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Open Forum, June 20-26

Hi all, I've added a list of our most read stories for last week to the top of the forum at GO's request. I compile this list every Monday for the newsroom from our Google analytics, so I figure, why not share it with our readers as well? I'll also post this to our home page. We don't have a "most read" feature on the site yet, though it's in the works. When that happens, we'll have a list that updates in real time.

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Open Forum, June 13-19

GO, I understand your concerns about privacy and there will always be those who don't want to use Facebook for one reason or another. That was one factor we weighed in our decision to switch to FB comments. I hope that the FB system ultimately serves a broader base of readers who are comfortable commenting through their social media accounts.

Hawkeye, believe it or not, the comment section has a huge effect on how our work is perceived by the community. This quote comes to mind: "Associate with men of good quality if you esteem your own reputation; for it is better to be alone than in bad company."
George Washington

Nailingit, I'm flattered, but taken. :)

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Open Forum, June 13-19

nailingit The purpose of separating the comments was that we feel that the best way to bring accountability and civility to our discussions is to require real names, similar to what we ask for submissions to letters to the editor. We deeply believe in holding government accountable and are committed to accurately representing the community's issues and concerns. There is a place for anonymous comments here and in our stories, which one reason we've retained this forum. But accountable journalism is what we stand for and it's how we maintain credibility.

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Open Forum, June 13-19

Clarifying clean(er): Our intent isn't to moderate, per se, but to enforce the community guidelines. As you've noted here, even our Facebook comments aren't completely "clean" and we don't want them to be. We welcome debate, strong opinions, etc., as long as they're respectful. But we introduced the guidelines for a reason. We want to promote a thoughtful and productive discussion.

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Open Forum, June 13-19

(Side note) "Top commenter" is not a status bestowed by The Columbian, but the result of being one of the most frequent posters.

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Open Forum, June 13-19

I'm addressing questions and comments here as I can, throughout the day. Unfortunately, I can't always respond in real time as I have many other duties.

We're very much aware of Bob Larimer's posts. We've allowed him to begin posting again under the new system because we want to give everyone a fresh start and a chance to participate. His posts are frequent and opinionated, but so far he has (mostly) stayed within the guidelines. A few of his posts have been hidden but they weren't so egregious to cause him to be banned. His posts definitely have themes, but they're on-topic with the threads.

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Open Forum, June 13-19

col_Wrightwing Erin recently left the paper, but you may see her byline pop up here occasionally as a freelancer.

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Open Forum, June 13-19

In regards to forethoughts comments. The initial post was removed, as predicted, because of the personal attacks. You are free to criticize The Columbian and its policies here, but personal attacks, against our Editor or anyone else, will be removed.

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Open Forum, June 13-19

Manthou The middle class beat was created by our former features reporter Erin Middlewood after an in-depth report she did on shrinking retirement benefits for private sector workers. She observed that with rising health care costs, shrinking benefits, high unemployment and the like, the American middle class is in jeopardy and the issue is under-covered by the local media. The beat aims to address some of those issues, specific to Clark County. I suggest that you follow Paris's work to see how the beat evolves.

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Open Forum, June 13-19

Hi everyone, thanks for your comments last night. The main moderator of these forums would normally be our social media coordinator, Matt Wastradowski, who unfortunately broke his hand the weekend before our Facebook comments launch. He's been out for the past three weeks or so. (Bad timing.) Lou and I have been doing our best to keep on top of the comments here and on our stories, but we can't do nearly as good a job as our full-time SMC would.

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