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C-Tran survey suggests voter support for light rail

-A even bigger mistake-
louielouie — May 6, 2010 at 8:58 p.m.

Irony defined.

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2010 Clark County Salary Review: Scaling down raises

-only you are claiming they are inaccurate-

Actually, pdrfamily, I claimed they were questionable back in February. Remember?

I attempted to get you to show us a source that was driving your thinking too. One and a half months later, you've still failed.

rrperkin also doubted your post.

So no, it's not just one reader who's underwhelmed.

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'Warming up' cars stolen from driveways

itsXRW, I believe Ferris Bueller summed it up best...
"It's understanding that makes it possible for people like us to tolerate a person like yourself"
"Thank you" for entertaining us- You helped to take our minds off Conan leaving NBC.

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'Warming up' cars stolen from driveways

itsXRW "I think other peoples misfortunes are funny and enjoy making fun of them."

Why don't we hear you making fun of your parents then?

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Commissioners forsake mileage reimbursement

Retiree- If I take off the rough, arguable edges of your post above (harder, smarter, more qualified, etc.), you make some great points, in my opinion. Until we walk a mile in their shoes...

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In Our View, Feb. 11: Onward, Educators

It seems that pdrfamily always takes his or her ball and goes home whenever someone asks for citations to back up the claims. We still like you, even if your argument is questionable.

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In Our View, Feb. 9: Learn, Then Vote

pdr, I'm not a lemming... I didn't follow YOU over the edge, did I?
I'll think about following you if you show us some facts. Until then, you're the only one over the edge.

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In Our View, Feb. 9: Learn, Then Vote

No, in my example, none of that other stuff happened (it's my example, after all). In my example, Fred Meyer simply collected a dollar. The districts simply collect the dollar amount they've requested. Nothing more.

-Anyways, it doesn't really matter, the levy passed. Hopefully, they spend our money wisely. I know I'll be watching.-

I will agree with you there. I'm sure we'll all be watching.

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In Our View, Feb. 9: Learn, Then Vote

Twinton, Let's say a customer buys an item at Fred Meyer for $1. Let's say that customer has a job and makes $20,000 per year. That item cost the customer 1/20,000th of her annual income. Right?
Now let's say that customer loses her job, but finds another one for $15,000 per year. She goes to Fred Meyer and buys that same item again, for the same price of $1. It's still one dollar, right, but now that same dollar equals 1/15,000th of her annual salary. With your math, you see that as a price increase. But it's simply a different percentage. A PERCENTAGE increase doesn't automatically equal an ACTUAL increase (a dollar is still a dollar). I'm not trying to stir the pot too much here, just trying to keep it real.

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In Our View, Feb. 9: Learn, Then Vote

pdr, YOU are not, by default, a reliable source. I'm not saying your figures AREN'T correct, but it sure would be easier for us to verify those figures and to make informed judgements about them if you took the time to provide at least one or two links to those sources. Your claims of lies, continuation of broken laws, and that your kids "have gotten no benefit in better education from school levies" (seriously, how did you measure THAT claim? Do you have identical twins going to two different districts, one with a levy and one without?) are thin at best.

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