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Letter: Oppose reducing sentences

My message to anyone concerned with this matter, read the bill.
If I'm reading it correctly it actually excludes sex offenders, among others and is a cost saving measure, with a reduction in sentence, for those who qualify, of 120 days. Don't believe the rhetoric.

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Letter: Clean up: Why is it so hard to do?

Agreed, littering, even "accidental" is indefensible. And agreed again, it shouldn't take an act of Congress to allow volunteer citizen groups help keep their community in a tidy, presentable manner. That being said there have been 7 pedestrian deaths in S.W. Washington in the last 10 months. Especially where children and adolescence are involved, there are safety considerations that have to be taken into account. Perhaps the permit lends itself to the county assisting with safety equipment and minimum personnel to set parameters.

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In Our View: More Industrial Jobs

My apologies it was the "Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008"

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In Our View: More Industrial Jobs

Anybody seen "To Big to Fail"? Look at the recovery Wall St. has experienced. It's all paper wealth, faith in the system and cover your own A$$. And Vancouver might just as well have been ground zero, considering that since it is essentially a bedroom community, what do you think it's economy is based on.... wait for it, wait for it... HOUSING. We're lucky not to be much worse off then we are. Count your blessings and hope the stingy bastards that we bailed out will loan our money back to us. Someone asked the other day what credit progressives would give to GWB, since it was a conservative giving BHO credit for getting bin Laden. George had to do it, there was no other choice TARP had to be done. Now what will Wall St. do for us?

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U.S. attorney: Federal courthouse in Vancouver top priority

Damn your dumb artimus.

artimus — May 26, 2011 at 11:43 a.m.

***"Federal court houses are not State enterprises. Each state does not "need it's own".***

Every state has Federal Courts, plural and requires them since they fall under Federal jurisdiction.

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Vancouver Voice newspaper up for sale

Oh, I get it now. You got me Columbian, but you over played it this time. You really had me going though, thinking artimus was an actual, well whatever it is you'd call him. I mean you would have to lay awake at night and it would take a dedicated team of really creative people to think up that much ignorance and to lay it all at the feet of one little fella.

artimus — May 26, 2011 at 11:39 a.m.

***"The ordinary citizenry has become so empowered by computers that we no longer need newspapers written by a few elite knotheads that don't know their own rear from a hole in the ground.
The people are finally free from newspapers, thank God."***

Priceless absolutely priceless. I guess I shouldn't feel all that bad, everybody else bought too.

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Letter: Growing fear is shrinking our vision

"The Greatest Generation" rightfully deserves a great deal of credit for framing "The American Dream". In my opinion though, they also constitute three, perhaps four generations really. Anyone born in the late 19th century up until the mid 1920's. These people found themselves in circumstances not wholly unlike the ones we face today, yet with these crushing circumstances and greatly varying opinions on what policies should be implemented, they made it through to the other side. Do the generations that exist because of those have that kind of spirit of cooperation, the willingness to sacrifice, that kind of fortitude? We shall see.

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Letter: Is there a refund on the Rapture?

Your a petty little man daven but I guess that makes sense, since your a mental midget, putting aside of course the obvious prowess you posses in English composition and punctuation. My bad that should be You're the contraction of you are as opposed to your. Perhaps I should inquire if you prefer the term dwarf as opposed to midget considering the congenital nature of the defect. And I never implied the comment you referenced was some manner of personal attack, because I couldn't care less how you want to play the game. I pointed it out because it illustrates that you demand one thing then you do the opposite as demonstrated in your previous post I don't make the rules and I don't try to dictate what the rules should be, I just point out when you don't even listen to your own advice.

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Medicare key to shocking Dem win in NY House race

They need to adjust the dosage Ray, you can't even follow your own advice. What is the recommended pharmaceutical for human frothing of the mouth?

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Medicare key to shocking Dem win in NY House race

There not letting you out much Ray, they adjust your meds?

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