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Open forum, Oct 21-27

I can't believe an article I was just looking 11 year old being charged on suspicion of attempted murder? (Frontier Middle School). Where the heck were his parents...gosh why can't parents now-a-days be parents instead of trying to be their kids' friend? It's stuff like this that I will never put my kiddo in public schools. I know it's anywhere but wth. Why weren't the teachers alarmed to this child's behaviour? It is so sad for that little kid and I want to smack his parents. I don't care what age my kid is (or my nephews and nieces) I will ask them what is going on in their life and talk to them about what is going on in their schools. I will ask if kids are being mean to them and ways they can alleviate the situation WITHOUT violence or the thought of violence. I will ask if they are being mean to anyone as well. It's just completely heartbreaking to see a child be charged for something such as that. Way to go parents, get off the social media, stop putting your work and financial worries on your kids, and stop blaming everyone else for your own problems.
(Not saying that is the case with this 11 year old but it's something I see all the time lately and it's sad.)

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Open forum, Sept 30-Oct 6

Manthou, I respect your opinion. Even though I don't fully agree.

For me it isn't media, I barely watch or read about it. It's more of what I see when I am out. The media likes to twist things around. But I know what you mean.

This tug of war has been going on for so long but it isn't just one side or another, it's all of them. As an example, look at a case going to court. The Prosecutor is going to tell you why their opinion is good or bad and the defense is going to do the same thing. The jury comes into play and it is up to the jury to decide which side is right and which is wrong. But then you have the Judge to agree on the final decision. Somewhere someone is not going to like what others do and some aren't going to have compassion or sympathy for what is done or what isn't being done. If you understand that...good! If not...I'll try to explain it again!

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Open forum, Sept 30-Oct 6

Wow people stop putting the blame game on one side or the other. It's the entire Governments problem not one party or another. They ALL need to come to a resolution. Don't spew the democratic or republican junk to me of what one or the other is doing right and wrong and why your point is more important. The people in the Government are so consumed with greed that they don't care what happens to anyone else. But what is sad is the people in the United States knew this was coming and knew this was bound to happen. I can't feel sorry for the one's who weren't prepared.

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Open forum, Sept 23-29

Anyone notice the lines for turning from mill plain onto 137th from westbound?!

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Open forum, Sept 23-29

This is the basement. We roll with the punches...we don't go call mommy for a heated debate, a statement a metaphore, not even if someone farts....<- lol you know I call and tell my mom when someone farts. I've also called and told her when we lit one too. Yup it is a basement but the stench ain't me in here.

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Open forum, Sept 16-22

holycrapola — September 18, 2013 at 9:57 a.m.

says the one who uses an ipad.


Canning, cooking, and small type of forum.Now add funny pics of vespas and you got it made. And now Nailingit is agreeing with golden? Uhh ohhh! That was a moment.

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Open forum, Sept 2-8

We are all puppets on a string being pulled by the master. Hating on people because of their ethnicity is ridiculous and since 9/11? Really??? Gosh this is what makes the world from the lack of movement. Nope U.S shouldn't be over in the middle east but we all know the Government won't listen to the people. Oh well life's a bitch, move on.

Holycrap....Hating on arabs...don't buy your gas at the gas stations because you will be supporting them. Oh now how will you get around?? You are very narrow minded and will not get far. You sound unemployed with a chip on your shoulder because of mistakes you have done that you blame everyone else for. But that's my opinion and I am female.

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Open forum, Aug 5-11

Reading the bits-n-pieces about the Greek Cypriot teen about connecting with Cypriot-Turkish teens. It's great what he is doing and sad that some of his buddies stopped talking to him. Excellent article! As a northern Greek, I am not surprised that his "buddies" stopped talking to him. It all stems back to the Greeks and Turks fighting for gawd knows how long. It's along the same line of the Palestinians and Israeli's feuding for so long! You can't really tell who started it. Probably sounds strange me saying that and some are probably scratching their heads (or balls lol) going huh??? I hope more Greek's will reach out and more Turkish people will reach out to each other. But sometimes, drama makes the world go round.

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Open forum, July 15-21

In other news than the boring banter as usual on here....I'm hoping Washington's own Ryan Villopoto wins in Washougal! BRAAAAAP!!!!!

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Open forum, June 3-9

hawkeye — June 4, 2013 at 7:09 p.m

LOL okay old timer...make sure you have an ear trumpet ready...k?

You must be one of those guys that chases after the noisy bikes and cars with your cane? BRAAAAAAAAP hahahahaha :P

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