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Open forum, Dec 9-15

JohnK — December 9, 2013 at 11:02 a.m.

Sorry if you found my comment a bit confusing. I wasn't saying the copy/paste articles were biased, although some if not many are. I was saying the writers on the C put too much emotion and bias into their writes...and that's my opinion. When I read their writes, it is plain to see the slant they choose in their techniques which fulfills their personal twist to the real story....probably because I recognize classic "creative writing" skills taught in the literary field.

JohnK, if I wanted to read crime novels or novels of crooked politicians, I needn't go farther than the Columbian and quite frankly, dime novels aren't exciting at the price of $18 a month. I'd rather go for the classics...8))

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Open forum, Dec 9-15

manthou, I'm with roger on his perception regarding the Columbian. Most the time, I can read up on Clark County news from other sources before the C reporters copy/paste the article. Quite honestly, there is too much emotion in local reporting, creating a biased atmosphere which tends to turn me away from showing any financial support. I want to read the facts, not the writer's preferences. News reporting has morphed into something most people have come to accept IF they already support the point of view in the article they are reading.

I could take just about any politically-related or even crime-related article actually written by the C's reporters and show you their "spin" to the article. With your history in journalism, I'm sure you know of what I'm speaking.

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Open forum, Dec 2-8

manthou and nails -

The CRC project isn't dead. The current preferred local design is dead and was killed even before it started for various reasons. Number one, the voters have repeatedly said no to light rail yet the decision to include light rail in the design rather than a high-capacity transit lane overstepped the voters. Number two, when it came right down to funding for operations and maintenance of light rail ON the project, the Clark County voters AGAIN said no. Number three, the federal funding was contingent on both states agreeing to their portion of the funding and Washington State said no due to the lack of support by voters and this project had to include high capacity transit access (multiple designs).

To say the opponents don't want a bridge is inaccurate. We want an improvement. We want a better crossing for the I-5 Corridor through Vancouver and Delta Park. What the opponents of the current LPA design are saying is simple. I think I can safely say "WE" in this next statement -

WE the MAJORITY of opponents of the current LPA design are against this project in its current design because our voting privileges were violated when the decision was made to include MAX (because of the fact that it is estimated there would only be a ONE-MINUTE commute improvement for through traffic which includes freight mobility as well as improved military vehicular access through the corridor) even though we said NO LRT, NO WAY! To continue, the increased congestion throughout West Vancouver and at Clark College due to the installation of Max lines is not considered beneficial to those of us who still commute via personal vehicle...and the powers that be cannot force us onto MAX. Also, in the cost analysis, included were budgeted funding for projects which weren't even IN the designated stretch of corridor including LRT improvements to the Steel Bridge and a maintenance shed improvement in Gresham.

Manthou....Nails....the costs outweighed common sense. The people in charge of the planning phase were inept and failed the a cost of $170 million. A legal investigation must be made by an independent source.

They should have listened to the voters. We'd be in the construction phase today if it weren't for the irresponsibility of the planners of the CRC. Bringing in people of the "community" who had vested interests much higher than the average citizen's daily commute was a biased move by the CRC planners.

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Open forum, Dec 2-8

oops... that's "your 6:59am comment." I tell's the cold weather, lololol.

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Open forum, Dec 2-8

Oh manthou...I hope you regain heat in your home this morning. It's just too bitter cold!!!

Luvit...good to hear you weathered those nasty bone-chiller winds of the gorge.

Nails...our official low at our house this morning (digital thermometer matched the old standby mercury thermometer) was 9 degrees before it began warming to a balmy 12 degrees.

ELISI...I agree with your 6:29am comment. It is stupid stuff, but I guess desperate times call call for desperate measures...although we have 29 times to access the forum before they ask us to pay, lol. Guess we'll have to "cram it all in......" lololololol.

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Open forum, Dec 2-8

Oh good must be the subfreezing temperatures attacking my brain this morning!!! For once, I actually agree with the Pups in regards to paying for online news. I think it's a mistake by the Columbian, but who am I to tell Mr. Campbell that his attempts this time around will not keep their business afloat? Maybe Mr. Lou's coffee mugs will sell big this holiday season...8)

Sad...truly sad, that greed has played a part in everyday the point that information which should be readily available to us at no comes at a cost beyond what we pay for internet, our computers AND the software that prevents idiots from stealing our identity...but I guess that's life as it is presented to us.

Well folks, when it's come to that point where we must pay in order to access the order to share our given right as citizens to voice our opinions and to share hints and ideas with each other, I will be absent. I want to say now...ahead of time... it's been enjoyable and sometimes quite a challenge sharing opinions with the best of what the Columbian followers have to offer and I wish you all the best. Till that time though...I'll still remain, putting my two-cents' worth.

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Open forum, Dec 2-8

I hear ya, luvit. It aches me to think of those who are suffering in this weather. Not only the homeless who haven't a place to go, but also the workers as well as the folks whose homes are less than adequate when it comes to heating their homes. And we can't forget about the critters. It's a good time to keep a close watch on our family pets as they venture outside.

This weather is brutal and it takes its toll. The elderly and the very young are vulnerable to the ills of subfreezing temperatures. I hate to say it...but I think I prefer warmer temps and rain rather than these temps and snow and ice.

An observation...I saw several tree pruning trucks and PUD trucks when I ventured out and about today. I also saw at least 4 trucks and trailers hauling fresh-cut wood.

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Open forum, Dec 2-8

Drift — December 6, 2013 at 1:50 p.m.

You and your buddy are quite dedicated souls to your sport of choice. Keep warm!

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Open forum, Dec 2-8

Actually luvit, it was hawkeye who gave you the information, although I appreciate you taking note of me and my gardening expertise (such as it is...8)..). Did you know in Oregon and Washington, rhododendrons grow wild...up near Mt. Hood especially (yes, Rhododendron Oregon is named after what grows wild in the woods). You should have great bloomers next spring. Rhodies always seem to react well after cold winters. Must be their survival mechanism.

I wish you well (as well as everyone else) with the weather tonight. I figured you'd have a tough time getting out of your home when venturing out. Hopefully the winds will slack off a bit and you'll have a restful night.

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Open forum, Dec 2-8

Drift — December 6, 2013 at 8:38 a.m.

Are you actually going to try to play horseshoes??? In this cold???

btw...I will practice what you've preached...8)))

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