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Open forum, April 14-20

The Chicago Sun-Times is eliminating public comment for now because it has become so ugly.

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Open forum, April 14-20

Hawk: The building looks fantastic, by the way! Such a beautiful and functional upgrade! I, too, cannot wait to see it occupied.

Madore is seeking input from the public on who the commissioners should choose to replace Steve Stuart among the three options: Pridemore, Love-Parker, Barnes. He also is seeking questions from the public to pose to them (One of his FB followers suggests this broad gem: What do you think of C-Tran? Another, better one I saw: How do you intend to protect separation of powers?)

So, I hope all my Forum friends take advantage of this invitation, no matter how much you might distrust Madore's ability to digest what you might suggest with an open mind. Mr. Madore's email is: I'd CC his pal Mielke, too:

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Open forum, April 7-13

roger: We see blogging being protected by the courts in a similar way traditional journalism has enjoyed. The definition of "journalist" has expanded and they, like other professions, are tying to protect their "guild" and standards. We should license journalists the way we license other professions, but I can hear the hew and cry right now. Hoo boy. Regulate journalism like the UK?

The US has certainly silenced its own citizens over the terrorist reason before. Who really knows that the truth is in those cases? It pays to be skeptical and difficult to stay out of government firing range (there are many other ways the government can "kill" innocent citizens figuratively, when they don't like your message or research findings).

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Open forum, April 7-13

These are good times to be a government charlatan or brainless fool. Why? Watchdog journalists are a dying breed:

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Open forum, April 7-13

roger @ 6:38 am April 10: Thanks for your blog suggestion. I do read the Political Beat, but, I am traveling and not at my computer much. I will check it out.
For all of us here who are vocal about journalism ethics, please note: The Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ) is revising its Code of Ethics. Some controversial changes are being proposed, but the public has a chance to comment.

A journalist friend, who used to be a public editor (ombudsman) before most of them were cut, wrote this to me today:

"The SPJ Ethics Code is being revised, as you may know. Go to their website and you can add suggestions to a draft. I plan to do that. The new version DELETES a sentence that says: "Encourage the public to voice grievances against the news media." Unbelievable!

Also on the chopping block? The caution against bias, I am told.

Here is another explanatory story of the SPJ Ethics overhaul from the American Journalism Review:

Get on the website and make your comments. Once the changes are finalized, they will be used to excuse actions you may not like, as news consumers.

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Open forum, April 7-13

Thanks for the information. goldie. There are many critical issues and it is sometimes hard to focus on them all by oneself. We're all in it together, when all is said and done.

Be well. Stay safe.

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Open forum, April 7-13

roger: My stepdaughter and her husband have been urban San Francisco dwellers for over 20 years. They always have lived in the heart of the action there and bought half of a beautiful historic row house when the market tanked and it became "affordable."

Lately, both of them have been uncharacteristically crabby about how miserable life has become in the city by the bay. Gridlocked traffic, no parking, never-ending construction, people, people, people. Can't get tables at restaurants or bars. Lines everywhere. They want to sell and move out of CA entirely. I'd never thought I'd hear that from either of them.

Seattle urban life is becoming similarly stressful with all those "apodments" and I think Portland is not far behind. When I visit my friends in lower Manhattan, Chelsea, it takes me 3 days to get used to the sensory stimulation overload. They live in tiny 400 sq ft apartments like stacked lab rats in cages.

There is a world of difference on this side of the Columbia. I think the death of the CRC has slowed things down and that maybe we all should really be thankful for it. A positive reframe on being grateful for the status quo because it could be so much worse.

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Open forum, March 31-April 6

luvithere: Add Psychology 101 to the list of mandatory journalims courses, too, please.

Confirmatory Bias
False balance/equivalency

As you know, I have stated before what is Stats 101 fact: normal distribution tells us that half of the population, if administered a valid, reliable IQ test, would obtain scores at or below 100. Bell-shaped curve.

That does not make them ignorant, just at risk for accepting biased messages without knowing how, absence some help. to research the messages' accuracy.

And every person on the normal distribution range can fall victim to confirmatory bias.

Before anyone calls me a black pot/kettle, I'll admit: guilty as charged.

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Open forum, March 31-April 6

Well, Drift. You are an articulate, informed, patient-centered advocate.

Even if you don't think it makes a difference, I hope you continue to hound Rivers and the whole lot of the rascals. So much better for humanity if someone bothers to make the effort. :)

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Open forum, March 31-April 6

Drift: I was waiting to hear your perspective on Ann Rivers' bill and appreciate the detail you provide.

I, too, am tired of politicians hiding draconian and harmful legislation behind rosy-worded BS.

Not all voters take the time to study the issues and will take sides based on the path of least resistance: whatever the politicians tell them the truth is.

Advocacy is exhausting and disheartening at times, but I hope you keep on keepin' on. Some of us are listening. :)

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