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Excuse me Damian has three misdameaner charges..nothing serious..Damian is a good kid that has a pot problem.I have put him in counciling through out his life..while he was living with me he attended school and was not allowed to hang out with certain children..however you can not be with them 24/7...Stop acting like he has some serious felony record...

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Damian may be 17 but has the mentallity of a 14 year old..I have records to prove that..however what he did was wrong and he has to pay for his bad choices..I just dont want it to be for the rest of his life...

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your comment is not true..I did not abandoned my son damian..He chose to live with his brother..he is a good kid and yes he made a bad choice..but that is not the parents or his brothers fault..

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Just so you know..Damian did not pull the gun out and point it at him point blank then shoot him..the gun went off accidently...he deserves to be punished for his bad choices..there were two other boys involved that have not come forward yet..he is not guilty till the courts decide so..

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