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Gregoire, McKenna at odds in health care lawsuit

So Ms. Gov. Lady doesn't like it when an elected official actually represents his constituents? My, my, what a shame. Lame ducks.....*sigh*

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OR sheriff bringing hay to malnourished horses

Horses are such awesome animals. They have thought, and care for each other, or fight amongst themselves as we humans do.

How many of you know a horses 'handshake' is sniffing noses?

I sure hope they end up okay, sounds like quite a job to care for them right now

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If snow comes, it’ll stay

Well I am glad for those of you who love it. I don't, it makes life miserable. There is snow up in the mountains go up there and enjoy it. Snow causes hardship to many, discomfort to another group, then there are the idiots who have no idea how to drive/live/commute in the snow. You want snow? Go to snow lands, not here. The media makes millions on just the stupid threat of snow here. GET REAL FOLKS.

I must also add that the climate here in the Metro area, is one of the most tolerable in this country, even with the snow, the extremes are not as extreme here.

Thanks I needed to whine about the snow.

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Was that a flying saucer hovering over east Vancouver?

Today's LED's can be so Bright they hurt your eyes putting out over 5 watts of power. They can be seen a very long way from the right direction, thus the flashing of them....LOL Good one.

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Was that a flying saucer hovering over east Vancouver?

It could have been Aurora Borealis - remember the sun spots?

It could have been some with a radio control helicopter with lights on it. I would expect that actually.

Cranky go get high you might get a better attitude.

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Washougal parent’s complaint spurs sex offender bill

This whole flipping State is phobic about convicted sex offenders. You know some of them turn a new leaf when they get busted, or they were 15 at the time of the incident and ruined their life forever.....because phobics won't give them a second chance.....ever. Reminds me of homophobics.

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Dems label Herrera Beutler a ‘health care hypocrite’

As one of her constituents, and a republican I am pleased she is voting the way the MAJORITY of her constituents wishes. Go Lady go.

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Column prompts TV story on Vancouver name change

I like Vantucky

But I live in Washougal, so it figures.

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Crews remove oil from ship beached near Camas

At least I have a picture to look at now. That is some serious flotsam there, might be a fire hazard. ")

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Camas fire chief: Patients not injected with water

As a former paramedic I too question how the chief can be so sure that water or saline were not substituted. I was taught to never assume. Med seals that have been tampered with may not always be noticeable. Placebo effect and other drugs given can provide some of the relief and or perceived relief. We will never know, neither shall the Chief.....for sure

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