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Two bills aim to ax sales tax exemption

litterbug, are you on crack? Just an observation.

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Two bills aim to ax sales tax exemption

Sales tax exemption for Oregon residents should be brought to a SCREECHING HALT! Legally, Oregon residents HAVE to take the item(s) bought tax free BACK INTO OREGON before using it. That is why they are NOT exempt from paying sales tax on restaurant meals, hotels, services, hot food from the deli (it's a service), cigarettes, beer/wine, etc. Furthermore, there are thousands of people who still possess an old Oregon drivers license but live in Washington, and they use the Oregon license to avoid paying sales tax. It's a major ripoff and it needs to stop. Washington state is in the hole and we need help digging out. Every penny counts, and if it means EVERYONE pays a little bit of sales tax then sobeit.

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Yakama members sentenced for selling eagle parts

Seriously? Eagle parts??? What kind of stupid MORON could commit such a heinous crime? One month in jail for desecrating our nations beloved symbol of freedom is nothing but a slap on the wrist. He should have received no LESS than 5 years in prison. I would like to believe, a (socalled) "tribal member" would have more pride than that. I guess not. Makes me wonder just how many others are doing the same thing. It makes me sick.

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Personal income rises in Washington

My yearly income puts me at poverty level. POVERTY LEVEL!!!

Still, I raised my child alone with no governmet help, (foodstamps, housing, etc.). I pay my mortgage, meet ALL my bills monthly, have R&R funds, and still have $ left over to switch to savings regularly. I don't carry a balance on the one card I use regularly, therefore I pay interest to noone, (except my house). I refuse to live beyond my means, ever.

Sadly, many people want instant gratification, buying stuff on credit instead of saving a few dollars each month until they can PAY for what they want. This gets them into trouble to the point they end up in deep debt, and takes years to dig out, or file bankruptcy...which WE end up paying for. Yes I said "WE."

I'm sick of whiners..."bill collectors keep calling, my car got repoed, I can't pay my cellphone bill, blah blah blah."


Keep in mind, I DO live at poverty level.

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Vancouver gets $2.3 million to reopen fire station

If I had an emergency, and the nearest "help" was the fire dept., I would MOST certainly want them to respond. It in fact, DID happen to me. The fire house was just down the street from where I was and they were there in less than 5 minutes from the initial call to 911. As soon as paramedics arrived, the fire department left. A job well done, firemen!

I am grateful for all who helped me, and to my coworkers who called 911.

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Winning Mega Millions tix worth $319M sold in NY

How wonderful, to win this much money. I hope the person(s) that got it, NEEDS it. Also hope they're smart enough to take it in one lump sum and not installments. NEVER EVER, EVER, LET THE GOVERNMENT USE YOUR $$$ FOR 25 YEARS!!!!!!

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Sex offender update for Battle Ground

Wow Joker. We already knew this stuff about WAD but thanks to you, I will have nightmares all over again. Sure, we HAVE to watch our children LIKE A HAWK, but this was totally unnecessary. Thanks....JERK!

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Man convicted in Hwy. 500 assault faces Ore. charges

Thank GOD witnesses had the sense to get his license plate and other info to ID this potential killer. He even looks scary, I'm glad he's off the road for 11 years. I hope he stays there.

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No mercy for speeders as troopers issue more tickets

Uh, it said NO mercy (duh ht1957), and so what if it's revenue. I think we need another 50 of them throughout the city/county/state.

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Local police agencies enforcing cell phone laws

Police officers should ride in a school bus and see what actually goes on besides texting and talking w/o a hands free device! Riding up high you see WAY more than you could ever imagine. At any given moment you can see illegal phone use. I think the fine should be a non-contesting fee of no less than $400. THEN maybe drivers would "get a clue".

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