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Family of teen injured by falling tree wins damages

April 10, 2009, was a Friday.

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Readers revved up over exonerated man’s plight buy him a car

To those concerned about the issue of Alan's car insurance: Laurie ensured that Alan obtained insurance before they went through with the purchase of the car. Hope that helps, Laura

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Judge dismisses sex charges against former band assistant

@Thinkfirst and @DawnMiller: This is not the case where the mother found the text messages on her daughter's phone and reported it to police. That was the case of a Skyview science teacher, Nathan Botnen, who later pleaded guilty to charges and received prison time. Hope that clears things up, Laura

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Prosecutors file charges in child imprisonment case

@ Parasalin: The door was removed and replaced with a slatted metal cage. The window also was caged.

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Man, 72, takes guardianship case to jury

@Johnk: Yes, the center is asking the court to appoint a legal guardian. I agree that that should have been included in the original story, and have corrected it. Also, the amended petition filed two weeks ago said Mr. Morse was staying in a house owned by his sister. He is now back at the center, his attorney told me this morning. That also was corrected. Thanks.

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Man to be resentenced for 2001 B.G. killing

Thanks for the comments. To clarify, the judge imposed the exceptional sentence based on several aggravating factors: deliberate cruelty, multiple injuries and an effort to conceal the crime. But the law changed so that juries must now find those aggravators.

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Was that a flying saucer hovering over east Vancouver?

Here's a link to a video of the flying saucer that someone posted on KATU's website. Enjoy:

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Battle Ground man pleads guilty in 2009 fatal fight

Photoguy: There is no charge in Washington of unvoluntary manslaughter, just first-degree and second-degree. First-degree manslaughter is recklessness and second-degree is negligence.

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Prostitution sting prompts review

Alienwordz: You bring up some good points. The detective didn't know the woman's age, but knew she wasn't the underage girl in the ad and clearly looked of age (she's 29).

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Vancouver man pleads guilty to murder, robbery

@mike3121: Douglas Marquis will be imprisoned for 25 years before he sees any possibility of good time, per the guidelines for these felonies. Good question. --Laura

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