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B.G. celebrates state of its city

Check Out the Deputy Mayor's Haberthur's airbrushed picture on the city website. He looks like a classic plastic politician.

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Vancouver couple missing since Sunday

Maybe they just want to be left alone. Who is trying to find them? Do they owe that person money?

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B.G. celebrates state of its city

I do silence, just ask me.

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B.G. celebrates state of its city

I findz it refreshings to hear a politician brag about spending our money in a recession. I also appreciates the fact that the Battle Ground City Council and Mayor dragged the only African-American City Councilman in front of their council chambers and put him on trial. Nevermind he was found innocent, they knew he was guilty anyway. That was a brilliant statement Mayor, just brilliant. You keep going Battle Ground, you make all of us progressives very happy.

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Hey Briggs nice fake profile. You can save your lectures on fake blog profiles, everyone just laughs at you.

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