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Open forum, March 9-15

luvithere: I don't blame you for yearning for your homeland and environs. The Europeans are always amused at my unbridled awe of the history and architecture they enjoy daily. I have to explain: I am living in the wild west....... They smile in sympathetic understanding.

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Open forum, March 9-15

I might add: Whatcom County is a charter government with 7 councilors.

Four who opposed a controversial coal transfer station were elected or re-elected:

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Open forum, March 9-15

luvithere: We are checking out Bellingham WA. Third largest international airport in the state. Amtrak station. Beautiful Bellingham Bay and Whatcom Lake water access. Two hours from Seattle or BC. Coolish summers (last summer nearly melted my brain). Progressive politics. University town with all that research library access.

Give it a look.

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Open forum, March 9-15

luvithere: Double-standard. You betcha. Good example you give.

nailingit: some people like their living environment to be standardized and sanitized. It is comforting and keeps them from seeing the icky, stinky parts of life. Stepford Village NW. Not for me, but I have some friends who crave it. I love them anyway. :)

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Open forum, March 9-15

goldie: Two things concern me:

1. gifting of public funds to a church-sponsored development

2. possible violation of civil rights laws and Fair Housing Act by selecting who is worthy enough (agrees with church values) to locate there

Don't turn my concerns into something they are not for the sake of spawning another fight you love so much here.

People are free to worship as they wish in this country, but they are not free to discriminate or use public funds for parochial development.

I think there is a crafty workaround here. A secular developer made the deal with Clackamas County, but it will be the church that calls the shots. Wiser folks than I will figure it all out eventually.

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Open forum, March 9-15

roger: In my day (which was your day, too), playing the guitar was the best thing a guy could do to attract our attention. At least in my little circle.
OK. Look what Clackamas County just did: gave a hefty fee waiver to a church project. What do you all think? Good idea? Bad idea?

I read this and said a prayer aloud to the Universe: Oh, please don't give David Madore any new ideas for Clark County:

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Open forum, March 2-8

Well, thanks to roger's advocacy on Madore's FB page, the councilor has promised to produce some theater this week on the Salmon Creek walkway expense.

Folks have a very good point about the expense, but Clark County has a grant from the Feds to cover over $500,000 of it. We put up $200,000.

Grants are project-specific. While Clark County needs road and infrastructure improvements, they cannot use this money for that.

About the Pike/Rivers/Wilson I-5 bridge idea: they know it is not going anywhere, but they look like heroines for proposing it and then get to play the victim when it is soundly rejected. They learned this trick from Madore.

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Open forum, March 2-8

roger: I often think "terrorists' dream" when I see that mile-long line of oil tanker cars parked along SR 14 overnight/for hours.

One day, as I was driving East, I noticed a man with a backpack, walking next to them, weaving in and out from North to South sides.

How can the railroad monitor that sort of thing?

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Open forum, March 2-8

roger: There is hope, I think, that improving Mill Plain interchange will encourage truckers to use that route, rather than Fourth Plain or 39th Street to the Port.

I think you may be correct on the dueling media stories between Waterfront and Vancouver Energy. I have no idea of how this will play out, but I see that long line of black oil cars along SR14, stretching out for over a mile, it seems. I would not want to own a house along that stretch of highway, nor anywhere near the tracks to the Port route. I even hope mine is far enough away when one of them starts an explosion. Those tracks and trains will not disappear, even if Vancouver Energy project is not approved.

I did contact one of the investors of the Waterfront project this week, however, who is also on the marketing end, asking for information on the proposed condos. Not much there yet, but he wanted to know what my price range was. :)

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Open forum, March 2-8

timerick and roger: Jack Burkman said as much at the RTC meeting. The Mill Plain interchange improvement at I-5 was part of the CRC package.

He also explained that three reasons are driving its preferred status as a project: the Port (wind turbine loads are having a hard time navigating that and any other exit to the Port); the development downtown; the Waterfront.

Madore is angry that Vancouver is getting the project. But Vancouver government and a majority of residents favored the CRC. So Vancouver is getting rewarded and Clark County is not.

I truly think that is what is behind it all. Payback, pure and simple.

If you missed the RTC, Madore was in fine form. I know some folks like it, but it was not flattering and, in my opinion, was downright mean and abusive. That style does not help him or his causes. He will never, ever figure it out.

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