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Portland woman remains critical after I-205 rollover wreck

hiphop, you are something.....and whatever it is, I try to not step in it.....

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Ridgefield native weathers storm

here in the northwest, we are fortunate,, tornados are not the sort of weather hazard we NORMALLY have to deal with,, visualize what it would be like to have this as normal weather condition every say a prayer for these unfortunates, and one of thanks for our own good fortune...

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UPDATE: Cooking fire causes heavy damage to garage of Brush Prairie home

i mean nothing derogatory of the families life circumstances,,,, but this shows the dangers of garage cooking as opposed to kitchen cooking.. truely however,,, i do sympathize for the family,any sort or amount of financial loss is burden they did not need...

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Economist: Clark County recovery could take many years

so what else is new,??? Skamania county has been trying to recover ever since someone thought they saw/heard a spotted owl in ester short park...

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Former Camas fire captain’s credentials suspended for stealing painkiller

sadly, now his family's (wife if married) future is severely affected. for i should think and hope ( due to the criminal action)that any pension and retirement benifits from his 22 years of service should be cancelled....sad,,,,, he committed the act and his wife will suffer.

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UPDATE: Teen allegedly set house fire after argument

now the question is,,will the ins. co. dodge paying off due to the arsonist being an under age family member??????

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Four more join suit against La Center schools

jt always seems to me, in this type of case,the 'victims' have waited to long. i do NOT condone child abuse, BUT waiiting until the 'vlctims' are in thier thirties and forties to file a claime this always calls to me that we have someone trying to extort a settlement... in this case the school, as soon as they became aware of the situation took action...if there was a case, that was the time for the claiments guardians to have acted. filing a suit now is like me claiming an ancestor ofyours, did an ancestor of mine harm and so therefore YOU owe Me a settlement.

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Portland commissioner’s daughter fatally shoots self

one problem noone seems to consider. many (one is too many) townys go past two tree and they feel they are in deep wilderness. there they can do and act as they please,, no restrictions....they can shoot ,if they wish,and jf they do, why pick up thier targets and garbage when they leave ?? it ain't thier backyard. they don't care that for those of us who do choose to live out this way,, consider it to acually be our back yard. the dumping of litter and garbage does disturb our homes and neighborhood. we don;t mind visitors, BUT WE CERTAINLY WISH THEY HAD GOOD MANNERS AND RESPECTED OUR HOME!!!!!!.

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Kelso family escapes house fire


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Weather Eye: April rain brings May pain for more of the same yet again

70 plus years runnjng arround these hills, this was the first time i remembeer seeing silver star bare of snow in feb. yeah.., just look at it now....

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