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Open forum, April 29-May 5

Just a thought about one of the "reasons" M & M gave for wanting to hire Benton right away was that they did not want to wait for the typical 90 or more days to hire someone. They have known since the first of the year that the Kevin Gray's position would be vacant in mid April. If they were really insterested in getting the best possible person for the job, why did they wait so long to "appoint" Benton? I believe that luvit is correct in thinking that if they can force Stuart to quit they can just do whatever they want.

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Open forum, April 29-May 5

Goldie, thanks for the welcome. Even if Barron made the decision to leave long before yesterday as you claim, it seems a bit fishy to me that the news came out the day after he disagreed with Madore about hiring Benton without following any kind of protocol. Perhaps Barron decided he did not want to be the fall guy for Madore. I just wonder who will be next to go from the County administration.

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Open forum, April 29-May 5

Yes, the county has had "the good ol boys" network for some time. However, most county employees are hard workers and follow the rules. Madore and his sidekick have made the whole county look like fools. I don't blame Barron for leaving, I would not want to be in his shoes when the stuff hits the fan. I can see that the three stooges will do all they can to bring in the coal trains and crude oil to the port and not worry about any environmental issues. They will be opening the so-called floodgates for jobs. I am sure that if they get away with "appointing" Benton, they will also be able to "appoint" whoever they want to take Barron's place. Then look out. We are being sold down the river :(

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