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Update: Camas High expansion nears completion

hey vantuck, don't neither one sound like you belong in east county. Back in the old days, when i attended the palace on the hill called in it's later years ,Garfield, WE just described it as the high school. all . of it... 7,8,9,10,11,and cood old 12th of it... we graduated able to read and write,,spell AND WE GOT BY VERY ABLELY WITH OUT A FITNESS ROOM. we had P,E, lon which we recieved some physical training part of which was doing lap arroud the footbell field. them as had them wore thier tennis shoes, the rest of us ran bare foot. try doing a mile or so that way in january. you learned to run fast.any wat the school word a bit more efficienly then i do believe. any way i don't know what you do , but i don't figure my soc,seo and medicare as handouts i spent three years with a place called Korea for my V.A. benefits and i do believe i earned them,my s.s and medi,I worked.for i paid eaxes starting as a pinsetter in the old downtowm alley when i was thirteen.i pulled a paycheck for the next 55 years,. No they are not a hand out, I paid for them...

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The Columbian Asks: What would you say to the SEALs?

any chance that alleycat will ever learn Brevity????? I doubt it...

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New law allows state to get tougher with derelict vessel owners

has there been ANY discussion of financial penalties for the actions of the owner of the Davy Crockett????

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Ridgefield military wife’s blog a ‘secret’ no more

we've got your back... and may GOD bless you and yours.

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The Columbian Asks: What would you say to the SEALs?

the only honest thing to say to Seal Team Six is, you fullfilled your assignment,just as we expected you to do.. civilians don't understand why we ( the services ) perform the missions assigned us.we do them (as you did,) not for praise and glory, but because that is our job .. what ever it takes in defence of our country.... thank you for your loyalty and may GOD bless you always... jeepboy, Korea time.

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blanch, i feel sorry for you... you seem to have a great lack of compassion. this man was imprisoned for a crime HE did not commit. you do not know the location of his residence of employment but youj ASSUME there is a resonable public transport between the two locations. having his own means of movement gives him a better flexibility for his life. it could ease the search ( if he so desired) to seek out a better paying job to allow for a more comfortable future.but then since he has spent time in prison (for someone elses actions)perhaps you do not feel he deserves a better life... my god but i do pity you..

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Ore. police investigating body recovered from Columbia River

if his 'body' was 'recovered', i would believe,it would be/could be , considered that he was DECEASED....

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Ranger is accidentally shot at shooting range

aint it nice, we cannot carry in the parks so we have armed rangers to protect us...

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Bog of comments followed Jacks story

there was a time in this country, when to question a man's honor was to invite an offer of duel.a posibly deadly encounter. an honorable man's integrity was not something to bandy about. his name and his honor were his most precious posestions. now we have come to wonder about the honor and honesty of many of our 'leaders' even when we endorse them... a matter of the devil we know rather than the one we do not know, i guess...myself i agree with alleycat..i respect mr. Jacks williness to expose his frailty and personal challenge for his constituents view. I thank him for HIS honesty and courage. and i am willing to state that IF he were to seek public office again, i would be very likely to support him...honor and integrity are too precious to pass over..

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Camp Bonneville cleanup is still stalled for talks

heck no, let the four wheelers play there for five years, if they churn up any LIVE munitions there will be no great loss... at the end of that time put it PERMANENTLY off limits to any thing with wheels and make a park out of it for the benifit of the NON wheeled public.

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