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Open forum, Nov. 21-27

manthou, yet another 'Whine Cellar,' no wonder the reporters at the Columbian feel it's okay to name call if one does it to it's own?? I'm so sorry here but I'm having some serious issues with this. Not to take away from what Elisi posted. But is it good to keep saying these things?
Heck this comes from one that was accused, I complain to much on FB???? Got to love some of the posters when they can't see the violations we all have to put up with and it costs all of us dearly??

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Open forum, Nov. 21-27

Thank you Elisi! Happy Thanksgiving to all in the basement/Penthouse!!

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Open forum, Nov. 21-27

Woosker, thank you for your take on this and we all will have to see what the Owens' attorney states.

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Open forum, Nov. 21-27

Wooksker, They may work independent as some of us know but again there is those out there that feel more should of been done? If you read the FB accounts and those sticking up of these folks you will see the video link as to how this can malfunction. I'm awaiting to hear what their attorney has to say for their side.

Ya know the IA report was done in house.......no further investigation. OR's county refused to file the charges that were requested, why? But again there is history of problems with law enforcement of this area? I'm not taking sides here as I have had my run in with the local folks and the stories I can tell ya start up at the top!!

Safe malfunctions, not all products are reliable but again this officer didn't return it in a timely manner and should take the blame for his part of not doing so. Check again with the local enforcement on your statement of no others have had problems. I asked how many other agencies used this type of safe, still got no solid answer. Now you state that you know of no other deputy had problems??

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Open forum, Nov. 21-27

vanwadreamer, November the 4th, we were blessed by the street sweeper. I take my 2~100 foot cords and blow out our little street and circle a few times a month. In the fall it's twice a week. Beings that we live at the end of the circle and knew we were going to see a lot of rain today I tried to blow as many leaves back into folks' yards. You see we at the end of the circle have few trees and with the west wind we get all the leaves down our way. My recycle bin is so full of others leaves I don't have room much of the time for my own items. The pine and leaf mold is so thick this year, we are seeing rivers of green mold.
Call the county's 78 street maintenance yard or the Public works for the City if you need a sweeper.

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Open forum, Nov. 21-27

Woosker, the scene should of been secured and Portland should of been the agency to investigate. Again these agencies here work close with each other and are called in when they need back up so they know each other. They are called in to back up Portland so why not have them return the favor??

It just boggles the mind if the safe is "know to malfunction" as some have stated or as he stated it wasn't return ASAP but used? Is that really protecting one's family? I had read other items were not under secured per the policies. It's a shame that some of his co-workers didn't address their concerns about him sooner, maybe his son would be alive? If there is a problem with one of their own, it's time some should be able to whistle blow and not feel they could loose their jobs?

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Open forum, Nov. 21-27

Thanks Matt, so it just takes one suggestion.....how about removal? I went around with Libby yesterday in the rankings when this first appeared up top.....now folks have the 2 and 2, as to who, if they hadn't guess already? What is talked about here is not what is of concerned here unless someone posts a link?

forbert, I totally agree with your statement, " If the safe was malfunctioning it is irrelevant, when you lock up anything you check to make sure it won't open before you walk away." Also the fact that they did nothing if this safe had malfunctioned, it's his responsibility to get it back to the PO folks there at the SO so they can replace it. Those on neighbors on the FB site are not getting all the concerns that some of us have raised. 'Can be mad to malfuntion,' is the abuse of a product and isn't covered under any warrenty?
If only one officer is saying these malfunctioned, that would make for some serious concerns about this officer? But again is one reads the report those concerns are already there. Aren't they to also lock up their tassers?
There are some bad officers and there are some good officers that will go beyond their duty to help if they see a wrong to let folks know what they face. There are some that will just follow orders blindly to push others agendas too? And write letters to the editors to cover their back sides.

I have problems with the VPD investigation of one of the Clark County own when it comes to crime. They all work closely and I feel this might come back to bite someone? I know different agencies but again they do back up each other in the time of need. I understand the IA process but again it's investigation of one so close?? We have see how this has costed agencies in the past here?

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Open forum, Nov. 21-27

manthou, thanks for explaining it's a term here by folks here. I have been screaming about the labeling that the C does and was in hopes this wasn't another one. I find interesting information here and glad to find it. I hate the FB stuff...

Woosker, it's just a shame but again I know how folks are used in this place and some folks feel they are above the laws due to their connection to the men in the brown. Those that wear the uniforms, are sworn to protect, should live by a higher standard and we are seeing plenty that use their positions. So the question here is why is this officer on paid leave if he violated policies? Did the Sheriff's report being released prior to what one neighbor states, the facts that these safes were malfunctioning try to sway the citizens? Again I know how things are done here!! Ya know the person that tells their story first gets it out to the public their way?? Was the Columbian used? I still have lots of questions on this as some of this doesn't add up?

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Open forum, Nov. 21-27

See none of those top stories pertain to what is talked about here. Luvithere has the top stories!!

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Back Fence forum

DeeLittle, tulips bloom when tulips bloom and need to be in the ground over the winter months so they can do their thing. I have very few left due to the squirrels/tree rats digging them up.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!!!

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