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Clark County First quarter economic report

While I agree with some of the items alleycat stated I do feel that we can blame Obama. Do some research. Obama and Soros work hand in hand and seem to be working to make this a socialist country. Is that what we really want? That is why he is pushing for unions (beside the fact that they are heavily supporting Obama's campaign). It seems unreal that civil service and some employers pay the full cost of health and retirements benefits.

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Health care debate regains center stage

If the healthcare bill is so great, why is it that over 200 companies and a lot of union have received waivers to opt out??

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City looks to rein in health care costs

Employees pay only $59 a month and they are complaining?? When are people going to take on responsibility for themselves? I'm not saying they shouldn't get benefits but enough is enough. This is not an issue for the Federal government to tackle; it should be the employer (City of Vanc.) and not government or the union. By the way, did you know that unions are getting waivers on Obamacare?

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I-1098 defeat a boon to business

Does this mean they will seek local people for those jobs or does it mean they will relocate their current employees?

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County’s politics may see shake-up

Now, tell me, who are you voting for?

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Pen - do call Kaiser and let them know about the 8 mailings; I got at least 10.

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Biden Fights for Murray, Dems

Somebody didn't do their homework. There were BUDGET surpluses but NO surplus of the national debt. There was a decrease in the public debt which was paid down by borrowing more money in the form of intragovernmental holdings (mostly Social Security).

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Church counterprotest may bring chaos

The Westboro Baptist Church is NOT affiliated with any other Baptist Church and is a hate group. Most of the members are family of the leader, Fred Phelps. Phelps also owns a law firm and is quick to sue anyone he has reason to believe that he can win. His two daughters are as hateful as he is.

My thought is that the school should let the students have an early dismissal that day and NOT return. Also everyone else should stay away and not give them their day of glory. They want to be seen and disrupt normal activities. Hopefully, the Patriot Guard Riders will be there to counteract the WBC. PGR's are a peaceful group who go to veteran's funerals when they know the WBC will be demonstrating; they do what they can to protect families and will drown out WBC's voice by their motorcycles if necessary. Did you know that WBC also protested at the memorials for the miners that died?

Parents, be careful in letting your teens get involved unless you know they will be peaceful; better yet, tell them to stay home.

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