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Wind power companies criticize BPA shutdown plan

Another thing about this:

This shows the Achilles Heel of the primary renewable sources that people are hoping will one day satisfy the lion's share of our energy needs- wind and solar. Namely, the intermittency.

I have seen claims by the national wind power organization that we could meet up to 30% of our electricity with wind without the intermittency being a problem. I have tended to be skeptical considering things I've read about the capacity factor of wind in practice already falling well short of prediction in some places, because of the difficulty of seamlessly integrating the uneven energy supply from wind turbines into the grid. Wind is actually supposed to play well with hydro, with the well known example being Demnark, which sends wind power to Sweden when the wind is blowing and buys hydropower from Sweden when the wind is not blowing.

However, clearly, even a system like ours where the dominant source is hydro has challenges handling the intermittency of wind. I guess you could flip that over and say the problem is that hydro is uneven- more production in spring than other seasons. however, at least that is a predictable effect that you can work into power planning.

If someone could develop a gigantic low-cost battery, this would no longer be a problem. But that is a LONG ways off technologically.

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Wind power companies criticize BPA shutdown plan


The article on this same topic I read on Oregonlive a few days ago said that if water goes over the spillway instead of through the turbines then it oxegenates the water which is harmful to fish.

So, what the wind power operators want BPA to do is kill some fish for the cause of "green energy".

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Letter: Single-payer plan can control crisis

Single-payer systems keep health care costs low primarily by forcing Draconian price controls on health care providers like doctors.

I'm not against a single-payer system but a plan by which the government would force health care providers to take a 50% pay cut is going to face a lot of political opposition from those who work in health care.

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In Our View: Unfair to Boeing

Washington is a state that gets good grades as far as being friendly to business (see the cnbc rankings-

In that ranking, Washington is #15 among the states.

The NLRB is trashing Washington's reputation as a state that is friendly to business. It is no fair for a federal agency to trash a state like that.

Gregoire could be a real hero by being a maverick and telling the feds where to shove it.

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Letter: Remember Baird’s independence?

"Baird was just another typical Leftist robot. He called his constituency "brown shirts". "

So he went wiggy one time, so what. I realize he had that one binge of insanity when he was hurling vitriol and then went on MSNBC.

Everyone acts like an idiot at one time or another.

For the most part Baird was a level-headed guy who was in no way a mindless robot for the Democratic agenda.

I saw some public meetings he led and anyone who is honest has got to admit the guy is intelligent.

As far as I'm concerned it's way too early to have an opinion on Herrera's performance in Congress. I am certainly not going to adopt a negative view of her simply because some leftist Koch Heads don't like her.

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Letter: Remember Baird’s independence?

Ah, I see Luciafalls is a Koch Head.

What a surprise!

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Older and out of a job

One inconvenient issue I'd like to bring up to the progressives that fancy themselves as being supportive of workers even though their political views are about as "pro-labor" as those of Medieval feudal warlords:

Please explain how having an estimated 7 million jobs occupied by illegal aliens who don't have a legal right to work in this country makes sense when there are millions of low-skilled American workers unemployed that desperately need those jobs. (and please don't bring up the ridiculous sweatshop argument about us needing a bunch of exploited foreign peasants to do "jobs Americans won't do" in order to have a strong economy. If you believe that, then you should also believe we should scrap minimum wage and other protections for low-wage workers.)

And why do we admit over a million legal immigrants to the country per year when the unemployment rate is so high? Do you think those immigrants are all independently wealthy and don't need a job to support themselves and their families? If you admit that most of them need to work to make a living, please indicate who you want to throw out of work to provide job openings for them.

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Older and out of a job

"Implying that planning ahead would could solve any of this is dumb."

No it's not. It would have helped some people. However, some people don't make enough income to build themselves an umbrella against an economic downturn. And for those who do, but instead went out and did imprudent things like buying a house during the housing bubble, to advise them now to plan ahead is a day late and a dollar short.

For anyone who ever owned a stock, the latter reminds me of when someone comes along and says, hey, look at this great stock pick, this company I bought shares in went up 100% in the last month. To which my response is: Great, why didn't you tell us about it BEFORE it went up?

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Poll: Republicans shrug at GOP 2012 field

"A man that can not master his will power to control his weight lacks of the basics...."

Hey, Bill Clinton had sociopathic tendencies and yet he did a pretty good job as President.

Personal shortcomings don't necessarily mean someone cannot do a good job as an elected leader.

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Poll: Republicans shrug at GOP 2012 field


What's your hat size? I'd like to get you a nice Alcoa for Xmas. You prefer one with antennas or without?

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