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Where have the Comments Section gone to? I can no longer find it.

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Has anyone else been unable to comment on stories? I can't even find the comments section anymore.

Oh and Vancouver Pizza on Main near Harry's Lock.

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Columbia River rises above flood stage in Vancouver

“I guess the general presumption was that the river was here first,” Hamilton said.

No I think we need to consider the impact on the thousands of daily commuters and visitors to WA & OR, and institute a provision for commercial water traffic so it accommodates wheeled traffic more than it does now. It is not difficult for the barge companies to manage a schedule as I suggest. "Federal law gives maritime traffic the right of way," and this needs to be altered somewhat.

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The good, the bad and the shameless.

Excellent comments Rebecca, especially, but not only, about the politicians who ran locally. And hang in there, life will get better if we keep up the liberal fight. I'm with you.

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Washington View: Natural gas, other fuel sources all have pros and cons

Don, "All fuel sources, whether natural gas, solar, nuclear, crude oil, wind power, hydro, geo-thermal and even coal, have their good and bad points."

Can't argue that, but the cons of geo-thermal, wind, hydro, solar and the like are certainly likely less impact than the status quo, oil and coal, when taking into account the land and the people's health. All in all it is good to hear there is responsible legislative action being written, by our Representatives and not industry lobbyists.

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Just east of the Interstate 5 Bridge on Wednesday, the Columbia River gradually continues getting hi

....and just how high was that Steven? Know of a daily source for tracking depth at Vancouver?

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Fisher offers fix for local economic woes

Ken I am an avid follower of yours, and you are so right on most all matters, but you are mistaken on alternative fuels. They are the future, and they will happen sooner than you think.

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