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Athletic Director, you should be ashamed and embarrassed of your shallow impulsive reaction to a harmless accommodation represented and AGREED to by the Heritage coach. I have been active in youth sports and particularly baseball in Battle Ground for over 15 years. I sponsored and coached Little League teams and have been an active supporter of the BGHS baseball team. I raised 2 sons in the system each Played 4 years for Billy Hayes. We didn't have a Baseball program in this town before Hayes! Do not look at this years record as an indicator of this mans accomplishments. You play the cards your delt and build on them. Billy took us to State in 08. BG has never been there before. Billy's enthusiasm, skill and coaching ability have been a blessing for BG. Billy's moto is Old School Respect The Game. He knew what he did was a violation and a forfeit of the game is appropriate but he being fired, and penalizing the team for 2 years is CRAZY and a vindictive, impulsive, bone headed reaction. The Coach played Luke not to win a game, nor was he snuck in. Coach Hayes wanted to give a graduating senior the opportunity to stand at the plate 1 time in the last inning of the last game he will ever see in high school for the rest of his life! Any harm done is done by our AD!

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