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Eye surgeon’s error confounds boy’s parents

@wishdev: The physicians hospital privileges have not been revoked. The hospital will complete its investigation and then evaluate whether action should be taken.

And just to be clear, the parents did hire an attorney and are considering a lawsuit. However, they have not taken any legal action at this time.

They also made it very clear that their No. 1 priority was making sure Jesse was OK and heals properly.

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Covington student diagnosed with tuberculosis

Thanks for the info, pen. I also had to have a TB test before being hired at a daycare when I was in college.

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Covington student diagnosed with tuberculosis

@Bob Koski: The state does not require a TB vaccination for school attendance.

According to the CDC, a TB vaccine does exist, but it is not commonly used in the U.S. In addition, it does not always protect a person from getting TB.

I'll add this information to the story.

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Tolerance task force taking shape

@thaddeus: The incident involving death threats was reported to law enforcement and is currently going through the judicial system.

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UPDATE: Second measles case reported in Vancouver teen

@Northwesterner: My understanding is the teen was unvaccinated when he was exposed to the contagious infant. The health department contacted all of the people who were at the Evergreen Pediatrics clinic after the exposure to alert them. The teen boy was vaccinated after learning he was exposed to measles. However, since he was unvaccinated when exposed (and I'm not sure how long after the exposure he was vaccinated) he still contracted measles.

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Possibilities at La Center's Holley Park

@pixiecut: There is a box along the left side of the story (beneath the photo of the girl on the jungle gym) that says "Get involved." The box has a link to the city's website where the surveys are located. The master plan isn't complete so it's not available online.

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Possibilities at La Center's Holley Park

@s_213: This photo was taken at Holley Park in La Center. La Center does not have a bicycle helmet law.

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Mystery of missing B.G. mayor easy to explain

@all_sides: I was trying to respect the mayor's wish to not detail his every travel move in the newspaper for everyone to read.

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State audit finds Yacolt violated state law

@Mrs_T: The state auditor's office does charge cities and counties (and in this case, towns) for the audits it performs.

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B.G. celebrates state of its city

@all_sides: I'll have a follow up on the mayor's absence in Tuesday's paper.

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