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Vancouver man sentenced for assault on baby

@Oskool: Ryan Kannegaard has not yet gone to trial. His case is pending. Currently, his trial is set for April 11.

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Trial set for former congressional candidate Hedrick

Common_Sense and seamuscallan: Just a clarification, Tony Golik isn't prosecuting this case. It's being handled by the Vancouver City Attorney's Office, which is separate from the Clark County Prosecutor's Office.

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Ex-Lowe’s worker ordered to pay $500K

@teasbee: The Columbian generally doesn't identify victims of sexual assaults, but did so in this case since she was a plaintiff in a civil case and has gone public with her story.

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Harris issues public apology

@Craig_Sayre: Jeanne Harris sent an e-mail to the council late last night, which was CC'ed to me, about her frustration that she wasn't told about the ethics complaint. She sent a press release this morning to apologize for the Monday council meeting. Hope that clears up the chain of events. --Laura McVicker

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Ex-employee sues, calls Lowe’s unsafe

Thanks for the feedback. Someone had a question about why the bathroom stall was unlocked. It was broken. Also, the suit claims Riggan's sexual harassment was pervasive and that his actions were apparent to more than just Moreton and the head cashier (because it was in an open workplace). So it wasn't just an issue of who she reported it to. Thanks. --Laura McVicker

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Vancouver woman protests Starbucks gun policy locally

Yep, you guys are right that the word 'extremist' sounds over the top. That phrasing was used in the press release. I changed it. Thanks. --Laura McVicker

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