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Letter: Pray for nation’s healing, virtue

My question to all the non-believers & disagreers of the Faith: Since the topic of the letter was about The NATIONAL day of prayer, and you so obviously disagree with those of like mindedness of Bob, why do you even read it & then have to spew your disagreement with us? You continue to write the same old arguments every time the subject of God comes up. Don't you have something better to do with your time or share your thoughts with someone who really cares what you think about God? So yeah, give it a rest already.

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Readers revved up over exonerated man’s plight buy him a car

Blanche: I'm sorry that you view your life as being that the glass is always half empty. But you didn't sit in prison for 17 years for a crime that you didn't commit. I'm not understanding why you are comparing your life of how you got to work 40 years ago with what Alan has gone through plus you had your freedom and he didn't. To me, the whole part of this story is about how some people who have compassion and a heart wanted to bless someone who has been through a time of hell.
If we had more people like them, I think our world would be a little better.

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I'd really like to see the Columbian add a "like" button to people's comments like they do on Facebook & news blogs/comments. A lot of times I like what people have to say, but don't want to add a comment just to say I agree with you. Thank you for your consideration.

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Hospitals ready to merge

I've heard that Kaiser Permanente has pulled their staff from SWWMC. Has anyone heard about this? Kaiser hasn't put out anything about this. I'd sure hate to have to travel to Sunnyside hospital for care.

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I've heard from a friend that his wife who is an RN at SWWMC said that Kaiser has pulled their doctors out. Has anyone heard anything about this? Kaiser hasn't said a word. I sure hope not- I'd hate to have to go to Sunnyside for care.

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Check it out: Library enhancements include more days, more best-sellers

I'm so glad that we'll be able to download ebooks. Seems that will cut a lot of costs in replacing popular books that are constantly in demand.
Thank you FVRL!

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Ask the expert

DO NOT recycle your license plates without cutting them up into small pieces. We had ours stolen out of our recycle bin & 2 months later received a notice from Un of WA that we had parked in a handicapped parking place. It was on a totally different car. Not a good idea!

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Latest light rail design plans topic of open house

What gets me is that if this boondoggle goes through, we will be at the mercy of Metro- meaning that if you have a gripe about light rail, you will have to go to Portland to speak at their meetings. Don't think they'll be paying much attention to
us Vancouverites....

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Grocer to open in former Joe's location in October

I just wish a store like this would go in on the west side of town. We really need one in the Hazeldell area.

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Baird issues health care statement

This is the same response Brian emailed back to me regarding my views on the health care bill. It's just another canned response that did not address my personal issues.

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