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Open forum, Oct 27-Nov 2

I don't like robo calls or any political calls, either. It seems to do more harm than good and I wonder what the research shows? Only 23% of the registered voters have turned in ballots so far. Must not be working well.
OK. This is just plain bizarro. Slip-sliding in the mud and rain......whoops.........down the rabbit hole:

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Open forum, Oct 27-Nov 2

What Commissioner Madore fails to understand is that pairing his image and opinion (the new photo is not flattering) with any cause or candidate dooms it to a certain death. He is like a post traumatic trigger for many, many voters now. And he is blissfully unaware of that fact or simply does not care.

Doug Lasher and Peter Van Nortwick are opposed to the Charter. I wonder if their experience testifying in front of a commission of 3 this week has changed their minds at all about the value of having 5 elected representatives sitting on that dais?

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Open forum, Oct 27-Nov 2

kn_dalai: I agree about the newspaper polls. The reason they publish them is to snag reader interest, if only for a short time. They are definitely "click bait."

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Open forum, Oct 27-Nov 2

Way to go, Hawkeye! I shared it via FB on a group page. It is a hit. :)

I notice that The Reflector is floating yet another Charter poll this week. Tiresome. Seems like they need to get the message multiple times: the voters are leaning toward passing the Charter. You can re-word it and doll it up, disguise it all you want, but all the Charter polls in that newspaper, small sample size aside, showed results in favor of the Charter's passing. What makes them think this week will be any different?

roger: Eventually, The Reflector is going to have to take an editorial stand against something Madore does or says.

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Open forum, Oct 27-Nov 2

I think Madore needs a disclaimer on his FB page: "The opinions expressed here do not represent those of Clark County."

Book of Esther, Madore-style:

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Open forum, Oct 20-26

nailingit: Ha! Ha! We all will be stuck with these avatars. And you know how rarely I changed mine.

Joe Friday, no less.

Somehow, I don't think fixing our need for avatar diversity will be high on the Columbian's list.

Hey, it could have been Hannibal Lechter or Homer Simpson.

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Open forum, Oct 20-26

jacjak: Sounds like the opposite of a game my elderly aunts used to play called "Help your neighbor." :)

On behalf of the CharterYes crew, thank you for picking up those downed signs. Maybe it was the wind this time? The NO folks have distributed material that says the Columbian does not support the Charter. I guess campaigns just lie and see who they can catch in that net.

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Open forum, Oct 20-26

Hawkman: Oh, I was in the very first group he kicked off. It's like a badge of honor with me.

Windy. Crazy. I came home early from my walk with the dog, as heavy tree limbs were crashing all over the neighborhood. Hope the power stays on.

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Open forum, Oct 20-26

I mentioned this a couple of days ago, but it is quite significant. Shows Madore's stripes beautifully.

Greg Kimsey produced an audit on the "job creation fee waivers" on Oct 5 or 6 to the BoCC. They had 10 days to respond, but Madore is holding it back until after the election, I suspect. Why? Because Kimsey's audit does not paint a positive picture of this Madore-sponsored giveaway to developers.

Madore claims he is waiting for the "real" numbers to show that Kimsey is wrong.

It is illegal to release this audit until the BoCC have had a chance to respond.

So Madore is holding it back from public view for as long as he can and is doing his best to impeach Kimsey's credibility any way he can until then.

I am with you, nailingit. Stewart will lose and the Charter will win. I will send Madore a beautiful hand painted thank you card on November 5th.

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Open forum, Oct 20-26

Broken link above. Let's see if this works:

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