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Open forum, Jan. 5-11

roger: Washington state law allows for only a 20 day notice to tenants in vacating properties. In this tight rental market, that is not realistic to allow them to find another place, especially when they are low or no income. I gave 90 days to a tenant recently when I decided not to renew the lease. It took them that long to find another place and both of them are well-employed. But they appreciated the extra time because they knew the law did not require it.

Seattle has a special law that requires "just cause" to remove a tenant. And that "just cause" cannot be "because i want to renovate or sell." The tenant needs to violate the terms of the lease somehow.

Alishia Topper is working with Vancouver City Council to discuss implementing a special law in the city that I suspect will be similar to Seattle's. I have mixed feelings about that, as a Vancouver landlord.
It takes away self-determination from a homeowner who may want to sell a rented home or, yes, renovate it and move in themselves.

Courtyard Village is in the 4th Plain redevelopment plan area for sure. I welcome the upgrade and realize that people living in poverty deserve nice places to live, too. There is no profit for the new owner in renovating if they don't raise the rents. The new upgrades will be filled fast, as vacancy rates are so low.

Question: where do you think the displaced renters will go next?

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Open forum, Jan. 5-11

A state issue question for Cap'n Drift:

Ann Rivers is sponsoring a new bill that will limit medical MJ sales to edibles and oils only.

What is your opinion on that?

Her public reasoning, I think, is that smoke is harmful.

She will be running for Clark County council as the chair in 2015, so we will see more of her at home if she wins. I have not decided whether that is a good or bad thing.

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Open forum, Jan. 5-11

Hillary won't run for President.

I truly believe that Bill Clinton's alleged association with convicted sex offender billionaire Jeffrey Epstein will dog her efforts and she will not be able to keep the message positive.

Alan Dershowitz and Prince Andrew are trying to defend themselves against their alleged association with him now, but I have not heard a word from the Clintons.

Has anyone followed this?

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Open forum, Dec 29-Jan 4

jacjak: Hear! Hear!

OK. I endured the drunken revelry next door last night until 2:30 am. I cleaned up their broken booze bottle shards where I usually park my car, but left the puke and the fireworks debris (whatever happened to the Vancouver ban on such incendiary devices last night?).

What is it about New Year's Eve and stupid, boorish that go hand-in-hand?

At least there were no gunshots in my neck of the woods.

I agree with John Oliver about New Year's Eve. Next year, I am doing a cleanse.

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Open forum, Dec 22-28

I look for Made in the USA, too, goldie. It is worth the extra money, when you can find home grown products you need.

Speaking of foreign stuff: we are finding Japanese flotsam and jetsam in record amounts on the beach (Northern Oregon coast) this weekend. I found a huge plastic pallet with Japanese lettering all over it. My neighbor tells me 4 glass floats appeared earlier in the week. Could this be some of the tsunami debris we have been promised?

There is a beach clean up at low tide tomorrow. A "king tide" is supposedly responsible for this a boat load of plastics and wood on the beach. They tell me a king tide is a very high and powerful tide that occurs when the gravitation pull of both the sun and moon are at their greatest.

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Open forum, Dec 22-28

Merry Christmas, Forum pals. Safe journeys to those on the road.

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Open forum, Dec 15-21

roger: Thanks for taking the time to add your critique of Robison's Bloomberg article. It was flawed, but got the reaction he wanted. I am no fan of King County for a variety of good reasons and believe that was an article meant to keep the stereotype of Vantucky alive and well.

Question: Those who know about this: please tell me what local strains of cannabis are highest in CBD? Drift? Nailingit?

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Open forum, Dec 15-21

goldie: Peter Robison lives in Seattle. He is Bloomberg's Bureau Chief there. Some of us have speculated why he is writing this article now. Transportation funding has not been identified for SW Washington in the governor's budget specifically and the folks in King County might like to keep it that way. Hence, remind the world that Clark County throws away funding they get so make it harder for them to get any more. What do you think?

nailingit: Madore's tirade about the article makes some good points. Problem is, he uses the same techniques when it serves him. He does not see the irony, or he sees it and does not care.

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Open forum, Dec 15-21

nailingit: The article does contain some emotion-laden language from the journalist's pen. Although he quotes opinions from a variety of sources (some of which are, well, opinionated), describing the bridge as a "deathtrap" and "white-knuckle ride" may be editorializing a bit.

Although I do feel that way riding over it and I do avoid it as much as possible.

More bad publicity for our neck of the woods.

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Open forum, Dec 15-21

This Bloomberg News article published yesterday is making the FB rounds this morning.

A cast of local politician characters have starring roles.

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