Jim Nelson



I graduated from Benson Technical High School in 1975. I took a 2 year major in Industrial Electronics.

In 1974 my electric teacher taught night classes for the electrical apprentice program in Portland, Oregon. He taught me house wiring and basic electrical repair.

In 1975 my teacher was a retired Master Electrician, retired from the US Navy. I received the craftsman of year award in both my junior and senior year for my work in electric class at Benson.

I wired the controls for a 1972 Toyota electric car my senior year.

After graduating high school I worked with a Journeyman Electrician in Portland, Oregon.

He had a broken collar bone and needed help, I wired new houses with him 40 hours a week, for 6 months. He also took on wiring jobs for homes that were being re molded.

In June of 1976 I took a job with The Nicewonger Company in Portland, Oregon.

The company moved to Vancouver, Washington in 1980. I learned refrigeration and electrical control wiring and within a year, became their shop foreman.

I took the test, and received my journey's electrians card in control wiring and I hold a Universal Refrigeration Card issued by the EPA.

I had spinal surgery in Jan. of 2000 fusing my 2 lower disc, and was able to work for 8 more years until the next three disc started to bulge.

I left The Nicewonger Company in July of 2002 to work for Burgerville's maintenance company.

I liked the job and I did well with repairing all of their equipment, but my back began to cause too much pain with this type of work.

Getting the equipment up onto the roof for the ten Burgerville stores I took care of was too much for my back. So I took a new job with a coffee and beverage company, were I worked for the next 6 years, until I retired disabled.

I inherited the Pizza - Omelet machines from one of my previous bosses and friend who had downsized his company twice since 2008 and could no longer afford to keep the machines in storage.

I want to pass on these amazing machines to someone out of work. I will give free consultation on any technical information including sales promotions of their new machines.

I have the computer program for these machines and have loaded a new PLC with this program with the help of my son in law, who is a computer software engineer.

I made upgrades to 3 other pizza machines in 2004, and wrote the service manual for my previous boss. I helped to set up sales demonstration for him.


Portland, oregon