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Open forum, Sept 22-28

Battle Ground residents: Liz Pike and Betty Sue Morris will be debating the cons and pros of the Charter tonight from 7-8:30 pm at 912 E Main Street Battle Ground. It is sponsored by Clark County Citizens United and the Clark County Farm Forestry Association.

Civil discussion expected. Good groups sponsoring it.

goldie: Glad you agree. Music is a universal language and a way to unite, not divide us. :)

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Open forum, Sept 22-28

DeeLittle: I am a jazz lover and attend many festivals. (My favorite and one of the world's best is in Montreal). Most jazz musicians and organizations stay apolitical. They have to if they are a public charity. It is unusual (and possibly illegal) for them to support ANY specific candidate when they receive tax reductions for being a nonprofit.

Lynda Wilson herself would not deny that her politics are tea party leaning.

The Vancouver Wine and Jazz Festival would be the only festival that supported "Democratic sympathizers" if they had awarded Jim Moeller a table. And, believe it or not, that would disappoint me, too.

The topic of my post was what happened in reality, not theoretically.
Lynda Wilson is a tea party candidate. They gave her a table because they support her politically and it may hurt them.

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Open forum, Sept 22-28

jacjak: Lynda Wilson, I guess, earned her degree from the School of Hard Knocks. Nothing wrong with that, I guess. She and her husband own a very successful business, DeWils, so there's that. It is the only place in SW Washington to get high-end cabinets and appliances as far as I can tell. They have good taste. :)

I just don't like her far right wing politics. I also don't like it that she smooth talked the Wine and Jazz Festival, a public charity, into letting her be the only political candidate with an "information" table there. They made a big mistake and may have violated IRS codes in doing so. My bet is that she was the first and will be the last candidate to get away with this. Most candidates would have understood the public charity restriction. Heck, the Wine and Jazz Festival should have known that. In the jazz world, Vancouver has got to be the only US festival run by tea party sympathizers. :)

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Open forum, Sept 15-21

luvithere: John Ley's comments are meant to please his Mentor Master Madore. He is gearing up for another run for something. Maybe one of the new commissioners we will be adding after the Charter passes.

Glad you mentioned the pilot thing. It intrigues me: so many of them lean very far right. What's with that? John Ley. Bill Turlay. Mike Delavar.

If you all want to get a head start studying the Voter's Pamphlet, here it is:

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Open forum, Sept 15-21

nailingit: I cannot wait to see how Madore spins his own data to refute this report. I am almost trembling in anticipation of the pending shite show.

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Open forum, Sept 15-21

Monica Wehby. I know a family with a neurologically-impaired child who was her patient. She lost her temper with this child (who is functioning on a partial brain) and yelled at him during an examination. The parents bundled him up and out of there quickly. They drive all the way to Seattle for his neurology care now as she is pretty much the only game in town for his condition.

Their experience contrasts greatly with the warm and fuzzy ads being produced.

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Open forum, Sept 15-21

Hmmm. Nailingit: sure you don't want to join FB?

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Open forum, Sept 15-21

nailingit: C3G2 research uncovered the Benton pre-authorized spending spree on Comcast ads and it would have gone unreported had it not been for their tenacity. Tyler Graf tweeted about it today.

hawkeye: There are more punishing avenues to use than lawsuits. All in good time.

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Open forum, Sept 15-21

Hawkeye: Put in as many opinion pennies as you wish! Love your avatar, by the way.

Don Benton admitted to spending about $40,000 on unauthorized Comcast ads, in response to a citizen question. He came to the BOCC asking for $140,000 for Comcast ads, but, unknown to most tax payers, he already spent some before the approval. Whoops! He blamed it on a manager. What a guy.

Madore, too, had his moment in the sun, championing free speech, but saying he will shut down the opinion of "hate groups." Hate groups are any who dare to disagree with him.

Honestly, he is self-isolating with his bizarre behavior. Keep it coming, commissioner.

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Open forum, Sept 15-21

LOVE your new avatar, nail. :)

My favorite Cat Stevens' composition is Foreigner Suite. All 20 minutes of it. He does a scaled down version of it on his European tours, but, oh: it deserves a full hearing.

goldie: He's Greek. Steve Georgiou.

What do you all think of Hillary's presence in Iowa? Signal anything? My spouse is there and he said she was beyond a hit.

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