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Herrera Beutler gives floor speech on health care

I came here ready to disagree with everything she said, but it is short and to the point.
I have always thought it was a good idea to allow Americans to purchase health insurance from wherever they please. It is so pathetic that Americans are told by their leaders that they can only purchase health insurance from their 'approved' state providers. Where are we, communist China?

My solution:
1. remove laws that tell people/companies what to do.
2. punish companies that break contracts.
I think this solution follows the general libertarian philosophy.

I still don't think Herrera is going to do anything about it, but I agree with her comments.

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Herrera Beutler to hold town halls next week

It didn't sound that insulting until I read one of the local libertarian's view about Herrera's schedule.


It would be better if she chose a more accessible area, especially for her hometown.

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Gregoire to push for Columbia River Crossing dollars

"Despite some continued opposition to tolling in Clark County, Gregoire said she believes there is general acceptance now that bridge tolls will provide the local match for the project."

- Where does Gregoire get this 'belief'? Is it based on any evidence? Does the Columbian expect its readers to simply accept this statement?
- Citizens of Clark County have more at stake than anywhere else in the state so our opinions should matter the most.

“It has taken us some time to get through this” and let the public engagement process play out, she said. “We had to get past that.”

- When exactly did this process play out? How did we get past it?

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If we spent only a fraction of what we do now for 'defense' and not offense, yes, actually defending our country, no one could prevail against us.
How about we stop paying for Israel. How about we stop invading other countries.
If we stop using the CIA to overthrow and install other governments, these countries would be friends and not enemies, example Iraq, Iran!
If you agree with the Vietnam and Iraq wars, we can have no further discussion because it will show that you believe the lies the government tells about them and are incapable of independent thought.

From what you write, you seem to believe in taking the fight to our enemies? Those are the exact justifications for all evil aggressors throughout every age, example Nazi Germany. Hitler's justifications were communists and terrorists.
Learn about history before you claim to know about the present.

Sorry for being so belligerent, but I hate warmongers and those who agree with them. Sorry for assuming you are one if you are not.

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Our readers' views

To LewWaters — from November 26, 2010 at 8:45 a.m.

Why do you have to revert to standard politician tactics? Why would I or anyone want more 9/11's?

On a personal note, I only oppose the x-ray scanners because:
A) we have no choice (in the land of the free?)
B) I don't want people taking nude pictures (and possibly storing them) of my wife or kids
C) Radiation exposure causes cancer

If an airline willingly chose to use them I wouldn't complain, but rather choose an airline that did not use them. Airlines know this. They also know that to attract the most customers, they need to make people feel safe. For their own benefit, they want to be safe.

On a bigger picture note, scanning people doesn't solve the problem. A small group special forces men can take over an airplane without weapons, no problem.

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Our readers' views

To John Kimbrough and the Columbian concerning airport security,

Who has most at stake? The airline and the passengers, not TSA.

Who cares more about safety of their plane (investment) and their life? The airline and the passengers, not TSA.

Those who care the most or who have the most at stake will do the best job at security. What has the government done? They've placed security in the hands of those who care the least or who have the least at stake. I'm not saying that TSA doesn't care, they just don't have as much reason to care. Everyone knows that corporate America is in league with TSA anyway. Someone is making a lot of money off these expensive scanners (the real reason we're being forced to use them)...Michael Chertoff, former head of Homeland Security!

John, your comment is so ridiculous. Would an airline company allow any risk to their investment by not screening passengers? You are fortunate that the Columbian is pushing for public approval of this as well, otherwise they wouldn't have posted your **foolish** statement.

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Our readers' views

Thanks Sandra Cole! We need more opposition to war spending. **More** **war** spending means **more** **war**.

Why don't we focus on defense spending? Why don't we keep our soldiers home? Why aren't democrats stopping our wars? Why aren't the politicians doing anything to stop it?

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Shocking news: Tolls are a tradition!

Rory Bowman wants people to pay for the bridge twice, through tolls and gas tax. Thanks Rory!

He says we're freeloaders, but he hasn't thought this through. Everyone is forced to pay the gas tax so no one is a free loader? Which is it Rory?

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Passengers move swiftly at PDX despite stricter security

Typical slant in the press, only show statements of people not concerned about the unnecessary security. This gives the impression that the majority is OK with them taking and storing nude photos of citizens who have not been proven innocent, but who are assumed guilty.

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