line of work depended on equipment sales to large companies and they had tightened their wallets. I remember how my parents (yes, my father the Republican he was, even hoped for a positive outcome by our president) had hoped that President Kennedy could pull us out of the hard times we endured...then our beloved president was murdered.

Everyone had hope for a better life. For some reason at that time, JFK built our trust in our government. Was it his political views and actions or was it his charisma?

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Open forum, April 6-12

Roger, do you speak of the Kennedy Round?

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Open forum, April 6-12

roger — April 10, 2015 at 5:04 a.m.

Roger, one abbreviation doesn't do it for me. I need further explanation. GATT began on January 1, 1948. How does that directly tie into JFK?

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