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Weather could drive marijuana growers to lower elevations

First off, I never go in the boonies without some form of self protection, have done that for decades. One never knows when they will stumble on someone who is not a good person. Need to be able to protect oneself. Actually if we were all armed, there wouldn't be so many issues as the bad guys will know the good guys will be able to shoot back.

Those folks protecting the big grows are also afraid of getting caught, best not stumble on them, these are big business peoples, many if not most are from South of the border

The biggest lobby against legalization is the drug dealers/growers themselves. They have too much money to loose if it becomes legal, their high profit margin suddenly falls down into a normal margin as it would for any other farmer, which isn't that great.

Cannabis should be legal just to save the States and Union tons of money, not so much for the taxation. It costs last I remember $40,000 per year per prisoner to keep them imprisoned. I am sick of paying to prosecute and keep people behind bars for an herb that I believe is safer than alcohol. Someone mentioned stoners aren't killers, they are lovers, and that person was/is correct. Never in all my 59 years have I met a stoned person that was violent. Other drugs or alcohol, yes, but not purely under the influence of cannabis.

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Popular Washougal educator gets reprieve

All I can say is that my son is one semester away from becoming a teacher and Mr. Washburn was one of the major players in his life choices. Thank you, Mr. Washburn,
Dad of Tracy Martin.

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Changes are coming to comments on Columbian.com

Well you lost me, I won't go thru another site

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Person dies in fall from Portland parking garage

That must have been very messy to need the medical examiner to determine the gender.

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Dozer Day record demolished

This is so cool, I have a friend who helped with the machinery for this. Awesome for the kids, heck I was in my 40's before I got to play with an excavator!

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SEIU aims for repeal of sales tax break

ZEBRABLUE Right on,I agree completely.

In addition, my wife works in Oregon on Federal land at a Federal facility, and is a resident of Washington. Yet we have to pay OREGON income tax. Screw the Oregonians. I firmly buy locally in Washington, and that includes my fuel, I pay my way. Eff all you freeloaders with Oregon plates over here in Washougal heading to work with frost or dew on your car.

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Deputies, community honor fallen K-9 Deputy Kane

Agreed, I would much rather spend my time with animals. I can count on them unlike most humans I know. I love animals, but this is still a huge waste. Get a grip on life. We have veterans with permanent disabilities and disfigurement. They don't get honored, instead little kids on the street point at them Our society is upside down. At least animals have a steady platform.

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Deputies, community honor fallen K-9 Deputy Kane

I am with Zebra, This is a senseless waste of tax dollars. I am an animal and on duty paid officers?

WRONG IT WAS A DOG. Get over it, bleeding hearts. If if was so damned important have the funds come out of the bleeding hearts fund...same one that tree huggers use.

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Fire officials propose temporary merger

JGBPDX has the right idea, I worked a system such as that in Las Vegas NV when I was a paramedic.

My greatest concern is that at in the outlying areas where advanced care can be most important, until flight or transport can occur, is very important. IV Technicians are wonderful and I have complete respect for them, but a Paramedic can do so much more and has a far greater knowledge base to draw from, especially needed for remote situations.

Not only that, but if AMR transports it releases the Fire Crew to be available for another intervention instead of going to the hospital with the patient and the unit being out of service during all that time.

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Kelso man dead after SWAT standoff

So quick to judge on so little information

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