Mary Helmes



A few years ago, my husband and I ran a Marathon only to find by the time we reached the finish line, neither of us was pleased with our own physique. You’d think after logging 40+ miles on a weekly basis, we'd be crushing in the 6-pack department. Right? Wrong. We knew we needed a change.

Being in our early 30’s, we felt it was time to treat our bones to weight lifting. We were crazy enough to give CrossFit a try. Week after week, we limped ourselves back to the gym. A month into our fitness journey we were offered a Paleo Challenge. WHAT?!? Go without bread? Go without milk? NEVER! Our competitive side won us over and thus our Paleo family was born.

We found it was very easy to cut grain and dairy out of our diet. We both felt better. We ran faster. We lifted stronger. And our kids whined, and complained ….and made fun. Until they realized, they “kind-of-sort-of, just don’t tell my friends” - liked Paleo, too.

You see, we’re all up against the mighty machine ~ the Food Industry; who tells us that fast, cheap processed food is the way to go. WRONG. Food is fuel for your body. You can fuel on crap, or you can fuel on crops. I’d take crops over crap any day!

I’d love for you to follow my ‘Paleo in a Pinch’ Blog ~ let me show you how easy it is to fuel your body, so you can perform and feel your best. I know there are mega people out there, dying to bust out of their shells and regain their lives. Come on…. jump on this train with me. What have you got to lose?

I hope you enjoy Paleo in a Pinch ~ be inspired, be encouraged.