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Open forum, June 22-28

Lou should have engaged him on the spot. Brought attention to Bentonio's antics in a public way. Don't let him walk away from his insult. Badger him to repeat it.

After all, it's 'Crazy Town', isn't it?

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Open forum, June 22-28


Luca Brasi had his issues, yet always honored my father by conducting himself with proper manners, respect, and a soft tongue, understanding he represented the family.

Don Bentonio, with his poor manners, lack of respect, and sharp tongue, has become a liability. He forgets the electorate and serves himself.

I say this to you with understanding. Don Bentonio is a jerk. Capeesh? In Sicily we have a name for his kind.

Bianco Scimmia Spazzatura!!

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Open forum, June 22-28

knd @ 7:59

Thanks Earth bro! Please bring sandalwood cones and the round York peppermint patties.

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Open forum, June 22-28


To be clear, Benton was out of line. And yes, we should expect civility in our leaders. Most of the FB comments seem to be about most things unrelated to this event. This isn't that. A pattern of bad behavior for sure, but being called a scumbag makes front page news? A personal beef?

As for the ltte, I thought it kinda weird. Taking time to write a letter with hopes of being published..about what? A percieved expression at a county meeting? A bit odoriferous. Not to suggest any colusion with the letter writer and Lou:)

So he called Lou a name. Lou takes it public to tens of thousands, and uses his soapbox for another public shaming of Benton.

I'm a little old school about this kind of stuff.

Take it private. And if Lou can't stand the heat, he shouldn't be throwing fireballs.

And some of his remarks seem a tad disingenuous. Of course it upset him. He made it front page news.

Benton of course is wrong. But either take it out back, or file a citizens complaint like the rest of us.

My fear is, when Benton really does screw up, we'll be desensitized from editorial pettiness such as this.


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Open forum, June 22-28

I do dig the title, 'Fear And Loathing In Crazy Town'. The title rocks!

Good job Lou!


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Open forum, June 22-28

jj @12:32

Imagine the colorful emotional goings on at a Trump rally.

Fifty shades of red.

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Open forum, June 22-28

Taking what is most likely an unpopular position concerning this week's Press Talk, what a ridiculous column for a newspaper editor to pen.

Instead of crying about it publicly, address this man-to-man in a private setting if Benton's name calling is percieved as such a troubling public issue.

What I've read about Benton and the way he conducts himself certainly doesn't make me any kind of fan, let alone his cut and paste RW politics seem shallow and ill conceived.

But after all the beyond the call of duty crap and insult Lou has dished out about Benton over the years, it's hard not to laugh at Lou and his whining on this one.

Scumbag? Really? Did it hurt that much?

To paraphrase the words of that famous MaMa Grizzly,

Man up.

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Open forum, June 22-28

The Nolan chart is apolitical...knd

So are reruns of the Andy Griffith show. But they're old and no longer relevant, except to reflect on times past with a sense of humor.

Like the Ayn Rand show. Except way too many reruns, and Otis was more lucid.

Putting my crystal balls to work..

I bet you were a Ross Perot groupie and you think loser Goldwater was a God.

I see anger and ensuing insult in your future...

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Open forum, June 22-28

GO @ 7:44


Your true colors?

That's a hard one for me to answer without knowing you.

knd seems to know, and he doesn't know you.

A window into the depth of knd's interpersonal relationships?


But beyond that..

I was thinking, (yes, I know) what if the color of our skin reflected our, in many cases, shifting political beliefs?

From midnight blue (l) to fire engine red, (r) what color would you be, and what color would mysef and others be? Just a thought. But if I were to quantify your politics from your words on the forum, I'd say purple with pink striations, at the moment.

Live, love, and laugh isn't always the easiest thing to do in this world.

Laugh at life, laugh at ourselves, and laugh at others. Good hearted laughter is truly food for the soul.

And what if our skin reacted to emotion like the fabled mood ring?

Anyway. Wanted to address knd's earlier assertion that he embraces another's imagery and projection.

I know he is appreciative.

See? That was an easy laugh!

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Open forum, June 22-28

Just my wording alone you should have realized I was being over the top, and meant it as such.

Maybe this isn't so much about personality as it is about comprehension.

Not meant as an insult in the least. But it would explain your past difficulties applying context to conversation. As well as your constant frustration and impatience with those who post here.

Just look at your bizarre 'goldenoldie showing her true colors' thing. You're paranoid and humorless. One can only hope this is brought on from an exterior source. You have shown humorous traits in the past, on your good days.

We're rooting for you.

Peace Earth bro.

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