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Changes are coming to comments on Columbian.com

**We'll lose some respected and thoughtful commenters, and that hurts. But I think we'll gain more commenters in the long run. Other sites have reported similar results.**

Is that medical marijuana you guys are smokin' down there at The Big C or did you get into the Vancouver City stash?

It's going to be like when your car gets low on gas, the little orange light comes on and then runs out.....spit sputter,cough...it's dead! However there's no gas stations left in Vancouver that will sell you gas.

Hope you have your resume' current Matt. You're gonna need it!

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Changes are coming to comments on Columbian.com

Hey Columbian!

Are you going to terminate/delete all the active "commenters" soon to be ex users of your website and your newspaper? Just curious in case I accidentally left any of my personal information behind. I would prefer to be deleted as to think that somewhere in your server there resides my personal info.

I used to look forward to reading the local news and see what my fellow commenters had to say. Now I guess I'll have to take up knitting or go bowling instead!

Sayonara ......

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Vancouver pavement on road to ruin

Bloody hell!

It wouldn't be so bad if they hadn't put the steering wheel on the wrong side of the car! Oooops I mean the other side of the car. I tried to drive in Oz Goldie. It was scary! Gave it up as a bad idea after I read that most head on collisions were caused by Yank tourists.

We have mountain roads <unpaved> that are better than that!

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Changes are coming to comments on Columbian.com

Come on guys at the "C"....are you letting Vancouver City Council make your decisions? That was/is a bonehead move.
No way in hell I'm going to link my Facebook account to a local newsie!

Gonna miss ya Lou B, Golden, alleycat, photoguy and all the others!

as they say where I come from....

**It was real and it was fun, but it wasn't real fun!**

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Vancouver pavement on road to ruin

The Big "C" needs to add a thumbs up and thumbs down to their comments section like the PDX newsies have.

I'd give sdouglas a thumbs up for his comment!

**Legalize pot holes and then we can tax people that drive over them**

The city is completely out of touch with reality. They need a complete overhaul and should be audited for every dime they have spent or intend to spend. And not a government audit..they're too partial to the parties they represent.
It's not just Vancouver either. Every major city in this country is just like this because the only people stupid enough to run for office are politico's. They don't care enough to do what they are hired (elected) to do and they can't make it in the private sector so they become mayors and council members and the rest of them.....they're useless AND clueless. Might as well have an 8 ball up there in Tim's office to ask questions to.

BUT!!! They're real good at kissing BUTTS when and how they need to to achieve stuff like the CRC and baseball stadiums for the few people that support them. Yeah...you know who you are and I doubt you stoop low enough to read these comments!
Special interests is alive and well in America.

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C-Tran takes note as Oregon voters reject vehicle fee hike

**Still, she said the Clackamas vote was a sign “we need to do a much better job explaining what this means to people,” like jobs during and after construction and setting the stage for regional growth.**

OK...what about the fact that maybe, just maybe there is already too much growth and that's why we need all these extremely expensive bridges and other transportation projects that should to be paid partly by the gas taxes we pay. What are the elected officials doing with all that cash? We pay more in taxes per gallon of gasoline that the stuff costs on its own. We are being robbed by the very people that we put in office.

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Motorcylist suffers broken ribs in Padden Parkway crash

The world is ending on Saturday? Shouldn't we call someone? I'm always the last to know stuff like this. Good thing I'll be at work when it happens! I'm less likely to care about most things when I am working.....

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Motorcyclist hurt in three-vehicle crash on SR 14

I HATE tailgaters!

Yesterday some woman in a Mercedes SUV tailgated me all the way down 137th heading south and then tried to pass me in the (very poorly designed) roundabout. ( I hope she reads this but I doubt she can read very well...)

FYI...the extra lane in the roundabout IS NOT a passing lane. Roundabouts are very confusing to most American drivers. They are meant for people that are willing to give a little (that would be CONSIDERATION) to get where they're going and not have to sit at red lights forever. Most countries have them and they are quite good if you know how to use them. There's even a video on the WSDOT page on the proper American way to move your vehicle safely through one. I laughed when I watched it because I still want to go left in a roundabout from visiting Australia and The UK.

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Motorcylist suffers broken ribs in Padden Parkway crash

Imagine what it's going to be like when we have flying cars like The Jetson's! Glad I'll be dead and gone before that ever happens.

Not to take away from the original story, but I did notice they're adding another entrance to Costco off The Padden 500 *(like Indy 500 only local...end sarcasm)*. I don't know if that will help the cluster of cars in that area on any given day but it sure can't hurt. I just go to the Costco on 192nd....it's less painful and it's never crowded.

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Motorcylist suffers broken ribs in Padden Parkway crash

I have to agree with Golden about that being ONE of the worst freeway on and off ramps in Clark County. Trying to get off Padden into the southbound 205 exit lane with traffic coming off the 205 exit is scary sometimes. Other motorists need to practice some restraint and let others merge. I have had a few close calls there in the past and I turn my turn signal on early to let others know I intend to take the exit. It's also kind of ridiculous there's 3 lanes that quickly becomes 2 lanes heading west towards Costco which only adds to the confusion. Other drivers don't even watch or seem to care there are others on the road. Most of the time I drive through Orchards and get on 500 and use that freeway entrance southbound to 205 but it's not much better. I've had a lot of close calls there too!!! People are in way too big a hurry nowadays....need to slow down, get off the phone and drive. It's not worth the hassle and the paperwork to get in an accident, not to mention the inconvenience.

I hope the motorcyclist is OK and recovers from his injuries.

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