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Open forum, Nov 17-22

This weeks comments sound as if a few who post either aren't getting their weekly token of love, or their daily dose of bran.

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Open forum, Nov 3-9


How soon they do forget. With over 300 bills that Reid shelved the GOP is obstructing?

Every time the GOP came forth with a bill the D's said no, on the shelf it went.. and you have the audacity sit there and say the GOP is at fault? Sounds more like a sore loser to me.

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Open forum, Nov 3-9

How you like them GOPers now? They won not because voters were ill informed, low IQ, or low turn out. They didn't win because of campaign money, or the Koch brothers,
they won cause the people of this great land tired of the utter muck the D's have made of this country the last six years.

I have never seen such oppression and depression of the people of the USA, never have I heard or seen the shoddy treatment of our armed forces since Vietnam that I have in the last six years in my travels across this great land we call home.

I sat flipping through channels last night, watched how reporter after reporter that brown nose the Obama administration for years spin, (ever notice how fast they can turn on a candidate/party they once salivated over?)

The people spoke loud and clear last night, they want a government that will work For the people not for themselves. They want a government that will not go behind closed doors shutting out the other party to pass legislation then cram it down the peoples throat and call it (good for all). Yes, peeps I woke this morning with a smile, knowing now the Informed, Intelligent voter got their say.

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Open forum, July 28-Aug 3

I have heard there are those smug enough to make comments, and believe that those that are atheists/liberial/demo are so much more intelligent/ higher IQ..this made ne smile.

Atheists or Christians—Which Group is More Common Among Those With Fairly High IQ Scores?

In the GSS, those with 9 questions correct are about 68% Christians (over 2-to-1 odds in favor of being Christian) and 24% atheists (over 3-to-1 odds against those with no religion). Thus in the IQ-derived GSS vocabulary tests, the odds that a person with a score equivalent to a 125 IQ is a Christian is about 6.5 times higher than the odds that the person is an atheist.

If one looks at the score on the GSS analogies test the last time it was used in 1996, the pattern is even stronger. Only 8% of those with a score of 13 out of 16 (corresponding to about a 125 IQ) were atheists, compared to 83% being Christians. Thus in the IQ-derived GSS analogy tests, the odds that a person with a score equivalent to a 125 IQ is a Christian is over 57 times higher than the odds that the person is an atheist.

Turning to the United States, when General Social Survey data are used to determine vocabulary scores, the Republican advantage over Democrats is typically ignored by social and political psychologists. Republicans score the equivalent of 3.4 IQ points higher than Democrats on the 2006-2012 GSS vocabulary tests and 3.7 IQ points higher on the 1996 analogy tests—about the same as the atheist-Christian difference.

And the liberal-conservative variable is usually analyzed in such a way that the researcher fails to report that conservatives are typically the middle IQ group between liberals and moderates. Further, in most (but not all) years, conservatives do not score significantly lower than liberals on the vocabulary test. In fact, the political group that scores the highest on the 2006-2012 GSS vocabulary tests is conservative Republicans (who score insignificantly higher than liberal Democrats).


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Open forum, July 21-27

For those interested in a insight into why Palestine and Israeli are in conflict I suggest the book;

"Battleground: Fact and Fantasy in Palestine"
by Shmuel Katz

The book will tell you what our schools don't teach, what the media hasn't/doesn't tell you nor our government.

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Open forum, July 7-13

Those of you interested in the 4th Plain BRT project should ask Moeller, Wylie etc about the letter Mr Foxx (Trans Sec) sent on July 1, 2014. Surely they "know" about it.

It states that the dept of Transportation is closing in on insolvency and is cutting back on funds until the Highway Trust funds are more stable. Therefore there will be no funds for the BRT.

Yes, I got the info from "TheBlaze" but, if you scroll down you will be able to read said letter in it's entirety.


My question is why haven't other news services reported this? Why hasn't Moeller, Wylie etc said anything? Keep the game of feeding the populous BS through rose colored glasses going? Typical lefties.

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Open forum, May 26-June 1

eh hmm, nailingit, you may want to read my post again.

roger wasn't the one my comment was direct at. In fact I agreed with roger.

" ill informed voting block, poor leadership, and counterproductive policy making."

Ill informed voters? Hmm right to a point on that one, blame the media for that one with telling half truths, or none at all, presenting twisted doctored clips to blantant lies. Cover ups, oh list goes on...
Voters are so busy with jobs, kids etc they don't/can't find the time to really check into the real truth so they eat up what the media feeds them.

"poorleadership" nailed it (no pun intended)

"counterproductive policy " been going on since Bush sr. was in office.

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Open forum, May 26-June 1

We've gotten to the state of affairs we're in because no one wants to hear from the opposite side - just repeat the same arguments ad nauseam among like minded individuals.

roger — June 1, 2014 at 5:03 p.m

No true words have been spoken!

Those that complain about LW and his opinion/view points, his blog, yet they keep going back and reading it. Why? If it is like nailingit has stated "for entertainment", then why do you complain? Issues with mental competency are in question when one continues to repeat the samething over and over, then complain.... Or....is it one just like to complain about anything and everything that doesn't "fit the mold" of their indoctrination?

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Open forum, April 21-27

When the residences of Portland say "Keep Oregon Weird"
they really mean it.


Takes a mighty "weird" sect of population to live with the knowledge that their homes and businesses are powered by burning bodies of aborted babies, amputated limbs and other body parts.

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Open forum, April 14-20

nailingit — April 15, 2014 at 7:16 p.m

Peter Bergen is your contact @ http://us.cnn.com/POLITICS/bergen.com...

lol (us cnn politics) that says it all.

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