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Open forum, Sept 29-Oct 5

luvithere: I think that's where the discussion will lead: bridge w/o light rail. What were your reasons for disliking it?

For the past week, I am greeted by miles of cars inching their way south toward the bridge from I-5 north. And I declare out loud: Thank you, universe, for making that trip unnecessary for me.

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Open forum, Sept 29-Oct 5

nailingit: Nothing in the Charter keeps Madore and Mielke from running again and winning, if the voters so choose.

On another controversial note: the Feds have extended the deadline to produce some shovel-ready products that justify all the millions Oregon and Washington have received for the CRC. Does that mean it could be resurrected if funding from both states materialize?

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Open forum, Sept 29-Oct 5

timerick: Ha! Ha! Not unless you are I sneak some into the school, like a couple of high schoolers.

Looking forward to seeing you there.

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Open forum, Sept 29-Oct 5

Hi, timerick: Come to the Shumway Neighborhood Association this Thursday night, 7 pm at the VSAA media center, F and #E 31st. All the downtown neighborhoods have been invited and you are near by.

We will have Temple Lentz and Jim Mains, two former Freeholders, answering questions about the pro Charter side. Judith Anderson will be presenting on the anti-Charter side. There will be literature from both sides to take home. You can ask questions after the short presentations. We intend to keep in civil and give everyone who wants to ask questions a chance to do so. This is the only agenda item that night.

There will one held tomorrow for early risers: 7:30 am to 9:00 am at Beaches Restaurant. That one requires a $5 donation for donuts.

If you decide to come on Thursday night, please say hello, OK?

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Open forum, Sept 29-Oct 5

Melissa deleted her comments, jacjak.

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Open forum, Sept 22-28

Anyone else get a robo call from your friendly Republican PCO today? It was a push poll against the Charter. Remember the Karl Rovian question posed about McCain in 2000? "If you knew that John McCain had fathered a black child out of wedlock, would you vote for him?" All the questions were of that nature.

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Open forum, Sept 22-28

The amygdala is the part of the brain that rules the "freeze, flight or fright" mode. Not much activity from the higher-thinking frontal lobe when that takes over.

That's what my reference to some voters having their frontal lobes hijacked.

Speaking of frontal lobe hijack: Benton spent money on Comcast ads that were not yet approved. He admitted it after a citizen asked him directly about it at a BOCC meeting. He was defensive: the DES is an "open book" he claimed. Then he refused to tell Tyler Graf how that error happened. Hmmmmm.

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Open forum, Sept 22-28

nailingit: Near the end of this BG showdown, Chuck Miller (husband to Madore's personal assistant and major donor to the no on Charter PAC) had an angry meltdown and he shouted and pointed at Sheriff Lucas in a threatening manner. Lucas' response was calm and reasoned, in spite of the outburst.

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Open forum, Sept 22-28

nailingit: I think the Charter will pass, too.

There will be, however, significant collateral damage. A massive group of CC citizens will have had their frontal lobes hijacked by Madore's generals, Pike, Silliman (or is it Sillyman?), and Wilson. This zombie amygdala army will wander the streets, mumbling, "No tolls. No tolls."

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Open forum, Sept 22-28

Hawkeye: Actually, Madore was there last night. So was I.

He let Anna and Chuck Miller do his talking for him. The "moderator" ignored the raised hands of the CharterYes crowd. One had to finally shout out: "My hand has been up for an hour" before he was called on.

I thought I might see you there, being a BG resident and all. I don't know how you guys navigate the BG Highway at night. Scary drive for a city dweller like moi.

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