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Open forum, June 3-9

Okay...I'm all over the place when it comes to religion even though I am still in school studying theology! I am a firm believer in God but not the labels of religion. Add Seventh Day Adventist to not saying the pledge of allegiance. Never seen it in their schools.

ELISI — June 3, 2013 at 2:33 p.m. sounds like an Evergreen school district school! Last I heard they still do prayer at the flag pole at Heritage. If anyone remembers the Westboro whimps protesting there- Heritage showed their muscles! I'm alumni lol

Hawkeye, I have to laugh when you say religion is stupid. I like your 'how it is' point of view! Crazy how people put a label on anything in society and then taint it? (Not saying that's what I thought you did at's just the first thing that popped in my head.)

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Open forum, May 27-June 2

Holycrap- I'm analyzing your comment on May 29 @ 1:09 pm. Don't mind me :) Laws are written for a reason to obey and have structure. The laws are only interpreted when going before a Judge. It's actually quite simple. Nope money isn't what keeps the attorneys going- well it's part of it. HA! If you think about it Each state has laws set up about the attorneys taking 1/3 or if it goes to trial taking half of the money/settlement. So it's not them.

So for religion in school? Yes don't have it in school as long as darwin is eliminated. Easy-peasy. If you can't have one, why have the other? Then there will be no issues. It's that easy.

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Open forum, May 13-19

Hey soapbox, don't forget Vista, Palmer, Fiscaltiger, Fiscoltiger, Crazytrain, Collegial Fool, noworries, Moe, Curly, Mel, Abbott, Costello, Peter, Lois, Bankster, Billy O, Meg, Brian, Coitis, flatulence, just to name a few. Never "ASS-ume" HAHA LMAO
So Lew Waters explored to this forum area. Did you not think that maybe he decided to click on another spot on the Columbian other than screwin with the editor? Oh my goodness CALL THE COPS! It's the end of the world! Heck he can make fun of me for all I care. I'm open game! Just think if that's how you sound to someone, wonder how you sound to the rest of the world!

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Open forum, May 13-19

Drift- I see your point. Thanks for the input! It is something that I have come across over the years and have always been curious about. I'm always trying to keep an open mind and sometimes when I ask a question, I just blurt out (or type) it out! What brought up my questioning was the meeting with the County Commissioners and the Prayer and someone rejecting the Prayer and going about it in a disrespectful manner. And the commissioners could have responded in a different way about it as well. I personally do not think it is right for people to try and change other people's beliefs on whether they are religious, agnostic, or atheists because that's how we chose to live our lives. I also think labels do not makes us who we are (guilty as charged). But I think it is topic for a good conversation. :) Before I moved out of Vancouver I was going to a Church that I thought was great but I was disgusted when they tried to change me to their ways and then told I needed to be saved because I decided to have a drink after a day of riding (Dirtbikes)and wanted to relax. Seems I have more questions than answers and will probably never figure them out because the Universe works in strange ways. I am a believer of God and I like sharing my beliefs but I also believe in science of how things come about. But I am not a scientologist. Do I question what's out there....hell yes I do!

Nalingit- I believe there is intelligent life forms in the Universe, but it's very true, not much on this planet anymore! And I can't wait to go see Star Trek! Hopefully it lives up to the first installment!

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Open forum, May 6-12

Thank you Holycrapola. I never thought of it that way. It does shed some light on what I am trying to figure out. Maybe instead of Atheism I should have said agnostic! It's as simple as is it the chicken or the egg. We'll never know! That's a new one you have talked to God or the other way around! Ehhh roll with it- take it as a compliment JK


Roger @ May 10, 2013 at 4:25 p.m. LOL Hey now, I make my own hours and have had a lot of free time lately in the last week! Ahh the fun of being your own boss before you're 30! :P

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Open forum, May 6-12

Okay laughing here at what is being written- very comical on some parts but yet intriguing!Especially the talk of religion and Bible Quotes. I know some are repeating what was said but it I get frustrated when "officials" use a prayer and it has nothing to do with what is going on. I have a question for people who are truly atheists on here: Do you really down play religion and force your beliefs on people of not to believe in God? Or if they believe, do you just go about your own way? I'm wondering because I am a strong believer in God and the Bible (but I wasn't born yesterday and I know that the world has been in existence longer than when the Bible was written.) But at the end of the day someone had to turn the switch. ;) And I speak my mind about it but I am not going to say "you have to believe, you need to be saved." (I've heard that Atheism is a religion all on it's own- that's according to the SDA way. Not my words!) Can an atheist please shed some light on this topic?

cApTcHa- you drunk, go home!

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Open forum, May 6-12

When I meant a broken record I meant all topics regardless. I don't respond much to when it comes to family members talking on here but nice cheap shot- much appreciated.

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Open forum, May 6-12

luvithere — May 9, 2013 at 3:27 p.m- I couldn't agree more. I know the topics have an interest to people, it's just I have seen the same thing over and over. It sounds like a broken record.
Oh the last thing I put at the end, it was just my legal disclaimer lol. HAHA my own little law joke. Us Legal people, we crazy (Considering with all the junk we have to put up with!) :P

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Open forum, May 6-12

Manthou- No I didn't know there was a solar eclipse today! Wonder if anything will be seen or different! Exactly! My mum is good! I think it's just tiring because any where you turn, there it is! ;) I told her to come and visit me up North! :D

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Open forum, May 6-12

*Tell me the selfish county commissioners meeting more important than the impact this had on the YOUNGER community?*

Ooops it's supposed to be: Tell me, the selfish county commissioners meeting WAS more important than the impact of this young girl dying had on the YOUNGER community?....I am my own grammar police haha darn English as a second language!

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