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Update: Camas High expansion nears completion


You're right. Outgrowing the cafeteria/commons area in 7 years does seem like poor planning on someone's part.

The current library seems too small by half (they have a lot of books, it just looks like they need more desks), and the cafeteria is right in the center where all the primary hallways and stairwells come together. I've been in there at lunch time-- the kids are packed in there shoulder to shoulder, and it makes getting though to a hallway on the other side like pushing your way through a rock concert crowd.

I should say that the building's wings extend in such a way that it does look like it was designed with future expansion in mind. Most of the wings could be expanded to add more classroom space.

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Update: Camas High expansion nears completion

The student population outgrew the schools capacity.

There are no photographs of the new chemistry labs or cafeteria eating area because they aren't finished yet.

I live in Camas, and I'm glad my son won't have to eat on the floor in a hallway when he gets there. I'm glad the library is being expanded, and I'm glad students will be able to take chemistry labs in a modern lab. I'm also glad we have a wonderful taxpayer-funded library down town as well, and I don't mind paying taxes for them.

If we don't invest in our own kids and community who will?

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Man chased across bridge can be tried in Oregon

121 mph!

Maybe Oregon should prosecute him for speeding in Oregon, and Washington can prosecute him for his behavior on our side of the state line.

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Potential new road would benefit Fisher Investments

It looks like a natural place for a road. That turn at SE Bybee Rd is too sharp for the heavier traffic of future growth (someone will get killed and maybe take some other people with them). And if it opens up that end of Camas to more job creating business, that sounds like taxes well spent.

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New state math exam, same old result

The fourth grade scores have been pretty low as well the last few years-- about half fail. It would be interesting to see a distribution of how well the half that doesn't fail actually does.

Do we have another 25% that passes with the equivalent of a C? We don't know. I feel sorry for eighth and ninth grade teachers trying to teach age appropriate curriculum to classes half filled with students who still don't know what they were supposed to have mastered in 4th grade.

Blaming the Bible is a trollish cop out. Statistically there are far fewer devout Christians in the Pacific North West than in other states, so "aintnogod" should keep looking for another scapegoat.

Ultimately, parents are to blame. 4th grade math is pretty easy, and if the school is not teaching kids what they need to know, parents ought to be involved enough to realize it and step in. It is obvious that the schools need to change what they are doing, but until that happens, parents need to parent.

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