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Hi Tim!

Where is the 1 A Trico League All-League SOFTBALL Team ? You guys did a super job with the 4A-2A both online and in print...please do not leave the little guys out, they deserve some "props" and the players know who made the team they are just waiting my the newspaper tube every morning hoping that today will be their day in print :)

Keep up the great job reporting on the prep sports I LOVE IT!

North Clark County

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4A GSHL all-league softball team

Hey Tim,

I made the same comment last year...WHERE ARE THE OTHER ALL LEAGUE TEAMS (3A, 2A, & 1A)? I sure can't find them printed OR online...such a crying shame :(

The smaller Clark county schools deserve the same respect as the 4A League, they worked just as hard it would be appropriate and nonbiased if THE COLUMBIAN listed them all at the same time. There was a time not too long ago when the paper was more inclusive of the outer areas and smaller schools...what is going on at the paper that they keep over looking the rest of the larger Clark county metro area?

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UPDATE: Deputies seek tips in fatal shooting of dog near La Center

I am so upset by this horrible crime, I live on Landerholm with my dogs and teenage daughter, & we walk regularly on Landerholm as do a lot of the residents, even at the risk of being mowed down by speeding reckless drivers and now we have to worry about being shot...GREAT. When is Clark County going to start taking these instances of violence in rural areas seriously? There are more local police, swat officers, DEA, and undercover detectives stationed out of the La Center Police Station which is approx. 3 miles from this shooting and they never patrol the areas just outside of the city limits even though that is where most of the population is. There are even law enforcement personnel that live on Landerholm yet it has the highest rate of complaints about destruction of property and now this outrageous crime. I hope the authorities take this crime as serious as a murder and catch this person soon so we, the residents, can be in our yards or walk without fear for our family members’ lives being cut short.

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High School Scoreboard 3/24





The score is wrong for the second game: I believe final score was 6-1 La Center but LC won both games,

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Class 1A Trico League Spring All-League Teams

Thanks Paul for fixing the spellings. As I said I didn't know who the typo culprit was but they read awfully strange!

Keep up the great reporting here in Clark County; I really enjoy reading about all the local student athletes.

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No shortage of cover stories

Nice article.
I love to read the local sports and if you asked for amateur reporters to cover the games I’m sure you would get better coverage. The Oregonian (Oregonlive) asked for fans, coaches, scorekeepers etc.. to help them out by providing scores, stars/plays of the game etc... to help enhance their coverage of high school sports. We all know the newspaper business is having tough times and the newspapers need to "think out of the box" when it comes to reporting local news, sports, community events etc. I for one would be in support of this; why not ask the local high school student produced newspapers to cover their own games, events etc and submit them to the Columbian?
Just a thought.

As for the WIAA and the softball tournaments well they might have just pulled this off by the skin of their teeth; the WIAA needs to move the 3A & 4A tournaments to drier, better facilities just like they do with the 1A & 2A tournaments. Eastern Washington has better conditions, accommodations, and facilities so MOVE THE TOURNAMENTS or build better facilities here in Western Washington so the girls can compete closer to home.

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This DQ reveals winning character

Nice fess up on the spelling & other errors (really)!

It is actually killing me to read so many typos in the Columbian these days especially when it comes to athletes names, if you are going to mention someone by name the very least one could do is ensure their name is spelled right.

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Class 1A Trico League Spring All-League Teams

FYI Columbian: The Spelling of names is way off.....not sure who the typo culprit is but these are honors for these hard working student athletes and at a minimum the names should be spelled correctly in the newspaper especially when you have been mentioning these local names all spring.

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Class 1A Trico League Spring All-League Teams

Thanks for the local shout out!

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Class 3A Greater St. Helens League Spring All-League Teams

Another note to Cay..Heritage, Evergreen, & Mt View are all 4A schools so that is why they weren't mentioned in the 3A league (sorry for not recognizing that in my first comment - my bad) Now the real question is where are the (2) other leagues Spring All-League Teams?

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