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Harping again on what I was saying yesterday - If people are that dumb, whether kids or otherwise, I think we are failing with our educational system.

I heard recently of an honor student, with lots of scholarships, that was drown near portland. Jumped in a river...and didn't know how to swim....what exactly are we teaching honor students?

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Haha, that's exactly what I am saying. We got to hear about how Elizabeth Smart is a hero for getting kidnapped, kept a mile from her house and not having the intelligence to walk home...I mean we keep hearing about Kyron, or those three white hikers who refused to buy a GPS...when there are thousands of people lost every day and hundreds of kids kidnapped in Washington this year. WHy do we focus on little white kids more than anything?

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Force a resolution. Let's end centuries old debate and fighting and bigotry and apartheid and murder the Cowboy way....sounds groovy.

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Give me the terrible person award but I'm sick of hearing it plastered over the news every time some little white kid goes missing. Honestly, there are bigger fish to fry and it just leads to fear-mongering, and 90% of the time those folks on the air trying to get our sympathies are the ones who did it.

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Just so we are all on the same page - I was disgusted by the Fourth of July. I live about five blocks from the Fort, and I could barely see any of the fireworks. They were apparently shooting them off low enough so only people who paid admission could see them well...classy move.

Beyond not letting people bring in their own booze or food, I was especially disgusted that every person in a few mile radius either A) closed up their parking lot, so the poor schmucks who paid for tickets had nowhere to park or B) began to oportunistically charge 10 bucks to allow people to use their parking lot.

Worst of all: A church. A church ( called the Vineyard I think, up near the high school and Clark Campus ) was charging 10 bucks for parking spots ON A SUNDAY! It was insane. Seriously, is this what we've been reduced to to make a few bucks?

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I have a list of all the candidates right in front of me, and you aren't on it. aren't really Denny Heck in disguise, right?

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The only three "people" you can blame for this spill are :

A) The American people, for their oil thirst and sitting back while our country gets raped

B) BP, for the awesome way they stoke that thirst.

C) God, for sitting back and not answering all those nice conservative prayers ( see also: not existing )

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I'm a reporter ( not for the columbian but f'real I am ) If you don't want something on the record, don't talk to me when I present myself as a reporter. I'm not going to sneak up on you and twist your words, but if this guy can't keep his opinion from a few liberal hippie newspaper dudes, how is he supposed to keep classified information classified?

I'd vote for Teddy. It's been 100 years and we still haven't made all the progress he proposed with the Bull Moose Party.

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Maureen - I'm not sure how cool eating ice cream with your principal is...

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Additionally, I am saying that every person born within our borders is not neccesarily any better than people born someone else.

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