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Open forum, April 6-12

Damewood. Damn auto correct.

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Open forum, April 6-12

roger: Yes! I forgot! Demand is doing food reviews on the side for fun.

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Open forum, April 6-12

kn_dalai: You have my full agreement on the "don't rock the boat" groupthink mentality that government employees must adhere to. It is easier to take the government on when you aren't a member of the club. I don't agree that it is solely a disease of the Democratic party, however.

roger: The FB link won't post here, so you can find it through Green's website:

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Open forum, April 6-12

Oops. Trigger fingers this morning.

Here is Chuck Green's campaign FB page:

Chuck 4 Clark Council

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Open forum, April 6-12

goldie: One step at a time, I am sure, when it comes to Bus Rapid Transit. Again, you and I will be old, old ladies before the big picture dream ever materializes, if it does.

roger: Please engage Chuck on his campaign FB page, as you have good questions that I'd like to see answered, too. I don't live in District 2 so I cannot vote for or against anyone in that race. Do you live in David Madore's district?

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Open forum, April 6-12

roger: Chuck Green is a big proponent of BRT over LRT on a new bridge. That will become more evident as time goes on.

When he refers to HCT (high capacity transit), he means Bus Rapid Transit and yes, your hunch is right: BRT will eventually expand North and East in Vancouver (Salmon Creek and Fisher's Landing). When a new bridge is finally built (not in my lifetime), BRT will terminate at Delta Park, and not go into downtown PDX. You will have to ask him about BRT to Parkrose on I 205. Makes sense.

It would have been very difficult for Green, as a C-Tran employee, to come out against LRT when it was being proposed and planned. But he thinks the bus rapid transit is the only affordable means to move people en masse and quickly around selected routes in Vancouver and to Portland. He is a transportation engineer, so he has earned his informed opinion, unlike most of us who are citizen armchair "experts."

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Open forum, April 6-12

nailingit: No worries about Chuck Green mixing his religion into his politics.

I have worked with him on passing the Charter and he never pushed any faith-based views. He lives his faith in how he volunteers his time and treats others.

Councilor Madore does not like him. Neither does Mielke. That's a loud endorsement to many of us.

Watch the Clark County Council meeting tomorrow night on CVTV where Chuck will present the councilors with their first quarter Charter report card.

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Open forum, March 30-April 5

Tonight is the seder for Pesach, too, luvithere. Busy and meaningful weekend for many.

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Open forum, March 30-April 5

roger: Neither Andrea Damewood or Stephanie Rice are working for newspapers or as journalists any longer. They are using their interviewing/investigative skills, but not for the press. I'd like to know what drove them out.

Publishers can pretty much control things, if they wish. Most don't and honor the firewall between publisher and news.

Nigel Jaquiss has said often that you don't need a lot of money to produce a strong investigative series and I think he has proved it over and over at the WW.

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Open forum, March 30-April 5

Another HUGE honor for Nigel Jaquiss and the WW: he won the medal award, IRE's (Investigative Reporters and Editors) highest honor for his story, "First Lady, Inc."

We need his skills on this side of the river.

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