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Herrera Beutler joins House energy team

What a shock that JHB voted to protect oil companies...not. We could drill all over the country, the gulf and atlantic and we still are not going to have enough oil in a few years...and I believe it takes over ten years to develop new wells once the lease areas are approved. Being the liberal democrat (socialist) I am; this is what you get with no regulation of gas prices.

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Vancouver man gets 50 months for high-speed chase

To PegoMan who said "If he had lived a "normal" life he'd know his chiding didn't mean squat to this guy! 50 months will mean squat (and if it had been more other people would be complaining about their tax dollars being wasted. But more importantly.

To adirondackmary who said "Four years for endangering police and drivers/pedestrians in the area and for assaulting that woman with a motor vehicle? He also stole a car, which he ruined, and he ruined the woman's car. Stonier should have "chided" him with a much longer sentence. Why wait for "three strikes" with a guy like this? Two is one more than enough." I imagine the judges hands were tied since the repeat drunk offender who killed the LeCenter couple last summer who were on their motorcycles a mile from home was only senbtenced to 4.5 years. This case bothered me so much when it occurred, that I wrote to my WA state rep (Ed O) asking, again, for him to introduce a bill for tougher penalties and I believe he did but don't think it is going anywhyere this session (since lawmakers have to think about how to pay for longer sentences).

So I am satisfied with 50 months for this bozo.

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Parents in imprisonment case plead not guilty

All this talk about annual income and tax rates is repetitive unless we also consider the redistribution of weath the past 25 years (since so many conservatives like to say the country is going socialist). As noted in a recent Vanity Fair article, "the upper 1 percent of Americans are now taking in nearly a quarter of the nation’s income every year. In terms of wealth rather than income, the top 1 percent control 40 percent. Their lot in life has improved considerably. Twenty-five years ago, the corresponding figures were 12 percent and 33 percent." The top US tax rate is 35% now for single people that make over $379,150 (excluding state tax (N/A for us of course) and the alternative minimum tax which often reduces some deductions in cases where there are a lot of kids and/or high state income taxes but even worst case, the rate would be 40%ish) whereas in 1945 the marginal rate was over 90%. Yet people in the bottom 90% to 95% are afraid that by increasing the tax rate of the super wealthy, they might have to pay it also if they ever win the lotto or inherit a million dollars from a long lost relative, so refuse to take a stance as the vast majority. This has and will result in the super rich and oil companies laughing to the bank. Until we redistribute the tax rates a bit more in line with pre-Ronald Regan days, we are not going to balance the budget unless we wipe out medicare and SS for most americans, stop going to war, and don't take care of our veterans like they deserve. I am currently in the 28% bracket and being self-employed pay $10,000 a year for good health insurance. However, I have no problem paying 50% if I ever win the lotto (no inheritance coming).

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Court records detail autistic boys’ imprisonment

To USMCbrat who said "I'm willing to bet the 9 year old was in school, it would take ONE discussion with a school official to find out what services were available to them for the special needs boys. But, that would take time and care now wouldn't it? Disgusting"

A previous article said he was not attending school since he was being home schooled - only the child said he was not - so perhaps you should read all the facts before pontificating and/or extrapolating about welfare benefits. Perhaps you should spearhead increased staffing for school systems to make sure each child is adequately being home schooled (which I wish was not permitted at all unless the parent had a degree in education). But that would mean more funding for school systems and we already know family services depts are understaffed due to our society's refusal to limit reporductive rights for any reason what so ever. Thus, some children will be born with impaired capabilities and it takes money to attend to their physical and emotional needs which all parents don't have (and there have been cases where "normal" kids are caged. So "conservatives" can't have it both ways - lets outlaw abortion, keep having kids even when they have shown they are not capabile, and then not have sufficient social, educational or medical programs for the kids. Sounds like a third world country to me.

