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GOP recruiting for commissioner race

It's a fair point, Lew. I included the link because I'd pulled it up to check his commissioner district, and wanted to make it easy for other folks to verify it. It's not as though the information isn't publicly available, and in any case Hart's a public figure.

That said, I'll take it down if Hart asks.

Speaking of which, here's Hart's response my e-mail:

"Thanks! I'm flattered. As per your invitation to accept denials, I do hereby deny any interest as a candidate in this race. No problem with having a little fun.


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Hey, I like the handle -- talk about a golden oldie.

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Commissioners forsake mileage reimbursement

Since you asked, @VancouverView://www.co.clark.wa.us/bocc/emailform.asp. The commissioners' phone line is 360-397-2232.

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Commissioners forsake mileage reimbursement

To clarify a sentence in the piece: commissioners must approve hiring and firing of non-elected department heads, but the county administrator is still the lead decision-maker in such situations.

"Appointment and removal of all non-elected County department heads shall be made by the county administrator with the advice and consent of the county board of commissioners."

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Commissioners forsake mileage reimbursement

@sadiemae - The position is theoretically full-time with full county benefits, and if you ask the commissioners they'll tell you they work more than 40 hours each week. The only problem is that they don't have a full-time supervisor ... so look for an article in the Columbian next week on that very issue.

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Who's running? A geek's guide to Clark County's local races

Good point, Lew. I was leaving out the legislative races for this post to focus on county offices, but the state reps definitely have the potential to become active races, too.

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It moves a little too fast for my taste -- I can't read both the headline and lede before it flips to the next image. Stressful!

That's just my opinion.

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Cami Joner! What is up?!?

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The city doesn't, but you can get them for cheap ($35 or something) from the county extension office. Ask for Jenifer or Erin:


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Welcome to the Political Beat blog

Good calls, George! You might just have a business model there!

Er, I mean, a job.

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