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Open forum, Aug 25-31

A very wealthy employer funnels campaign contributions, which exceed his own personal limits, though an employee. In other words, it looks like the hourly employee is contributing hundreds of dollars to the campaign of a couple local politicians, when the money came actually from the boss and was donated in the employee's name.

Anyone know if this violates PDC rules? Might be a slick way to get around the limits. Employer gives a gift to the employee and they can do whatever they want with the gift.

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Open forum, Aug 25-31

Closer to home:

My friends attending the 139th Street ribbon cutting yesterday said David Madore appeared to be essentially shunned by all the other public figures. He stood off to the side, by himself, and was not asked to speak. Even Pike and Benton did not acknowledge his presence.

At Board Time yesterday, he suggested that a citizen advocacy group against BRT be given access to Clark County equipment to send a petition to the Feds. No understanding that public time and resources cannot be used for political action.

How many times has he violated this PDC rule? Mark McCauley's reaction implies that at least the board administrator understands that this group should probably just go to Kinkos.

Tyler Graf's tweets yesterday are a good summary of all the WTF? Board time moments.

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Open forum, Aug 25-31

roger: I made a public records request for Madore's cell phone records and those, to date, are protected. However, there is an appeals court decision pending in Washington state now which may open them up, like private emails have been.

There is a reason Madore hands out his cell phone number to everyone he can. He would like you to think it is because he wants to be accessible. However, Mr. Transparency knows that his cell phone records, so far, are not public record as his county phone is.

Hawkman: Greg Kimsey chose the anti-East Bridge statement authors when Madore punted. Stephanie Rice just commented on her new APIL blog post that Eric Florip is developing a story on Madore's attack on Burkman. Stay tuned.

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Open forum, Aug 25-31

roger: Internet history, is, indeed, discoverable under the FOIA laws. I've requested them and received them. Clark County only keeps a certain time frame, however. I would have to look that up as I don't have it in the front of my noggin. In other words, you cannot ask for a year's worth of internet history. I'll look up an APIL blog that shows it. The Columbian obviously requested it, too. :)

As a government employee who needed access to some blocked sites myself (ordering of materials on commercial sites), we just always had to enter the password to temporarily unblock the site. After we were done, it auto reverted to blocked status again. FB was always blocked for the students at school.

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Open forum, Aug 25-31

jacjak: There is a password that some managers have access to that allows them to unblock the site. I imagine Madore knows the code. :)

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Open forum, Aug 25-31

Many Washington counties are developing social media policies for their employees and elected officials for good reason.

A good rule is to stay off FB at work. For everyone. Period.

At Clark County, it is a blocked site. I have seen a copy of Madore's internet history for a specific date range and he is "warned" and "blocked" often enough to make me wonder: who is watching his internet usage?

I am sure he is not the only one over at the CC Service Center who is guilty, but, he is using it to communicate with all constituents. Or so he says. Except he does not want to hear criticism from constituents. His "Frustration Relief Department" only listens to those who flatter and fawn.

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Open forum, Aug 18-24

roger: I keep wondering if there is going to be the undervote issue from the Republicans in November's election. I am thinking similar to what the Dems did with the Mark Boldt/Madore race.

About the Charter: there is some confusion I have personally noted among my educator friends. Those who don't follow Clark County politics, think "charter" refers to "charter schools." Should have used the term "home rule" instead?

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Open forum, Aug 18-24

Hawkman @ 3:17 PM: Very funny…….Yeah, you bet. I believed him. :{

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Open forum, Aug 18-24

"I shall not seek to censor anyone from speaking their mind on any issue. Any attempt to do so would be a form of oppression and tyranny that I strongly oppose."

-------David Madore, November 28, 2011

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