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Open forum, Oct 20-26

roger: You may be on to something here about Holland. He didn't get where he is without doling out a little encouragement now and then. We will have to watch it.

OK. I just listened to 2 grueling hours of Board Time and learned that Greg Kimsey released an audit of the fee waiver program on Oct 6 and gave the commissioners 10 days to respond to it. Madore is dragging his heels past the deadline because he says he has "real numbers" that will refute Greg's findings, which probably show that the fee waiver program is not sustainable.

Do you suppose this is why Madore and his pals are skewering Kimsey about the Voter's pamphlet? They are greasing the skids for a low public opinion of the guy so it will be easier to impeach him when he releases that report. I cannot wait to read it. I had a CC employee tell me: this will be front page news. Hmmmmm. Politics. Blood sport.

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Open forum, Oct 20-26

jacjak: Unless Madore gets a sudden case of guilt, we will not be able to extract the truth from him.

He probably has already consulted an attorney. How do I know? He told OPB that he does not remember whether he ever gave to the Republican Party before this. "I don't remember" or "I cannot recall" are classic evasive answers that give an answer without incriminating him.

Some of the opposition signs now say "No light rail. No Charter"
How very honest of them to pair the uninformed sound bite voter's favorite demon with the dreaded light rail. Someone else saw one that paired higher taxes with the Charter.

It is doing well in the Columbian poll, however.

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Open forum, Oct 20-26

I say a silent, grateful prayer to the universe every day I cross the I 5 overpass and see the long lines of creeping vehicles, making their tortuous slog toward the 100 year old bridge. Coming home, starting at about 1:30 pm some days, is just about as bad.

I hear there is an app you can get that alerts you every time there is an I 5 bridge lift. Jim Moeller allegedly auto-shares his alerts every time he receives them with his fellow SW WA legislators. I understand Liz Pike complained, but he would not stop sending them to her.

For his subversive mischief alone, he deserves to win.

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Open forum, Oct 20-26

nailingit: There is a long line of media hogs who want to take credit for killing the CRC. Let them trample each other in their frenzy to get in front of the cameras first. We shall all be dead and cold before we get any bridge.

I am just wondering why the Columbian thought this award and party were newsworthy enough for ink.

Better use of space: Take the Columbian poll, while waiting for the rains to come:

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Open forum, Oct 20-26

nailingit: We shall see how long Tyler Graf's post lasts. Madore has been using his delete-happy trigger finger today. His delete key must be worn to a wafer.

God, I will be so glad when this election is over.

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Open forum, Oct 20-26

Hawkman: Good for you. I got mine in, too. Done.

BoCC was a hoot today. The Deputy Mayor of BG came in and declared that "someone" at the CC Commission tried to take a business that was planning on moving to BG and convince the business that unincorporated CC would be a better match. BG had to cough up $58,000 in fees to compete with CC and keep the business. That's a lot of money for the citizens, he complained. Next time: please talk to our city manager before you try that stunt. Madore became a little defensive and it was apparent, he was the guilty guy. Watching him backpedal was worth the price of admission.

It was not Madore's day. After a citizen called it out, he actually apologized for "misspeaking" and claiming that the Charter was never vetted by the prosecuting attys. In fact, one of them attended all Freeholder meetings to advise and keep the Charter well within state law, contrary to what Madore alleged. Ooops. He even printed a qualified correction on his FB page.

Bad, bad boy, David. Go sit in the corner and spin.

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Open forum, Oct 13-19

nailingit: I do like the Chem X method, but prefer French press by far. I just absolutely HATE cleaning out the grounds, however.

Because I am a lazy coffee snob, I have purchased a fantastic and simple auto brew machine from Kobos Co in PDX. It is called Bonavita. Also available online. The thermal carafe does not allow the coffee to sit on a warmer and get bitter and burned.

I like Compass coffee's roasted beans.

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Open forum, Oct 13-19

Hawkman: Yes, I remember what it looked like. So cool for you to be involved in that important renovation.

nailingit: CharterYes had an insert in The Columbian and will be doing a mailing. They also had a robocall to answer the opposition's.

roger: ClarkForward is the PAC that is raising money for CharterYes. It was started by Steve Stuart and Greg Kimsey, I think.

Anyone already vote? I did today. Got it done and in the ballot box at 14th and Franklin.

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Open forum, Oct 13-19

Hawkeye: I cannot wait to see the interior of that building. What an upgrade it has been.

goldie: Looks like the healthcare workers are being asked not to travel now. The nurse who went to Ohio visited a dress shop in Akron looking for her wedding dress and the place had to be shuttered as a cautionary measure. What happens to that business? Will it survive the 21 day quarantine?

A lab worker who handled Ebola-laden body fluids is self-quarantined on a Carnival Cruise ship in the Caribbean, no less, and the "authorities" are trying to find a way to get her home. I am guessing she may have a fever now? This late coming mandate against travel for healthcare workers in Dallas tells me we do not know what we are working with and we were not as cautious as we should have been.

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Open forum, Oct 13-19

There will be an alternative gathering to the prayer breakfast tomorrow at 6:30 a.m. outside the Hilton. Some inspirational, non-denominational words of wisdom, singing, and lovingkindness will be shared.

Join us, please, in this demonstration of inclusion and peace.

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