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Open forum, Feb 10-16

" If you don't have a job today you get Unemployment(1).. Why do we have so many people unemployed??(2) Great question...Maybe we don't have enough jobs, why is that... Our CEO hasn't figured this out yet, so how do I create more jobs for my peeps??? "

I've read a lot of stupid chit on the internet, but this rates near the top. (1) Unemployment-it's held out of your check-workers essentially buy insurance protecting themselves if laid off DUE TO LACK OF WORK. Get fired for screwing up? You won't get it.

I know this is one of those facts people ignore, but why aren't there more jobs? Fact is, there has been little government spending, unlike every other recession, to pull us out. Who is spearheading those policies? Baggers & Cruz come to mind. With the bagger mentality rampant in the Congress as they appeal to a shrinking base, waddu spect?

Your peeps? I'm going out on a limb here and assume you're talking of your employees, you know, the folks assuring you of making a profit-all fine and good. But tell me, unless there is an increased demand for your product or service, meaning customers with money, how in the world do you think you can hire more "peeps"? BTW, I was referred to as a "worker bee" by my last employer and quit the next month. Went on my own and haven't looked back since.

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Open forum, Feb 3-9

Scalia cited a Latin expression meaning, "In times of war, the laws fall silent."

or if a bombing occurs, like in Boston.

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Open forum, Jan 20-26

going local here, it appears our only rep -(Jamie)- is full of it. She's gonna chase " immigration reform" while the economy flounders, she's gonna chase older chit-basically the gopper's mantra. Tell that to a guy 60 years out of work for 26 weeks. BTW-I'm not-doing OK. Sorry-but we need (blank). Just another GOP corporate stooge. These idiots are still selling their "free market" chit at the same time passing out corporate subsidies like Halloween candy. Talk about FU'd priorities........ But's let's get back to the money (what's it's all about) and the perceived issues-they'll make 'em up. That also gotta fire up the "base", and we'll have an election. YEE-HAW?

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Open forum, Jan 20-26

It seems the more affluent skiers & snowboarders coughed up the dough to hire private security for themselves at the Olympics. Organized, protected, with six aircraft at their disposal in the event of a violent attack.

The rest, well, not so much. They get to rely on the IOC.

must be nice!

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Open forum, Dec 2-8

paul's take on extended unemployment benefits is horsechit. the end result of his plan in an economy our's has become will be able to transform a class of "unemployable" into a class of desperate people taking minimum pay, part-time, no benefit jobs to help raise, for ex. walmart's profits beyond the $15.7B of last year. with the Walton family having 4 members in the top 5 wealthiest americans, and the fifth member, the poor one, in the top ten. our politicians are so arrogant they think they know all about economics, industry, transportation, hell everything. they only use experts if it fits their ideology.

I've got a feeling the C is going to roll out their new plan tomorrow. bye, bye

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Open forum, Dec 2-8

looking for anything from the top 1%? don't. it's ironic some folks subscribe to the "trickle down" effect and the "job creator" status, but can't see how that tilts the table towards the wealthy so the wealth gets re-distributed their way, ie, dreaded socialism.

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Open forum, Dec 2-8


Much ado about nothing--I've played a lot of golf in the snow, well if once or twice a year for 15 years or so counts, and it's weird. We painted the balls pink, orange, whatever, but usually by the 3rd or 4th hole the snow was long gone. It was down in Georgia, btw. Putting was difficult but local rules, those in our group anyway, pretty much allowed you to do whatever you needed to do to have a chance at sinking a 10 footer. Crazy but fun. Used to play in a nighttime tournament at Lewis River GC. Lighted sticks on the flags, fluorescent balls with compression of 40-you damn near had to scrape 'em off your clubface. They'd always stick one pin in a sand trap so your perfect approach shot was a dud. Wife tumbled a cart into a sand trap, but it was a hoot. Some of the funniest chit I've ever seen happened on a daily-make that a nightly basis. All proceeds went to charity, so nobody really gave a rip. Got hooked up with 3 guys that INSISTED I complete the foursome. We played Gresham CC & some course I can't remember up towards Mt Hood (Rippling River?), but I do remember everything was cold and frozen. When they won't let you tee off until the ground thaws-GO HOME!

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Open forum, Dec 2-8

health care reform?? no way we need that. check us out-per the world health organization we 38th, between Costa Rica and Slovenia. But we are #1 in per capita spending on health care. How can anyone see a problem with that? Granted, this is 13 years old, so we may have fallen further.

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Open forum, Dec 2-8

"Why aren't you complaining about about the billions of billions of dollars given to other countries when our own are in need? Instead of your constant complaint about the defense budget, try checking into what our government pays out to other countries for a change."

Because I can't multi-task? Dunno, but you're right. I agree wholeheartedly.

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Open forum, Dec 2-8

obviously Elisi has plenty of time to research details. I was shooting from memory on things I've read, or so I thought.

Anyway, none of those statistics alter the point. A country internally rotting away and terminally bankrupt can always find billions of dollars for new weapons even if they have to deprive millions of people money for food. We can always find money for an F-35ABC or D, whatever, but cut funding for education even as the US nosedives in international standards.

BTW, your numbers actually support my point, thanks.

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