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Hydrogen has been batted around for decades but has major shortcomings and most people who study it as an energy alternative conclude it is not practical in the forseeable future.

I particularly recommend "The Hype about Hydrogen" by Joseph Romm, published 2005.

Sure you can always find cheerleader web sites for any technology, that doesn't make them workable.

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why do I keep getting this message "Please Review our Community Guidelines?"

Shouldn't it only be necessary to review them once?

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When I want to read comments about a particular news item, why do I keep getting this "please take a second to review our community guidelines" message? It appears there is some sort of bug in the Columbian's software that prevents people from accessing comments.

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Well, Obama has cynically decided that public opinion has shifted enough in favor of gay marriage that it is now politically palatable to support gay marriage.

No big surprise. But of course Romney shows no courage on this issue either, basing his stance on political opportunism just like Obama.

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Letter: Cut everything, but please don't tax

It seems like Littauer's point is that he's not going to do anything to serve the community, state, or country unless someone forces him to.

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All together now: ‘Thanks, Florida!’

Mrs. T said:

"Remember Gov. Perry-TX "refusing" stimulus funds? Now are you listening as he is slamming the Feds for not helping him enough with their fires, etc? The hypocrisy of it all is deafening!"

What hypocrisy? Did Perry say he opposes ALL federal assistance to states? Maybe he just believes in federal funding when it serves a public good, and opposes it when it does not?

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Federal grant means more firefighters

Sounds like a good policy on the part of Columbian.

People shouldn't be able hurl vitriol toward others on the internet and run away from responsibility for what they say by trying to remain anonymous.

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All together now: ‘Thanks, Florida!’

"State and local politicians who don’t like the rules in the federal funding game have two choices: change the rules or quit the game"

Exactly how can a state or local politician "change the rules" of the federal government?

Scott did the right thing by rejecting funds for a rail line that was destined to be an utter failure.

"Scott thought he was scoring political points by turning down what he decried as wasteful spending. Turns out, he was very wrong."

And your basis for that assertion is what, Mr. Laird?

Perhaps Scott did the right thing knowing full well it might be unpopular.

The philosophy of greed at the expense of the public interest expressed by Laird is exactly what is wrong with this country.

This mentality is a big part of the reason the US is 14.5 trillion dollars in debt and headed for fiscal collapse.

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Letter: Newt playing with old rules


I think in all likelihood, Gingrich would be worse than Obama.

Gingrich has no idea what he even stands for. He goes around like a chicken with his head cut off, sometimes pandering to the fashion of the day, other times proposing some radical change in policy that he apparently had just thought of 10 minutes ago.

At least with Obama you know you are getting standard establishment dogma.

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A study shows that in this recession, more adult men lost jobs than women. I'm thinking:

Where's the "none of the above" option?

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