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No one hurt seriously hurt in multi-vehicle crash on I-205 SB near Mill Plain

Hi apm7357.

The crashes were not as bad as first responders initially thought, fortunately.

We in the newsroom listen to several scanners all day long. Officers and dispatchers will say Code 1 ambulance if there's no need to hurry. Or Code 2, which is flashing lights, I guess hurry a little, and Code 3 for very serious injuries.

Even in Code 3, officers and paramedics have special training and are held responsible for driving safely.

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UPDATE: Arson suspected in fire that destroyed Sifton family's home

History of Friday the 13th superstition dates back to ancient Rome and older.

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UPDATE: Arson suspected in fire that destroyed Sifton family's home


Friday the 13th is an ancient bad-luck superstition.

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‘River Rat’s’ getaway driver sentenced to 18 years for Portland robberies

joker and buddies

So if he was the getaway driver for the River Rat, what does that make him?

The Rat Runner?

The River Drivr?

The Rat Packer?

The Rat Racer?

There's $5 in it for the best moniker besides the above.

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Police investigate alleged burglary-kidnapping in Rose Village

Hey guys. Very good discussion. Let me clear it up a bit, since I was on scene with a photographer. I talked with officers, watched it and also heard it on my TrunkTracker scanner.

itiswritten has properly responded to ramjam about timing of the K-9 memorial and incident at 5 p.m.

For tmk: Police first said the suspect was an African American this afternoon and evening. Tonight they changed it to Hispanic.

When it surfaced at 5 p.m., police were rushing to get there and getting all sorts of preliminary info, such as the lady who ran to IGA was shot, and they had to act on what they had. Later on, after it got calmer, officers and detectives got to speak more with the wife and husband in detail, and police changed it to Hispanic.

"The headline and first sentence mention kidnapping. And the photo caption says the suspect was "trying to steal guns". But neither of those conclusions reasonably follows from the facts reported in the article."

If the lady comes home and finds a stranger in her home, stealing, that's a burglary right there. I say IF that's what happened. (Let's see what happens tomorrow.)

If the suspect put handcuffs on the woman in a burglary, that's kidnapping.

Sir, there was no flubbing, gaffes and such by anyone. Just very hard work being done by police officers on the ground, with ever-evolving info in a likely dangerous situation that demanded quick action. Officers at first were told the burglar/kidnapper had a gun, later learned he didn't.

For agentinsure, you are right of course. Plenty of young men fit that description these days, but that's all police had to go on.

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Robbery suspect apprehended quickly

zebrablue and 427.

You're right. I'll put it in chronological order. Thanks for the comments!

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Three Vancouver residents indicted in alleged drug ring


Yes, your link is to the indictment.

Thank you!

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UPDATE: Fire destroys north county home

Hi goldenoldie. Fire District 10's number is 247-5233.

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Off-duty police officer found dead in woods

Hi clarkcountyfemale

Yes, both. We did remove two comments as soon as we saw them, and we did an update.

These insensitive and insulting comments are a sad part of our publishing anonymous comments. It seems like there are a lot of angry people out there, for whatever reason, maybe long-term unemployed or feeling left out. So they lash out.

But we get many reasonable comments too, and we're glad when someone is interested in our stories!

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Off-duty police officer found dead in woods

We're sad about this because we've spoken with Doug several times about various incidents in the past few years. He was a good officer and person. We wish someone could have reached him today and convinced him things would look better after some time passed.

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