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YEAH, not much action here...Now that this forum is on page 2, no one gets over here. Every now and again I'll write something on the weekly forum I try to keep them sparse and short because I know how this one issue can take over the talk. But to me it is more important than discussing republican primaries. **It's closer to home!**

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You might be right about the votes.

Reading the comments on the article. I saw something that reminded me about what you said months ago on how many commuters MAX can handle during rush hour.

By Bob Moon: "...The problem with the whole system is that Neil Goldshmitd convinced them that it should be run on the surface streets which means that the trains CAN NEVER be more than 2 cars long. This is problem that because OREGON started this whole thing ON THE CHEAP no matter what happens now or in the future YOU CAN NOT HAVE A MASS TRANSIT SYSTEM..."

And Mike Briggs went from Living in Washougal, WA to works ar Civic Activist.

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Matt...maybe you can help...What does it take to be on the TOP of the FB comments when they are categorized by "Social Ranking"?

I understand the "Top Commenter" is written in by the FB User themselves. But I just want to know how someone's comments get push to the Top of the Heap

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RE: DeFazio and JHB and the CRC bill that is in the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee.

It is no secret that Oregon and Portland want this measure to pass "as is" and have a bulk of the expense paid by us in SW Washington.

Pete is doing what's best for the folks in OR and Jammie is trying to do something for us in WA. What gets me is that it is a Republican ruled committee and Jamie's amendment went down to defeat so quickly. I guess this is what happens when a freshman tries to get anything done.

The FB comments are as good as the article. (and the big C has to be happy this is the most comments I've seen for any one article)
One comment that didn't make any sense was:

"Unlike. I cannot support someone that would want to waste another $140 million taking this back to the drawing board. What a waste."

My reply would be..."NO! you would rather spend + $3.5 Billion on a bad plan?

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RE: Post @ — February 2, 2012 at 10:55 a.m.

About Fox being arrested at the committee hearing.
Well it looks like there was another camera in the room. Because who the taping of the arrest? (C-Span) And I wonder if that camera kept rolling when the hearing started?
And, YEAH, it looks bad.

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BTW...Those that are having trouble with CAPTCHA.

At least 99% of the time you can ignore any punctuation, capitalization and accent marks. It is just looking to see if you can copy the 2 alpha-numeric character strings.

I hope this helps with some frustrations.

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Re: your post — January 31, 2012 at 1:57 p.m.

I don't know if you wrote that message or just did a "cut and paste". But the way I read it they are comparing apples and crab apples.

First it talks about those making aver $1mil paying ~29% in "federal taxes, including income taxes, payroll taxes and *other taxes*"
Then it talks about those in the $50K-$75K and $40K-$50K brackets. It conveniently leaves out the phrase "*other taxes*". Leaving you to assume that it is included.

Reading contracts and statistics you are always told "not to assume anything".

Being in one of those lower brackets I can assure you that when I include "*other taxes*" (just feds) I am above the averages stated.

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"Any guess as to who the Hail Mary surprise 11th hour candidate will be, when all this drama is over?" manthou

Actually, for 2012 I see them just going through the motions, no real candidate out there. But if they really planning an "October Surprise" I see them going with Jeb. YEP, another **Bush!**

I just don't see anyone else with the name recognition that can pull it off. Christie may have some pull in the NE. But most out west just don't see what the big deal (pun intended) is.

Just speculating.

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Since we are talking about a caucus and not a primary election.

1)Paul 2)Santorum 3)Romney 4) What Hawkeye said.

I think Paul and Santorum have the kind of network that will get their followers to the caucus locations. ( I don't think either can win in a ballot election) But I hear the weather is to be good so it will depend on who can get their supporters to the caucus locations early so they can fill the halls. I can't wait for it to be over and if I feel that way I can just imagine how the People of Iowa must feel.

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