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Four file lawsuit against Vancouver pain clinic

I agree that it is really about the people who abuse help more than anything, and I find that this article about the situation is really quite salacious! Kelly and Scott tend to help people who no one else is willing to even bother with I might add.

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Thank you for the props! I really appreciate the encouragement!

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UPDATE: Gunman wounds congresswoman, kills six others

I looked at what is reported to be the shooter's youtube page and he has a few videos up that are indicitive of someone who is mentally ill. It won't be surprising if it turns out the shooter has untreated mental illness. Aside from the horror of all the shooting, it will be unfortunate that someone with mental illness will be tied to violence in the media yet again. I just want to say that MOST mentally ill people are NOT violent. Such a horrific and tragic event that probably has almost nothing to do with politics and more to do with the fact that people were gathered in public, the shooter had a gun, a propensity for violence and was probably insane.

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Four file lawsuit against Vancouver pain clinic

Thanks Homer and nailingit. :)

@PadmaRani: if you are referring to my post talking about my medical issues, don't worry. I talk about my life and my medical issues all the time online with my real name at It isn't any more dangerous than anything else in life.

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This is a fabulous piece! I have always wondered about those buildings and never knew what they were or if they were still in use, especially the hospital that can be seen when you drive by on I-5! I also love how you all made the maps with pictures and descriptions! So cool!!! GREAT JOB!!!

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Four file lawsuit against Vancouver pain clinic

And yes, my last name is Bell, but I am not related in any way to anyone at the clinic, fyi.

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Four file lawsuit against Vancouver pain clinic

I can only comment from my own experience. I have been going to the Payette/Walnut Grove clinic since about 2003 or so. I can't remember exactly when I started going. I initially went to the clinic, because I needed to get an injection of antipsychotic medication once per month, because I have schizophrenia. I called other clinics in the area (like the Vancouver Clinic) and no one was willing to do a simple procedure like give me an injection once per month. The Payette clinic said there was no problem. Thank goodness, because I NEED this medication so I don't become psychotic! The antipsychotic medication is NOT an opiate (obviously) and is not addictive by the way, but it is integral to my well-being.

So, I have been seeing Kelly once per month for many years. She was also concerned about my general health and well being, so she ran some blood tests and found out I was lacking in several areas from Vitamin D to an underactive thyroid to beginning diabetes. She treated all of those problems with medications and during the past year I have lost 70 pounds, gone into the non-diabetic category and have raised my vitamin D to a more normal level.

I recently went to see her, because I pulled a muscle in my back that hurt so bad I could barely move and no position was comfortable to stay in. She gave me instructions about applying heat and why the body needs inflammation to heal and did prescribe an anti-spasm/anti-pain med that totally helped. I only had to take the meds for a couple of days and now my back is almost 100% better! I fear that if I had gone anywhere else, they would have looked at me, told me I was too fat and that I should lose weight so I never have back pain again. That is the kind of care I would normally get from most practitioners, and I'm not even exaggerating!

I don't have chronic pain (thank goodness), but from my experience with Kelly and everyone at the Walnut Grove Clinic, all I can say is that they have treated me compassionately and effectively. Most of my experience with the medical community in the past has been dismally disappointing. Doctors that don't care and all they can do is tell me I'm fat and that I should lose weight while not addressing any other problems I might have, as if fatness causes EVERY kind of human malady known!

She also referred me to a sleep specialist, because it turns out I have severe sleep apnea. The people she referred me to are totally great as well and because of that referral and treatment my sleeping issues have dramatically improved! She took the time to listen to my concerns and gave me compassionate and sound advice with every step!

All I can say about Kelly and the Walnut Grove Clinic, from MY experience, is that they don't treat people like they are a number and they listen and design treatments that actually HELP people and quite frankly that is way more than I ever got from other places like Kaiser and the like.

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