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Hey! Nope, there is no way in hel* I am a golden ghost. Thanx 4tha laugh! I take it as a complement that you'd compare me to that pen name!!! Nah I just use fb now!!! Much better Oh well...Adio muchacho!!

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Open forum, April 2 - 8

Nice story about the cow, next we need to read everyone's minds and we should know what they're thinking. ~righteous man~

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Stay true to who you are I meant

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Gas tanks are draining family budgets

I don't feel sorry one bit. Wow lets blame someone else for your own problems and people wonder why America is the way it is! Learn to save a penny and pinch a little. Quit blaming others for your own issues. Over $400 a month for gas...whatta ya doin fillin up a bus?

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WOW GOLDEN I THINK SOMEONE NEEDS TO TAKE THEIR G.. D.... MEDS!! stay who true to who you are!

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Vancouver fireworks at 10:05, but fun for 10.5 hours

That's good that they are going to finally have it back.

Zebrablue- I am actually in agreement with your entire on your post at 12:11 p.m.

I didn't live down there and I walk in that area and watch the display!

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Family of teen injured by falling tree wins damages

Goldenoldie is right. I'll add to that, in my opinion there are a few things that need to be checked off and investigated before they can commence a lawsuit (i.e. burden of proof to name one.) It is not a money thing with these people because after all the filing and paperwork done by the Attorney and Paralegal the amount is much less than expected. Mr. Baumgartner is not an attorney out for the "big buck." Plus I wouldn't want to get on that firms bad side! They have some spitfire people there!

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Cadet gets a baptism by fire when first call truly hits home

Excellent way to show dedication in her job...she will go far in her career.

LMAO hiphophothunk...I bet you are winning!?!? Isn't it fun?? Must be the hottness

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What’s going on with former Rep. Jim Jacks?

So someone is admitting that they are an alcoholic and the Columbian expressed their freedom of expression? Why are some of you (not all) complaining? More power to this person admitting they are an alcoholic. I hope he gets the help he needs. Best of luck.

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Sheriff's office K-9 Kane killed in the line of duty

If fuel wouldn't have been fed to the fire then non of this would have happened. I understood exactly what was being said and I did not like it. Just as if someone doesn't like what I say I would expect someone to say something against what I said.

Apologies...no. What for?? So a guy can feel like they have the control over a woman...make the woman feel inferior? You are just a screen name nothing else. Just disappoints me if you were to write articles for a paper.

Goodness just go on, this was a terrible thing that happened and no one can go back and change it. Move on

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