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Tea Party candidate David Hedrick pleads not guilty to assault

I was the best candidate because of my stance against those that speak mexican and not american in mexican restaraunts.

Since I am the best candidate I say voters4 is Hedricks secret boy toy. He obviously is in love with the fake marine. Maybe the wife walked in on them and it was actually voters4 who beat her in a fit of rage for interupting their passionate man love.

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kin..d ........ of ..........still . ... .... .. ..but kind of.. ...... .....back in.. ........... ........ my...... .....Universe

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The .. ....wormhole.... it's not open. ...... .. ...all of the ........ .......... way

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I am sad to say that JH and Easton Dartinsky have opened the worm hole, so the time has come for me to return to my Universe. I was hoping that this sort of timing would come to be since my two week vacation in my Universe starts tomorrow.

It was a pleasure being here in your Universe. I enjoyed many of the parallel people very much. I am looking forward to getting back to see if Goldieoldone has filed for another term as Bridge Commissioner of the 3 State Pacific Region. I will catch up with my back copies of the Vancouveronian.

In my Universe I am an insider and the front runner because of my elaborate website where I use Speedsheets.

Good luck Kendallln2010 in your campaign. I know that if I could remain here and continue as your campaign manager that you too would be an insider and the front runner.

I hope that your Ace High comes back on this site, in my Universe he goes by Ace King (I call him big slick because he is the best campaign manager an insider and the front runner could ever ask for and he is an expert at Speedsheets).

I will miss your barley sodas, I have become quite fond of one called Broken Halo. You also have a very good shwiskey here called Pendleton.

JH is here so it is time to go. Goodbye everyone, it has been a lot of fun.

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As you know I am an insider and the front runner in my Universe and I became what I am with Speed Sheets.

If Ace doesn't show up soon I would be happy to use what Ace_King, I call him big_slick for those of you not following along, taught me as my campaign manager in my Universe to help you in this Universe to win the election.

I think I have an idea for a new campaign sign.

Vote for Kendallln2010!

I have rightings, I use Speed Sheets,
I love crayons! I will outlaw spell check,(I don't use it, why should anyone else!)

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Thank you,

With what is going on in this world today, humor, our imaginations, and contact with our loved ones is the only way to cope.

My heart aches when I see the pictures of the animals that are dieing in the Gulf of Mexico. In the pictures their eyes are asking, what did we do to you to deserve this. I hope that the Earth can recover.

Ace High

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In my Universe dogs are revered and respected as are all animals because they are at the mercy of humans.

In this Universe I would bet that your dog could get more votes than this Kendallin2010 character.

June 4, 2010 at 3:21 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

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You are against legalizing drugs? In my Universe we have figured out that prohibitions don't work because they perpetuate criminal activity.

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I-1098. From research that I have done in this Universe I believe that the tax cut to the middle class would come from a 20% reduction in the States portion of your property taxes.

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That is a really good post with great ideas. In my Universe when someone comes up with good ideas like you have we call it "giving your two dollars worth."

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