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Prosecutors file charges in child imprisonment case

digger - I emphathize with the situation you and your son are in. It sounds like you have been the best parent possible and that you did not have 2 or 3 more kids after your son was born and you relized his special needs. This man had 2 children that he was not in any way equiped to handle and then he goes and has a baby with another woman who has an older son who is at home not going to school or being home schooled (lets see she goes to school part time, works part time, has a baby and is home schooling her 9 year old - I don't feel equipped to home school a child even if I had no other job or responsibilities and I have a masters degree in business). So their situation is not comparible to yours (from the facts you provide). They never should have had another child and if they could not handle the two special needs childs they should have surrendered them to the state (easier said then done I realize but being a parent is not always easy).

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Local View: Herrera Beutler’s stance on fund is wrong

PS epicurus - in response to your comment "Broke people shouldn't have cable, let alone HBO.." the same could be said for the war in Iraq which we entered due to fabricated information by the last administration. The cost is now over a trillion dollars and it will be a couple more to take care of our returning veterns (and we are not even giving them the best care - its been well documented they are not receiving the best head wound treatment not to mention other areas). This is why there is no money left for all the other things that make our country unique and the best place to live. So yes indeed; I concur that our country should not committ to things we cannot pay for.

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Local View: Herrera Beutler’s stance on fund is wrong

epicurus - I admit that I am jealous of Sarah P and Michele Bachmann since they both have better figures then I do and their hair always looks perfect (Jaime’s does to though she seems to have grown through the campaign : ) That said, every time I turn around S and M are re-writing history. Just today M blamed said "her remarks (where she said that the first shot in the Rev war was fired in NH and not MA "captured the attention of the media because of "a double standard" against conservatives. She said, "...as we know all 3,400 members of the mainstream media are part of the Obama press contingent." Pleaseeeeee. So yes we libs admit that there are more good looking Republican Party females in office - because the party standard does not require much knowledge of history, finance, or economics.

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Vancouver woman sentenced in money-laundering scheme

This sentence is pathetic especially as I finish my Sub S and personal tax return - using an accountant to ensure that I abide by the rules. Will she even be a "felon" when the terms are completed and what about recision of profits (none or is this incomplete reporting)? Upon returning to this accountant after trying another in our state after I moved here, I amended three years of returns for deductions missed. The IRS lost two of the three and so I am now filing again after waiting over three months to see if they turned up. The IRS refused to pull the copy of the year they processed - to find the other two attached. Something a for profit business would have to do. Thus, as I recently noted to an IRS employee, even I a Democrat (who does not mind paying taxes), is wondering what the HE Double L I am paying for.

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State audit finds Yacolt violated state law

To kj who said "The state auditor function is a joke..." then move to all those states that don't have one. I have lived in FL, GA, MN, and ID before WA and our state is run the best although certainly not perfect (as evidenced by the prison guard recently strangled). I chose to live here because our state has services and checks and balances. I recommend ID where animal abuse is not a felony and there is only one party running the state - cronyism at its best. Also, when my small firm clients have a "professional" audit by an independent accounting firm, the cost starts at $5,000 for two days work so multiply that by many more days and then all the counties and I don't think any money will be saved. That said, most accountants don't do this type of auditing - its more specialized so the cost would be even higher!

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Orcutt seeks a tax clamp with constitutional force

A correction officer was found strangled to death last night at a WA medium security prison after being alone in the chapel with a convicted kidnapper and rapist who is serving a life with no parole sentence at a medium security prison. I have to wonder why medium, if the room had video surveillance and if yes, was it being monitored real time. Also, why would any area have only one guard who apparently does not have a panic button on her or his person (and yes this still could have happened to a man). Why is because people want to life in a democratic society with freedom of speech, free enterprise unchecked, weapon ownership (unlimited type and quantity), and as little government service as possible. Apparently this means not bothering to adequately fund the judicial or prison system, let alone early intervention of high risk kids. But as always the folks who yell cut taxes (and services) don't care unless something like this happens to his or her wife, daughter, sister, or mother.

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