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Allen, I am a sportsman who fishes for the salmon that come up the Columbia River and I would like to know why you can't do a investigation story on why the gillnetters have so much inside control with the Columbia River Compact. Maybe you don't fish but you really should take heed of the thousands of sports fisherman that are so upset. For example the summer run of chinook were just starting to enter the river and 125 permits were issued to the gillnetters to spread their nets clear across the Columbia River from Beacon Rock to the mouth. By this action they strip the river of the large chinook and sturgeon that are in the river. Now the sportsman get their shot but there are no fish but thank god they keep coming but guess what, the nets go in this Thurs again doing the same procedure. This particular run last about 3 weeks and its done. Where does the father get a chance to take his son out fishing with the chance of catching a fish? Plus we have had to fight with flood stage waters this past month in which nets could care less what condition the river is in. The sportsman spend thousands of dollars in the communities along the river, what does the commercial owner spend. Please find some time and talk to the avid sportsman his feelings on this issue. Thank you Roger Burton

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