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Open forum, Feb 23-March 1

luvithere: The link I posted works for me when I select it. Maybe it is a cookie thing? Try another computer. Just join C3G2 and lurk, although another active voice is welcome. There are about 716 members now.

nailingit: When did Season 3 start? I am so out of it. I know what happens in the British version at the end and it ain't pretty, so hang in there. I think it should get better.

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Open forum, Feb 23-March 1

It is a public FB page, luvithere. I don't understand how it does not work for you. Unless you need a FB page to access any public FB pages now. Might be that.

Here is a link:

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Open forum, Feb 23-March 1

Anyone watch Minnie Minoso play when you were a kid? I did. My dad took me to as many White Sox games as he could. He and Luis Aparicio were my favorites.

Amazing long life. Dead at 90 or 92, depending on the source.

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Open forum, Feb 23-March 1

roger, luvithere: There is a commenter on the WW (forgot his handle right now) who claims to be a whistle blower with even more damning information about Oregon state government misconduct. I am sure this is going to get more interesting as the weeks progress. I still remember the Michael Franke murder, which many claim is still unsolved. Anyone who tries to shine a light on OR state corruption pays a dear price. Whistleblowers are not well-protected.

nailingit: I do not know how Dr. Melnick, Clark County Public Health director, works with the council he has. Forget best-practices medicine and science: if parents have a whackadoo philosophy or opinion, it trumps public health and safety, according to Madore.

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Open forum, Feb 23-March 1

Kitz and Cylvia show up at a landfill near Bend last week, truckload of garbage to dump. Oops! Their credit card causes a glitch and the landfill staff call the cops: are they dumping evidence?

You cannot make this stuff up. There is a movie in the making:

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Open forum, Feb 23-March 1

Temple Lentz has given up silence for Lent and treated us to the first Daily Couve blog in months. Of course, it is about the motto controversy:

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Open forum, Feb 16-22

kn_dalai: I agree with you.

No politician is immune to public scrutiny. I don't give double standard passes personally, but I know some do. It is hard to watch leaders we once admired succumb to fatal mistakes. There is a certain amount of denial and defensiveness that keeps us from seeing the harm such behavior inflicts on the public trust in general, which spans party lines.

More people should put their complaints into action and let the system, flawed as it may be, deal with it. Otherwise, we take responsibility for being complicit with silence and anonymity. It is hard for people to sign on that dotted line and expose themselves to the potential criticism and publicity their complaint will bring, though. It is easier and safer to avoid that. Politicians understand this and count on it.

I think, in Kitzhaber's case, others in the Democratic leadership who kept silent will be exposed and go down with him. It is a matter of time. I hate the "circle the wagons" mentality that is so common in politics.

BTW, I did not vote for Leavitt, when I expected I would, based on disappointing behavior I observed.

The above opinion and about $2.50 will buy you a good coffee drink at Compass or Torque today......

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Open forum, Feb 16-22

Hawkman: Mielke has been floating the idea of running for the Clark County Council Chair position, but, you are right: the reduction in salary may convince him to get out of local politics. It is Ann Rivers' job if she wants it.

The Columbian is running an interesting story tomorrow about the group that is promoting "In God We Trust" in local governments nationally. Apparently, they are listed as a "hate group" by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Another interesting tidbit: Our Clark County council has changed the wording of its new proposed resolution, to be voted on Tuesday, to add a dig against "state sponsored atheism." It refers to the McCarthy era, but why add wording that escalates and inflames the controversy? Some voters embrace atheism. Their choice. Not my call to make for them. Not my call (or the Council's job) to refer to specific constituent choice in a way that implies there is something wrong with them. Stewart will vote no on Tuesday, but it will pass with Mielke and Madore's yes votes.

What I want the council to focus on: reaching the next benchmark outlined in the Charter transition plan. We have no idea of how they are doing as they are working on issues that I think are divisive and distracting.

I am asking too much of them, I realize.

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Open forum, Feb 16-22

Kitzhaber and his gal pal tried to convince folks that their self-serving electronic communications were nickel and dime stuff, too. It worked. For awhile. Reading them allowed me to make up my own mind about their judgment and my conclusion was that neither of these two hucksters deserve to be "public servants." I can understand, though, that others may reach different conclusions after studying the same emails.

Cumulative evidence gathering and exposing a pattern is helpful information for voters to have. Some will see Mielke's alleged electioneering on county time as a "de minimus" issue. Others will not. Informed voters can make better decisions when it comes time for Mielke to run for office again.

Many folks don't realize that Mielke's private emails were front and center when the county was facing a whistleblower complaint by former DES Director and West Point grad Kevin Gray. I remember that Mielke balked at turning them over (this was discussed at a Wednesday Board time meeting) and was told by county counsel: cough them up, you have no choice. His emails helped force the financial settlement between the county and Gray because it was easier to pay Gray off than having Mielke's damning personal emails floating around in the public record.

Politicians will eventually figure it out: their email communication gives us good information about them.

Some, like Mielke, may be slower learners than others.

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Open forum, Feb 16-22

roger: I read that comment exchange, too, and had the same reaction as you.

It doesn't take much to figure out who was in control, at the expense of Oregon taxpayers. We know several of Kitz's staff knew, but you can better believe Kotek and Courtney had more than an inkling and did nothing, until the bitter end, to end the scam.

I was glad to know that Kitz and Cylvia's marriage, if it happens, will not give them spousal protection from testifying against each other. I can guess who will be the first to turn:

Kitz: "What are we gonna do now, Cyl?"

Cyl: "What do you mean, "we?"

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