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Open forum, Dec 2-8

for god's sake, aren't people smart enough to figure out socialism? We give BILLIONS to Pratt/Whitney, our own Boeing, Gruum/McDonald, Raytheon, gawwdddd, the list is endless. But we keep on giving. And then there's Wally-World and their ilk. We subsidize their working poor to the tune of $1.2M/year per store as the Walton clan sits on billions. They occupy 4/5 top spots of the richest americans, (all 5 in the top 10). The US just scored highly in the only thing we could in an international rating-we have 2 cities in the top 10 most dangerous cities in which to live-only country in the world to do so- nothing in the top 20 in terms of education, liveability, etc. But hey, we've still got more aircraft carriers than the rest of 'em . It seems even the Pope realizes how FU'd we (or our system) is, but oh, well.

Even more ironic-the ACA is a plan fed back to the corporations, (the Reps' anti-single payer system) and for that reason it sucks (no single-payer Medicare system). The approval rating of "socialist countries" health care system dwarfs that of the US and there ain't a damn one of the "socialist countries" emulating or wanting our for profit system.
If you're pissing and moaning about Solyindra, you're not seeing the big picture. Were you bent out of shape when the F-35 Eagle planes' budget is already up to $1.5T? The original budget was $1.25T. Out of 100 planes at $1.25M each, it was a "coalition" with Britain. They're buying 5, we're buying the other 995. Some coalition.

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Open forum, Dec 2-8

Here is another good read...(not)

September 19, 2013
Understanding the SNAP cuts as a part of broader food and agriculture policy

This evening’s House vote on the food assistance program SNAP is significant not only in the size of the cuts proposed but also by separating food assistance policy from agricultural subsidy policy. That pairing, which dates back to the Great Depression, has been key to the success of both policy programs. To understand the significance of the proposed cuts to SNAP, we need to understand it in a larger context.

I guess the "conservatives", you know, the ones that will FULLY subsidize Con-Agra, Tyson, Dole, under the same bill/budget, etc.., and are perfectly content with, you know,
or should, moving money upwards. Where is their indignation with socialism? Seems they have no problem taking their chit out on the poor-hell, the poor deserves it! They ignore the fact most folks on SNAP are working poor, (a class WALLY-WORLD ET ALL PERPETUATES AND CREATES) and the rest are their kids, the elderly, and the disabled. Time for a reality check. The welfare "queen" is a conservative myth-doesn't exist. Most Food stamp recipients work. The remaining majority are their kids .

Perhaps it's time these idiots asked the real questions-why can't the US compete in areas such as education, infra-structure, health care? Simple answer-no profit. And why are we generating so many poor folks that need food stamps? Our eligibility standards too high? Isn't that like saying 'our poor are richer than yours?'

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Open forum, Dec 2-8

taking "slumming" to a whole new level. Coming soon to an American city, Detroit maybe?

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Open forum, Dec 2-8

mrd — December 2, 2013 at 7:54 a.m.

Did they pull that post? Not finding it...

it's gone. It was the first posting below the article, but it's gone now. For what it's worth, I copied the entire posting.

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Open forum, Dec 2-8


I totally agree that we should be very skeptical of the BS we're spoonfed daily by the corporate owned conglomerate media. Political "press releases" deserve even more skepticism. But to deny 9/11, Sandy Hook, and Oklahoma City ever occurred? Oh well, I suppose there are those that still don't believe we've actually landed on the moon.

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Open forum, Dec 2-8

a comment from the FB side after the article on school security. Makes you they say-This guy has issues.

Assault weapons were already banned in Connecticut, but Nancy Lanza (A TEACHER THERE) purportedly owned and arsenal of weapons - to include said assault rifles. So.....she was this elementary school teacher by day and a gun-toting hot mama on the side, of which OWNING illegal weapons would have been AOK by her husband? I do not buy this story in the least. No pics of the open caskets allowed by relatives and they razed the school to the ground and all the bizarre behavior of the smiling parents (MERE HOURS) after their kids are supposedly killed. Nope....They tried to sell me on 9/11 and Waco and OK City, too. Not buying this for a second. Why no FOIA in this? You Columbian reporters are REPEATERS and you are a disgrace to journalism for not looking beyond the obvious gaffes in information and common sense. No kids died at Sandy Hook. Prove me wrong. None of the BS story adds up. When people do not care to look into things, they are simply ingesting information and are nothing more than consumers of disinformation. Please, let's not have any liars tell me they know people there. You do not. Sandy Hook was a flat out hoax and it is a vehicle to take the weapons away from the people. THINK. Emotion does not override facts. Hate me now or's not like we hang out, anyway.

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Open forum, Dec 2-8

*** Bark of the week! ***

somehow I don't see you holding off that long. Just kidding, some of your "barks" make for some good, if not entertaining, reading.

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Open forum, Nov 25-Dec 1

"little help from those involved with direct personal gain"

Not doubting this claim, but exactly, and who are these people, the ones with personal gains? I hear that stuff, maybe some names and numbers?

"Is Madore being an obstructionist or could he possibly see a different and better future for our county, but the picture is clouded by the "anti-Madore" crowd who clearly has vested interests in a poorly maintained, poorly run, outdated light rail equipment and the transit system in charge of it."

Not doubting a thing you say, again, I don't know, but please explain why Madore is some kind of visionary and his detractors are a "crowd" with clearly vested interests in such a fiasco. Perhaps you can show that Tiny Tim's employer will give him a helluva bonus if lite rail is built?

I feel light rail service to Vancouver, a bedroom community to Portland-always has been and always will be-necessary in a couple of decades. Extreme capital investment on this side of the river to attract those "family wage" type jobs? Check out the chit at the Port of Vancouver. If the coal & oil terminals are denied, are large corporations going to notice? Hmmm, back to the bedroom. Want your cake? Don't eat it.

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Open forum, Nov 25-Dec 1

from the article hawkeye referenced--

As an alternative to Sea Mar, Shoemaker and Freeman point to Camas-based Community Pregnancy Clinic, a Christian center that's anti-abortion.

There's a catch in that, Garland said: The Children's Home Society of Washington already provides its clients with information about the Community Pregnancy Clinic. Shoemaker said that doesn't change his position.

"For me, it doesn't change anything," he said. "They still refer people for medical procedures that I don't think are beneficial to the community."

I wonder is these two even followed up to see how many-or few-of these "referrals" where actually women searching for an abortion provider? Seeing as how they where also given the name of Christian (i.e. non-abortion) provider is what's really bothering these two the fact that people are making choices they oppose? Therefore food and choice must not be provided? Deny a kid food because mommy might, just might consider an abortion? Did they even stop to find out if women are coming in specifically for a name of a place that might provide an abortion? Wow, talk about tossing the baby out with the bathwater.

And when is giving a list of health-care providers to low-income folks who then receive another list of health care providers, some that do provide abortions considered a referral? I'm not real comfortable with abortion being used as a last resort of birth control, but these two are over the top on this one. Sad part is, they probably have some company out there in their never-never land.

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Open forum, Nov 18-24

oops, it was the USS Gerald Ford-Not Reagan. The USS Forrestal was sold for a buck. The retired USS Enterprise was and could be still better than most. It seems updating would be billions cheaper than starting from scratch. With the F-35 and many others having the ability to do vertical take-offs, these huge, ungodly expensive carriers requiring pretty much a fleet of support ships seems a little over the top.

"insurance and pharm companies got theirs thanks to a captive customer pool"

dee-i see you've found those corporate wolves you couldn't find last week.

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